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ban proggy

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Who are you reporting? [Staff/Player]: Staff

Your in-game name: im a b0x

Your SteamID (https://steamid.io/😞 STEAM_0:1:530111194

In-game name of reportee: Proggy

SteamID of reportee (https://steamid.io/😞 STEAM_0:0:66620478

Date & Time of incident: Today

Timezone: EST

What happened? (include any proof):

Ok, so I was knocking on doors repet and proggy grabed me and put me across the map then shot me in the head. Megan the stallion took me and him to a sit. He then was warned for rdm and remove it, I don’t know why

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1. He was spamming doors not listening to me telling him to stop. He knows I'm an admin and wasn't listening to me telling him to stop.
2. I physgunned him away from the base he was bothering, but he ran back to start knocking again so I killed him.

My options here were to jail him, ban for nitrp, or kill him (as others were trying to do anyways). I killed him and he stopped knocking on the persons door and lost literally nothing because of it, but placed a report for RDM. Its not a random kill if he is harassing a base and everyone around it.

This is a stupid report, because he would be even more mad and waste more time if i went down any other route. He didnt lose any guns or perks. He's a minge making a report on something that is his own fault.

I removed the warn you issued because you warned with no proof on the actual situation that took place.

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4 minutes ago, MeganTheeStallion said:

He should have reported it and instead of killing him.

As the superadmin I don't really need to waste my staffs time with something I can easily handle myself. It's not like he was knocking on the door and I walked up and killed him. He wasnt listening to my orders and returned to the base I physgunned him away from.

Notice how he stopped messing with the base afterwards, didnt lose anything, & didn't get jailed or banned for it? There was good reason to kill him and everyone around thanked me for it.

Other people were shooting at him too because he was returning to the situation that I physgunned him away from.
I was even rdm'd in crossfire by someone else trying to kill him. This same kid has been trolling on CityRP too.

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