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StarwarsRP Update [06/06/2022]

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T4 & T7 Disruptors' range has been reduced by 50%

Disallowed the SWEP from targeting vehicles

Corrected code for shutting down LFS vehicles' engines



Vehicle Requisitions

All Ranger platoon members can now utilize the requisition NPC in order to spawn an AT-RT




Sub-Battalion Leaders

All sub-battalion Leader classes were given a level 3 (Green) Officer Keycard

All Sub-battalion leaders can now whitelist onto their respective faction's base trooper class



Contraband NPC

This feature was planned to be released about 2 weeks ago, but the code vanished and I could not locate it, so here we go, re-created 😮


Reserved for the Quartermaster class



Unlike the Armory NPC, contraband purchased do not have different rarities, and there is no RNG associated with their purchase


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