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Lancer's GM Application

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In Game Name: Lancer
Steam ID: 76561198161573416
Age: 23
Warns: 0
Time Zone PST/GMT-8
Playtime: 6D 1H 6M
Do you have access to Teamspeak and a mic?: Yes
Do you have the ability to record Garry's Mod videos?: Yes

Referrals: N/A

Previous GM experience: N/A

Why you should pick me over other applicants is because in my nature I am detail oriented. I wish to bring in events that can be connected and branched off of by both myself and other gms. I feel tons are very important and I want to push the limits of what an event can be and what they can do.

I have several ideas on how to use event maps differently, give more backstory and set tone that is not normally present in events. I believe the scene is just as important as the contents and it’s not what map is used but how it’s dressed, what can you do with what can be seen but logic says in there. So I should be chosen because I want to take events in a different direction then most.


Have you ever been banned or punished on another server: I received 1 warning around this time four years ago for player disrespect on an SCP:RP after having been up all night and being actively spurred on by Class-D.

Have much time to have to contribute to the role: at least three hours a day as well as when ever I’m on

In your own words, what are the responsibilities of a GM: A GM should do their best for all players to have an enjoyable experience during a passive or active event. Whether that is setting up the actual event, finding work arounds for low rolls, directing ECs, and making sure there is enough for every batt to do. When there are no active events GMs should assist with Sims, Tryouts, and training setting them up to what the host says and if there is an issue work with the host to resolve them.
Describe how you would contribute to the GM team: Storyline events with several parts that set a different tone then most events. Linking together passives and actives that can be branched off from by other GMs and explore new ways to use maps already present.

Describe your most creative idea for contributing to the RP environment: Republic intelligence storyline an event storyline that five or six parts depending on the events playout, Board the Informer [Active Venator] To find what happened, The body [Passive: each Cert gets a role to play], The Hit [Base attack] an unknown force hits Anaexs (Follows Passive), The Test [On world [CIS Anaxes] , The Rescue [Hidden Offworld ask for explanation], Pay back [Off world]

The 5 Event Idea


Operation Blue Milk: The 34th are deployed to find out what happened to The Informer. A ship with connections to Republic Intelligence. A seemingly empty ship with several secrets and projects. [Active]

What is this: A strange object was found on the Informer while some collect data those with a bit of extra training [Certs] Have find out what this object is what what their plan is [Passive]


Who are They?: Anaxes is hit inside and out at once who know what can be found when everyone is busy and no one is watching the data and who knows who can be trusted [Base Attack]


End of the rope: Info from the other side is passed to the 34th and the leak needs to be fixed deploy to Anaxes and cut lines to prep for the muster and to stop a mad man [CIS Anaxes]


Into the Abyss: The 34th has everything they need to strike against him and everyone under his command, don’t let a tragedy happen and stop it in its tracks. After all the ends don’t justify the means it up to you 34th.

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  • StarWarsRP Administration Team

I believe you have the right idea with these events and it seems you want to become a gm for the right reasons. I think with guidance, your events will do nicely, and you’ll end up a fine addition to the team.

(I’d be happy to help with refining the events)

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I have only had good interactions with Lancer, I agree with Conway on what he said, but never the less, I think you would be a good addition to the GM team. +1


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  • StarWarsRP Administration Team

+1, as Conway said, the events are fine but I don't see much issue as not all GMs want to focus on events but rather focus on battalions primarily so I have no issue with you wanting to be a part of the GM team.

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  • StarWarsRP Administration Team


After deliberation with the StarWarsRP Gamemaster Leadership Team, we have decided to accept your GM Application. This is largely in-part to some, but not limited to, the below reasons:

Events are fine (Though could be better, I don't hold that against you)
Good support

Welcome to the StarWarsRP Gamemaster Team! We're looking forward to getting you trained and having you on board! 

Please do not use any commands/permissions until you have been trained

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