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  1. -1 Aside from the other reasons which others have stated in the thread, this rule would be an absolute pain in the ass to enforce. If someone adverts raid immediately as they walk in to the shop, are they outside or inside? What if someone adverts assist on the inside, but the original raid was on the outside? This rule would just cause unnecessary complication to raiding, and would likely not be very heavily enforced.
  2. Good to see some old blood still kicking. Jayskie's a great player. Would love to see him as staff. +1
  3. thank god lmao would've had more if enzo and dog didn't eat all the reports. y'all some hungry hungry caterpillars, jesus.
  4. Basically what Mossly said. -1 With how difficult raiding bases are considering how incredibly polished base defense/building has become, one of the best ways to raid a base is when nobody's home. The keypad cracker is already INCREDIBLY loud, you already have to advert a raid in /advert chat, and I've seen some people set up their base so bright lights turn on/off when a door is keypad cracked. I don't think that any more "notifications" are needed to be given to the base owners. Let me be a sneaky little rat and raid someone while they're off raiding someone else without them being any wiser.
  5. Agh. Dear God. Thanks for pinging me guys. It's almost been a year, now. The main issue I see with this is that cops would be able to drop the super-cheap guns that the police dealer sells, but... Man. I really wish I could've dropped that crossbow. +1
  6. +1 Defending with Nerve Gas 100% falls under the "unfair advantage rule" while defending. If someone's raiding you and cracking your keypads, and all you have to do is throw a nerve gas at the wall to kill them, what are they supposed to do? Shoot the nerve gas? It's blatantly unfair, as you can pretty much just attack them through the wall, or just throw the nerve gas and then just let them cook in it. Zero counterplay to that type of defense, and thus completely unfair. It isn't though. Very explicitly in the rules, you are not allowed to make trap bases.
  7. +1 Great Reps Great Paragraphs Bit Low on the playtime but honestly all the others show a level of general maturity appropriate for staff.
  8. -1 Lack of referrals, Frequency and recentness of previous applications, lacking a second paragraph, as well as generally somewhat questionable interactions with you in-game prevent me from +1'ing this in a good conscious. You also omitted the part in your last application where you said you were banned from homophobia, which is a bit concerning. Give it some significant time, improve your reputation, and get some referrals, then re-apply.
  9. It's unfortunate to see you resign, although it sounds like you intend to still play, so I don't think this is goodbye. However, why would you say something like this on a resignation post? You're telling me that you have damning evidence to put people in prison, but forget publicly exposing them (which would be pointlessly dramatic), you haven't told anyone about it, and aren't going to? Why the actual fuck would you say something like this? If there are people doing super illegal shit, then it's in yours and the servers best interest to report that to moderation, or hell, THE REAL LIFE POLICE? This is such a horrible statement, and I really hope that you've at least attempted to reach out to someone about these illegal activities. Otherwise, as Nutter said, you're nothing more than an accessory to these criminals. And while I'm still on you, This is, without a doubt, the biggest overselling of staffing on DarkRP and how bad it is. Yeah, sometimes people say naughty words and need to get banned for 2 weeks, but I have never, in all 4+ years of playing on Garnet DarkRP, had a point where I felt that there was "constant" bigotry" and it was destroying my health. This is, without a doubt, one of the biggest exaggerations that I've heard, and It honestly brings me to feel doubt regarding other things you've said in this post. Perhaps this "damning evidence" that would send individuals to prison for a long time is them saying "I smoke weed" and they live in a state where weed is illegal! You honestly should've slept on this post. Seeing a post from someone who has been inactive for the past 3+ months before suddenly claiming that this great evil of DarkRP has pushed you over the breaking point and that you now MUST resign is wildly rash, not to mention the whole "I know people who are doing bad things but I won't call them out on it" part makes you look even worse. I liked playing with you Depot, so know that this post is out of concern more than anything, but there's a lot of glaring issues that need to be addressed.
  10. I'm interested in the specifics of how the forum ranks work. Two things I'm interested in being elaborated on: What specifically constitutes "Recent active posts," and What rep score specifically constitutes a "- Good/great forums reputation reputation" ? Just wondering for now... Although maybe I am a little salty that I've been on here since 2019, yet am only a "member"
  11. Hope to see you around. Stay cool bossman
  12. Damn, really thought I got 90. Ah well.
  13. Neutral This might be a bit of personal bias, but I've got a couple bases that are just soley in the "apartment" rooms rather than the whole building. I'd prefer for the buildings not to be forced into another "megabase-esque" location, but I do concede that I have never, ever seen a Hotel Manager base here.
  14. This is a really dumb argument. People don't complain about "just any" perma weapons, they complain about a very specific gun. (coughDRAGONLOREcough) Besides, you can certainly buy into perma weapons and still complain about them. That's like saying you can't complain about the quality of your food at a restaurant because that's how the restaurant makes its money.
  15. +1 Unfortunately, Prostitute has become incredible useless as of late. You never see it, especially for its intended role. It's just menu clutter at this point (along with the Mercenary).
  16. WohMi

    Dlore nerf

    +1 Been sayin' this for a hot minute, but might as well say it again here. Dragonlore is still the single most centralizing weapon on GarnetGaming. No other gun compares to its sheer ability to raid, defend, PvP, etc. It needs SOME sort of nerf. People who -1 this post are honestly coping. Every single "-1" I have seen on these posts have rarely been citing any evidence, and is usually just a flat -1 or a -1 based on "I paid for it to be OP don't nerf it!" or "LOL no" At this point, some of you who've been saying "-1" are hard carried by this broken gun, and it shows. Case in point. Also, @Torqwhen the hell did it get nerfed? Did I miss it? also Hama you quit LMFAO wtf gunner actually supporting a dlore nerf??? hard agree with Gunner, even moreso than original OP
  17. EXPLOSIVES ARE BACK, BABY! Best update ever.
  18. -1 Probably the lowest effort application I've seen in a while. I think I put more effort typing out this reply than you did.
  19. -1 I was confused, since I thought I had already -1'd this application, until I read that your last application was 6 days ago. I'll just say what made me -1 you last time: I've seen some pretty... "strange" chatlogs from you, that I feel reflect a lower maturity level than what is necessary to be a staff member. No referrals, only 1 Paragraph, and again, your last application was 6 days ago. Take time (preferably more than 6 days) to improve your reputation in the community, then apply again.
  20. Neutral - Love the Australian thing, but you don't have the paragraphs. Everything else looks pretty nice, so up your paragraphs a bit and then I'll +1.
  21. -1 Didn't read rules, and I've seen you say some really weird stuff that would Get outta here bruh.
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