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StarwarsRP Update [05/01/2022]

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Inventory System

Integrated crystals to be used with the inventory system!


Albeit even the regular blue crystal is rare, crystals can now be found through supply drops at the end of auto-events as well as battling NPCs

These collected Crystals can be taken to a Crafting Bench in order to modify your primary light saber


With that change, the default light saber no longer includes a crystal, and will instead just be white in appearance

Of course, we will have some very rare ones that initially will not be super rare, so get to collecting,






Fixed an error associated with certain forcepowers being used underwater


Free Grip Choices

Players were given the ability to choose their grip preference - this works in conjunction with dual wielding, as you can further customize what blade is revesed, with the option for both






Fixed Republic Navy : Intel's model



Torrent Company : Enforcer has been renamed to Torrent Company : Airborne

(also the reason Medical Duty broke) editing a job's name requires I edit like 20 configs 🤦‍♂️


All new Jedi classes have been added onto the Jedi 'U' group chat


All Jedi classes have been given a WiltOS inventory SWEP



Warning System

Updated to our own custom warning system used in DarkRP

This change was done due to the fact that the current logging systems were throwing around permission errors with 0 explanations


All warnings will be active for 1 week, and after that period of time, they will be turned inactive/removed.

3 Warnings results in a Kick

4 Warnings results in a 1-Day-Ban



Media Player

New soundtracks added


Communications Interferences

Droid Invasion Theme

Gra'tu Cuun

Improvised Entry

Kachirho by Nightvision

RV Alpha


One heart of Justice

Make their Eyes Water

The Ghost Ship

The Egg Room

Rage of the Shadow Warriors

The Jungle Floor

They Must be Asleep

Through the Canopy

Vo Dean





Fixed the styling of "Gamemaster" ranks

gamemaster > GM

trialgamemaster > T. GM, etc





Staff Permissions

Thank you @Remake for the following proposed changes

Admin+ can utilize GM permissions on the Gamemaster role


Lead Admin & Managers may spawn props outside the GM role

Senior Admin+ can now utilize certification commands, IE:

revokeeod certifyeod medicallycertify revokemedical


Managers can utilize the command /staffpromote and /staffdemote in order to promote users up to Lead Moderator

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