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Last April I decided to start playing an instrument. I bought a Bass because of my love for R&B (1970s to be exact) I had no clue the amount of joy and happiness it was going to bring to me. When I get home from work I play at least 30 minutes of it. 

another one of my hobbies which directly correlates to my first one is I collect Vinyl records. I live about an hour away from San Francisco in California, about once a month or so the family and I take a trip out there to shop for records. San Fran was the music capital of the world in the 1960s (imo) with the hippie movement and so many amazing bands came out of the area so the town is full of history and amazing music. 

my last hobby and the one I don’t really pursue anymore is I like to collect National Geographic magazines. My grandfather collected them throughout the year he had a subscription from 1954-2016 any believe me when I say he had every month and year in between those. I have the original moon landing magazine with the original pictures inside. I have the magazine which talked about the 9/11 attacks, basically any historical event from 1954 to 2016 I have it lol. It’s awesome to go in and see the old cigarette ads. 


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