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  1. Denied Not enough community support. You may reapply in 6 months when the community consensus for you has shifted to a more positive favor.
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  3. Wow, I can't believe it. I knew it this whole time but nobody was brave enough to actually ban him. Hopefully this will be the final push to get staff to permanently ban him from all GG servers. Anyway, I got some DVDs to return. I ENDORSE DREAM'S UNBAN
  4. This update actually got me playing the server a bit. I know changing factions/maps every few months/years is annoying and kinda dumb, but servers like this tend to have a high turnover rate with players, so you have to appeal to different tastes all the time. Just the nature of the game, I suppose.
  5. I noticed this when reading the appeal and this is what you've attempted to do every time you come back from what I can remember, which is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. For one, I don't think there is much that can be learned from someone who is just coming back from multiple bans. If anything, if you were to be unbanned, you should keep your head low for a while, experience the server as if you were a new player again, and organically create interactions between other players. Diving back into the leadership mess is what typically causes not just you but almost anyone to lean towards the toxic side and it's where confrontation usually arises from, which is the last thing you would want coming back from an unban.
  6. Hey. Thank you for making a suggestion and being an active community member. I believe this "Mini Moderator" rank would be pointless. It would not assist management in any way in keeping tabs on worrisome staff members. Also, any staff that does things like "say the n word" shouldn't be on the staff team in the first place. Thanks again for your post.
  7. This was a really good montage. I especially appreciate the music choice (for those who don't know, it's TANK! by Seatbelts and Yoko Kanno from the Japanese animation Cowboy Bebop). You hit some really good shots that are definitely SOC material. Nice work, man!
  8. Shit got even more wild with the latest patch. https://clips.twitch.tv/PeppyFitGiraffeKevinTurtle
  9. There are multiple factors here that support the fact that you were cheating: - The intense shaking and then 2 clean kills - The immediate "OH SHIT WAR IS OVER" right after the kills. This makes it seem like you were messing with your config and were prepared to say it was an accident if things went south like they did. However, you knew war was over since you were in DB already. It just seems like you were ready to make a poor excuse to cover up a mistake on your part - From what I hear, you said you weren't going to make a ban appeal because it wasn't worth it. If you were truly banned unrightfully, you would have immediately jumped on the opportunity to do so. - Apparently, you have been suspect for cheats in recent times and were being watched. Numerous players have told me that you weren't that good and all of a sudden popped off on occasion. As a player who has been around for a little, you know how you play. It seems that you carefully select times to toggle on, but try not to make it seem obvious. In this instance, it appears that bad luck is what got you caught. The factors in favor of you cheating are plentiful, and there is no argument in your defense that can really prove your innocence, especially not videos of sims from months ago.
  10. Ozzy is currently the only staff member capable of ever being manager. If you are looking for someone, I would suggest him. I'm sure under his guidance, MRP will do well. Additionally, we communicate well and get along, so any big issues that need to be addressed would easily flow between the three of us (Ozzy, Me, Garnet).
  11. Howdy As the new Community Manager, I plan to guide the community in a positive direction. This means I will have oversight over all aspects of the community. I intend to act with a broad scope and allow server managers to run their respective servers while being as hands-off as possible. In certain cases, such as servers like MRP lacking current management, I will as defacto manager until we are able to fill the position with a suitable candidate. Please treat my words as closely to Garnet's in most cases unless expressed otherwise in regards to server decisions. If your server is running well, you won't be hearing much from me unless you are trying to get an update pushed out, with which I will work closely to make sure all the details get to Garnet. If the server is lacking, I will step in as minimally as possible until things get better. If you know me, you know I don't want to micro-manage, but I will get deeply involved if things are not improving. Right now, my primary focus will be on MRP. I hope we can work together to make our servers fun, friendly, and refreshing. DM me on Discord or TS if you ever have any questions or concerns.
  12. Phantom

    Vibe Ban Appeal

    Accepted The ban was too harsh. This can easily have been fixed with a FailRP warn at best and if he continued to do it, then provide a more harsh punishment. I trust your ban will be removed by the proper MRP staff, whoever they may be at this current time. @Garnet Lock please.
  13. Part A - Player Versus Vote - C Player vs. Player (3+ factions) Explanation: I personally really enjoyed when I first joined the server when there were 4 countries. However, I can't see it working well at this time, especially when numbers are low. Instead, something that would be more long lasting and could work well with a lower playercount are PMCs. If anyone is familiar with Escape From Tarkov, simply adding elements from that game on here could greatly enhance the experience on MRP. Keep US vs RU, add a US affiliated PMC faction and a RU affiliated PMC faction. These 2 PMCs will need to be run as a company, as in there is a competent leader who is in charge of hiring players via application, has a budget to pay the workers, and can "fire" players who don't make the cut. Additionally, PMCs will have a heavy impact in between wars. While they can still be hired to assist their respective country for war, their primary purpose will be taking on contracts for their country's army in the times between wars. This would include adding a system (similar to the wiltOS item spawn system on SWRP) where salvage/intel/any items of value with certain rarities would spawn around the map after a war and PMCs can go out, collect these items, and return to their country's base (without dying) to turn in for a cash reward to be even distributed. This can work by combining the mission system and the item spawn system to ensure players are on a 1-life high-risk, high-reward mission that they can't just cheese. Additionally, PMCs are KOS to anybody that is not their country's army or themselves (so if the US PMC runs into RU PMCs or RU military, they can take them out with no questions asked. NLR would have to be heavily enforced. Of course, more types of contracts should be added, but this is just the baseline to get the ball rolling assuming players want this. Part B - Map Vote - B (Metropolitan) Explanation - I think it's time we get an actual fully urban map, with a cluster of multi-story buildings that all can be entered and FOBs on the outskirts. This would allow for the PMC contracts to work better, as I think buildings give the best cover. In general, multiple street blocks with many vantage points and alley ways providing alternative routes would not only help make wars more interesting, but also give the map more verticality rather than illusion of it (imo mountains don't add much to this but more headglitching opportunities). Also, a true urban map hasn't really been tried yet, and I've always waited for one to be made. Part C - Wars Vote - B - Elongate periods between Wars, elongate wars Explanation - For the PMC idea or any idea involving valuable RP to be feasible, the time between wars needs to be extended. I'm a bit biased on this one because I personally couldn't care much less for wars and would only play for the RP in between, so long as it is given substantial value. Shrimp's idea of adding an economy is something that needs to be added imo and RP needs to be given a reward in the form of something "physical." After playing on some NutScript servers, almost every bit of RP is substantiated by some sort of actual coded entity. Players can't be expected come up with RP for only the brief entertainment value. Wars can be elongated to compensate for the folks who just want to get on and click heads, but there will never be more to war than the brief excitement of getting kills and leveling up (although the badge idea you mentioned is pretty cool and worthwhile). I also really like the idea of having to check on objectives with no HUD indicator. I hope for vehicles like aircraft and HUMVEEs to be utilized for recon and direct action and players have to strategize to capture points instead of rushing it and watching the ticks for 30 minutes. Part D - Peace-Time Activities Explanation: As I mentioned multiple times above, PMCs and contracts would facilitate a lot of this. Honestly, the idea of base cleaning seems to be a gimmick and I personally wouldn't find it fulfilling or enjoying. I'm all for adding scripted content to increase my money or give me a badge, but doing menial activities to achieve that would get boring fast, and I see it as content people would do when it comes out then never touch it again. I think activities should focus on combat/recon. The camera idea was pretty cool, and it can easily be integrated into an RP group recon mission. I'd have to think more on different things that could possibly be added, but for now I think what I've mentioned is a good place to start. Part E - Suggestions and Unique Content Vote - Honestly, I think badges are the most suitable for my tastes here, but some skills to be purchased could also be nice. Explanation - Maybe the badges can be achieved through things like playtime and maybe tracking achievements such as 500 kills. I am heavily against skills like movement speed increase. Maybe allow for greater strength to throw grenades further if it's possible and add soft-skills like charisma that increase the amount of money you can earn from contracts/missions. Instead, maybe add an arsenal in each base with items that can be purchased to assist in combat. For example, maybe add different classes of armor, with relatively weak armor being cheap, and more superior armor providing more protection for a high fee. I also think adding more weapons to the server would be a huge plus. The weapons that are currently on are dull and get boring after a while. There are a lot of weapons in CW that are cool with unique weapon attachments that I always wished were on the server. Instead of adding them as donation options, offer them in the arsenal for high prices, giving more purpose to saving money and taking part in activities to make it. Perhaps make attachments purchasable as well. Especially if wars get elongated, give players time to experiement with attachments during war and changing it as they see fit via the arsenal. Allow for attachments to save until it's changed for the duration of the war, as I doubt players want to run back and forth between the spawn, arsenal, and finally go to the battle every life, but it also could allow for players to take their time customizing their kit.
  14. Okay, hear me out. Y'all want movement speed increase AND more RP depth? Add a drug cartel faction to MRP and give RU and US access to its supply of cocaine (the same thing from DRP) to get a wacky speed boost during war. 

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      I remember when I was heavily considering weed to incentivize people to play Afg

  15. Anyway, since I'm back, which factions need leadership? 👀

  16. Alright I'm back guys, looks like I couldn't stay away for too long! I just couldn't leave, I love this community and everybody in it.

  17. Cya guys, I love the community and the players in it. It just isn't what it used to be. Maybe if a few people convinced me to stay I would, but I don't know, for now I'm gonna peace out. Love you all!

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      Damn man, sorry to see ya go keep in touch.

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      Dang i'ma miss you it was a fun time while you were you there as SA and leader of MARSOC 

  18. Absoulute shamelessness. Manipulation tactics used as usual. Waited for the perfect opportunity (lots of high profile people left, the community "needs" more people). I'm gonna be up front here: Can it please be a permanent ban? Forever? No wipe, no appeal. Just delete him from the community please.
  19. Very understandable that you are just burned out of gmod. I am too. Also, you never came back to SWRP to do your court martial. ;( It most likely would have resulted in you being innocent since no one had proof.
  20. Accepted. Would be nice to have a GM for the EU hours on the server.
  21. Accepted. Would love to have you on the team, hopefully you don't have any more computer issues.
  22. Accepted. I'll set you up in game, I know you already have a firm understanding of the GM tools so it shouldn't take too long.
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