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  1. The best main meat to have on thanksgiving is a good piece of duck change my mind
  2. It’s the return of the bird (Where’s My Sheckles)

    It is time

    Personally I am in favor of reducing the alt limit to one, that way it’s slightly easier if you want to do grinding but you don’t have the crazy fuckers with 30 alts printing
  4. I personally like investing my money into precious Metals And Firearms, But Im weird and that probably isn't for everyone.
  5. Lies and Slander But FR See ya Tdizz it’s always been fun screwing around with you, I’ll hopefully catch you again at some point o7
  6. Garnet I have been asking for this for the better part of a year and a half, I asked every manager I knew and they knew nothing about this when I was asking, hence why my post had kind of an annoyed tone, if this was actually done but it’s just not working then we have to get that fixed ASAP along with the issues in communication to lead to this not being available, maybe add a role in the discord people can ask for and then if you need Guinea pigs they can get pinged for that
  7. Fine, we need to change the entire PD dynamic cause right now there is no way for PD to actually earn money besides blowing up printers or if you are the warden having the occasional noob pay you 1-2k, I made a suggestion that was accepted where the PD vault would pay out any surplus money it once it had filled up but it hasn’t been implemented yet but in addition to this I would suggest buffing mayor by implementing a 1-2% tax on printers, that way printers actually want to raid PD because it affects their bottom line, you also need to make it so that it is FRP to make it so that PD cannot bust your props down by layering them, there are tons of people right now who have tons of printers just completely visible but PD can’t bust the walls down. If I could actually make decent money as PD I would regularly play it but every time I try to play it I generally loose 100k+ in perks and don’t make a dime
  8. I think a great option would be on the off chance there is no staff online A mayor could initiate a vote to remove someone from the police force, once someone has been removed they have a 1 hour cooldown before they can become a CP again, this idea has two failsafes, one make it FRP to initiate a vote without just cause, and two make it so that getting removed from the police force would show up in logs so that it would be easy to catch any rule breakers
  9. -1 I see a massive way to abuse this where you have a friend kidnap a dude whos base you want to raid and then raid while he is kidnapped and then there is no way for them to defend themselves or their base.
  10. So uhhh who else just found out that fucking Israel and Palistine are going to war

    1. Gythem


      Yeah that happens like every few years


    Cinema! <3

    Please do correct me if I am wrong but I think there is one down there right now that is just disabled, If that is not the case I know there definitely used to be one which could probably be easily reinstalled
  12. Description: [description of what you are suggesting, one paragraph minimum] My suggestion is fairly simple, instead of paying police out of the vault itself, what would happen is that the PD would not get paid at all until the vault is filled, however once the vault hits its celling any surplus money that would be going into the vault is paid out to the PD evenly. If there are 5 police officers and 100k surplus each officer would get a 20k paycheck. Reasoning: [how would this benefit our server?] I feel like this would provide more of an incentive to keep things active on the server and would reward the PD being active rather than them building up a massive vault and then after a certain amount of time passes it gets paid out and all surplus disappears into the void. I think It would also incentivize PD raiders as the vault would almost always be full allowing for them to get more money rather than it being paid to the PD. Additional Information: [Photos/Videos][/CODE] I have no idea if this is possible as I am complete ass with computers but I think this should be fairly easy to implement. The PD vault system has been the same for ages and it still makes no sense, this suggestion was denied before for a reason I am still unsure of, However, I think this is something that should happen to bring more fun and reward to playing police.
  13. Hey so like when do I get my grenade launcher ammo
  14. My suggestion already covers that it will literally just add ammo for the guns that already are in circulation, that’s it, if they want to add launchers at a point in the future that’s fine but it would be a different issue entirely. There is no point in preventing us from getting ammo for what we already have.
  15. As someone who most likely has the largest supply of Grenade launchers on the server and also has the largest supply of ammo, I would be most affected by this and I can wholeheartedly say this makes zero sense, This would basically take it in the server economy from a novelty and a remnant of another time to something along the lines of the RPG and matador which would actually make them far more in demand and make them more valuable.
  16. I think it might have had something to do with the explosive crates exploding if getting shot which I think would be super easy to fix by just making them not explode if shot
  17. Description: Add back Grenade Launchers Ammo Shipments Reasoning: I still dont understand the reason ammo for them was removed, it makes almost no sense, Add it back at the same price as RPG ammo. Nutter said that there is an actual possiblity that they can get added back now that proggy is gone so lets get it added back boys! Additional Information: I really need ammo for my nade launchers :(
  18. 2 years, A lot happens in 2 years Gam. People get jobs, people change, but one thing will never change, the impact you left on everyone who you talked to, I miss you every day brother and wish I could talk to you again every minute of every day. 

    1. Twig


      A Heartwarming and heartbreaking comment all rolled into one, I don’t know who he is, but I hope he’s in a better place smiling, and cheering all of you on. Rest easy Mr. Gamma ❤️ 

  19. I like this idea however I think it should also take into account how many times the person has prestiged as someone who had just prestiged from level 40 to level 1 would give the same amount of XP as 11B PV2 Fuckface
  20. Speaking of How is the dude doing? I dont think we ever quite got a resolution to that saga
  21. I am aware, those hats were avalible on the server before the pointshop was added, There used to be an !hats command that was used, is that going to be making a return or am I out $50
  22. So for people who purchased hats through the old hat store will we be able to still use them or what will be happening with them, For example I bought both the Tophat and the spinning rings hat, will I still be able to equip them or are they lost to time?
  23. -1 no offense man but it looks like you put almost 0 effort into your events and put very little effort in the rest of your application
  24. My good sir you literally massed tonight and barely got off, Its clear you put 0 effort into your staff application and I met you for the first time tonight and you conducted yourself like an idiot. Hard -1 which wont be changing anytime soon.
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