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  1. +1 The server I feel is in a big need of GM's. You are very active from what I see both in ts and in game. You are Eli.
  2. Appreciate the Back to Back updates - Love you
  3. NEUTRAL I have seen you in the server of course but I do not really know you as a person quite yet. I would get more hours and get to know people more. This can change to a +1 in the future so I give you the best of luck in your app and have a good one
  4. +1 I have known you for quite awhile and you have never been one to break server rules/minge ever. You have a good server image and a good personality so I think you would fit in that section of staff. In the server you are very welcoming and you are also a leader of a batt so thats even better. Good luck on your app
  5. "I'd be in favor of the ban being reduced if proven to be an accident though." +1 Same reasoning for me. It looked to me as you were crouched and attempted to shoot Amythest but it ended up injuring and killing multiple people. If you have evidence or if you can prove it was an accident again I would be in favor of the ban being reduced.
  6. +1 My overall experiences with you in game and outside of the game have all been pretty decent. I don't really see a reason why you shouldn't become staff so I hope you the best of luck with your application, Have a good one
  7. _Logan_

    Jdpho99 GM App

    NEUTRAL I think overall this GM application is very acceptable. There are very good event Ideas and the details within each event are creative. What keeps me from my +1 is just overall your appearance on your character inside of the server. I will not go into full detail and if you would like my reasons you are always free to PM me. But for now I give you good luck on your GM app and hope it goes well .
  8. +1 I originally was going to stand neutral on this vote but if real life things hit you and you had to resign I fully understand that. For this reason I will be giving you my +1. Goodluck on the staff app . But I will say one thing next time if something comes up you are always able to put in LOA/ROA's even as admin.
  9. In-game name: General Plo Koon | Alpha-98 'Nate' Age: 19 SteamID (https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:0:78112145 Warns: 0 Timezone: Eastern Standard Time Playtime?: 1127:10:27 Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a microphone?: [YES/NO] Do you have the ability to record Garry's Mod videos?:[YES/NO] Referral(s): [What administrator recommended you to apply?] MarkyMark | BKayyy | ItssBio | Geoffy | Mao | Smith Past experiences as staff: I have been staff in many different servers if we are going to talk about GMOD specifically I was a Lead Mod for a DarkRP community outside of GarnetGaming called Type2, [They also had a rust community that I was a Mod for] ,and I was there for about a solid year. Outside of Garry's Mod, I was staff in a major community of FiveM RP otherwise known as GTARP and I reached Administrator after my first year. I ended up staying Administrator for 2 additional years. Why should we choose you over other applicants? During my time as a non staff member I have had my fair share of what the rules are in the server and how the general player base feels and reacts to certain things and ideas. I feel that I would make a good staff member solely based off my connection to the community as a RP'er and as a friend due to the fact I have put in countless hours into making sure people feel and see what RP can really be about. Listening to the community and getting input on ideas and suggestions people have, rather that be in RP, out of RP, within battalions, or even Jedi, and Mandalorians. I always keep my ears open and listen to when people have changes they think can better the server in any way. This not only helps out the server but as a staff member I can then begin to possibly work on how we as a staff/server could implement these changes to hopefully get a higher player base or even become a better server/community for it. Within the server I also try to be a open person for new players by giving them tours, giving them information on how each battalion works. Helping them learn the current map we stay on [Anaxes] and just give them a general description of how the server works, the server rules, and other things that ends up keeping them within the server longer and sometimes they even stay for good. Helping grow the community of course is one of my main goals but while doing so you have to rule/get rid of those who do not want the community to be good, those who would rather minge or break the rules and immersion for their own good/fun. As a previous staff member of a pretty serious RP server and as a staff member of a DarkRP server I know when someone is minging, I know when someone is breaking the server rules, I know when they are being racist, and I know when they are homophobic, etc. And I can quickly get rid of this toxicity within the community while still keeping a cool and composed personality/manor. And even if I am not allowed to ban as a TMOD I am able to record and report it properly to a higher up staff member. I also +1'd CGI Models < 3 Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? No Have you made any previous applications, If so when?: No How much time do you have to contribute to the role?: Pretty much everyday from the time I wake up and get settled to when I'm about to sleep. I am currently out of college for the summer and have a lot of time on my hands. Even then, with myself being a college student I can see myself being pretty active daily. If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Garry's Mod? College Did you read the staff rules?: Logan
  10. -1 In my honest opinion and with the past experiences I have had with you inside of the server, I do not think you are ready yet. When you went on to try out for ARC one of the main questions during the tryout is "What would you do when Mace and a Sith assassin were fighting." , You said you would kill the Sith Assassin which is not at all what you would do. At 200+ hours in the server you should know about the Silver Rule by now. Good luck with your app and I hope you take this as a learning experience.
  11. +1 I think this explains what I was going to say perfectly. Especially with the recent changes in leadership and the lack of 501st GM's your app was good and I think you would make a great fit for the gamemaster team. Goodluck - Logan
  12. NEUTRAL I have met you multiple times in rp as both ARC and Jedi. I think you know the server rules well and you are a respectful person towards not only me but new players. I think your RP is solid and I think you are mature and relatable as well. The only thing keeping me from putting +1 in this application is the fact you are new to the community and you answered the questions without much effort. When you become more known by the community and show that you still want to be part of the staff team to help the server. I am willing to change my vote to a +1 but again I would like to see more from you in both text but as well as in the server. Goodluck with your staff app, cant wait to see you in character. ~ Phalanx Knight Mak Rholar
  13. +1 The experiences I have had with you in character as Various EC's, Jedi, and my Clone lives have been pretty Chill and your RP towards all of these characters have been very good. You also seem to know the basics and server rules which is good as well. Not only have you been GM in another Garnet Community but I do have to say the events stated above were decent as well. Some of them could have used a bit more to them but overall I think the Ideas are good. I feel you will be a good addition to our team and hope the best of luck on this app! - Phalanx Knight Mak Rholar
  14. +1 I agree with everything stated in this post. As a 501st NCO myself I do feel new players should be able to experience life as a, I guess free, clone when they first join. This not only separates the new players that want to actually play and continue on the server but it will stop a lot of the minge CT issues with 212th and 501st in general. This will also make it to where 501st and 212th will have to work for their player base just like the rest of the battalions on the server.
  15. I agree with having better performance in the server. Not only would we possibly be able to do more in events without people crashing but it would make the server itself smoother FPS wise. I feel like its a good tradeoff so I will be +1 on this.
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