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Carlmans ban appeal

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In-game name: Carlman
SteamID (https://steamid.io/): 
Staff members in-game name: Conway 
Staff members SteamID (/id (name):  
Date & Time of incident: 1/7/24
Timezone: EST
Ban Reason: ip pulling
How long were you banned for?: permanent 
Proof of Ban:  
What happened? (include any proof):  I was talking to a member of the discord about warning I had and I brought up a past ban for ip pulling but it was just the garnet gaming dark rp join code I think I should be unbanned because it was a misunderstanding I never pulled any ips 
Why should your ban be removed?: my ban should be removed because I am an active member of the server and I never meant to scare anyone it or do anything malicious it was simply just me having a conversation 

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I’m not sure why you listed a different reason here from the one in our Discord DMs, but changing your name to impersonate other users, isn’t really off to a great start given your history.


On the note of having a ban for IP Pulling - prior to issuing the ban, I did check if your account had posted an appeal for the ban, and could find none on this account or @Carlman. Nevertheless, I wasn’t really too concerned about that portion, since it happened on another server. 


@Ozzy is welcome to unban you this once, should he decide to do so, and should you be able to learn how to act/behave.


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Accepted (Partially)

I'll give you the opportunity to redeem yourself, however shit-posting in discord/forums doesn't really reflect the "I'm a changed person" arc. You may take this as a final chance at redemption, or a final warning - either way, it will be the final one. 

Please use the opportunity to be a positively contributing member, should you be unable to do this, you will be rebanned.

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