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Pill's Gamemaster Application

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In-game name: Pill
Age: 22
SteamID (https://steamid.io/😞 STEAM_0:0:65324812
Warns: 0 (?)
Timezone: CST
Playtime?: 1100 hours
Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a microphone?: Yes
Do you have the ability to record Garry's Mod videos?: Yes
Referral(s): Sam
Past experiences as a Game Master: Here, up to S.GM

Why should we choose you over other applicants?

I do have a decent amount of experience being GM on Garnet for a little while, and I think my activity speaks for itself. I have a lot of ideas and a love for Star Wars, plus I’m on all the time. In addition to that, I think I have interesting ideas for events, and I try to use things people don’t get to see often.


I do feel very creative and I think that I would be a good additive to the GM team because of that. Plus, because of my experience, I am very familiar with the Q menu and GM tools. With my experience and my playtime, I’ll always be able to do events. 


Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, Include details:

How much time do you have to contribute to the role?:

30~ hours a week

In your own words, what are the responsibilities of a Gamemaster?:

To keep people busy, engaged, and happy.

 Describe how you would contribute to RP as a part of the Gamemaster team:

Lots of activity, and fun ideas for events. (I won't do minge events)

Explain your single most creative idea for contributing to the RP environment of the server:

Please list and explain 5 unique event ideas of any scale: [Be sure to include any additional context that may be necessary to your explanation]


1.  “Porcupine” 

      “A CIS planet, ‘Alzar’, has been intercepting our spy vessels landing on the planet. Known for their torturous ways, our objective is to get whats left of our agents and topple the government on-planet. However, there will likely be large resistance, as the military on Alzar is formidable and dangerous. Be careful men, and may the force be with you.”


2.  “Iron Hammer”

      “A new enemy has started to emerge in the core worlds of our Republic; “The People’s Liberation Party” has started infiltrating our planetary governments and rallying people against the Republic. Normally this would be a tasking for Republic Intelligence, however things have started to turn violent on the planet of Duro, and planetary security has not been able to control the riots incited by the PLP. Your mission is to eliminate the PLP threats, control the area, and sweep known safehouses for explosives, munition, and hiding PLP members.”


3.  “Lullaby”

      “The Republic has been tracking a potential Sith Lord, with the help of the Jedi, who has been abducting force-sensitive children while they sleep. We have recently found where the children are being kept and orbital scouting reports indicate the children are being used almost as force-sensitive livestock, powering some sort of object in front of the compound. Your objectives are to identify and secure the object, rescue the children, and eliminate the Sith Lord if possible. Good luck.”


4.  “Jumbo Blimp”

     “A prototype CIS bomber has been spotted being built in secret on Neimoidia. The capabilities of the bomber are unknown, but the ramifications of the estimated payload, 250000 lbs, is dangerously high. The amount of destruction this project could bring us in battle is inexplicable. We are sending you, the 34th battlegroup, to deal with this problem. Collect the intel, destroy the shipyard, and kill all CIS members present. Every single one. May the force be with you.”


5.  “Joca-Mola”

     “The Joca-Mola company has been accused by the Chancellor of introducing radioactive ingredients to their recipe in Republic-allied sectors. Our job is to raid and hold the alleged source of the radioactive material, and guard it while the isotopes are transported out and to a secure Republic Military facility. There may be some soft resistance, however your main job is defense, and to make sure all the isotopes are accounted for. Local gangs may cause problems but you will have control. Good luck, may the force be with you."





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  • Community Director

I think this may be a bit premature, you’re only back 2-3 days. If you can play for 2 weeks+ with good solid activity, I would consider it - but I can’t in good faith give positive support with such a short time back.

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  • StarWarsRP Administration Team

I agree that you are freshly returned to the server, however based on my discussions with you in the past few days I believe that you're ready to take some of your previous responsibilities back. Pill was one of the best GMs not too long ago and I would love to see him back on the team. +1

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  • Community Director
4 minutes ago, Sam_my said:

best GMs not too long ago

Yes pill did a lot of events which was appreciated, but he was frequently warned about poor-quality. I know now we are highly focused on quality over quantity - which may not suit him based on previous experience. 

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  • StarWarsRP Administration Team

Listen bro, I give you shit all the time but it's mostly joking and we all know that. However this time it's not, I figured you'd at least wait a bit and regain some notoriety in the community before you reapplied you sped.

In terms of actual feedback, neutral for now, although I know he's capable of some pretty good stuff when he's not being autistic.

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  • StarWarsRP Administration Team

+1 - Me personally, I really enjoyed most of your events I played on, even if they were a bit lackluster sometimes, it always gave me something to do, and the Johnny Toast passives NEED to return!

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  • StarWarsRP Management Team


After deliberation with the StarWarsRP Gamemaster Leadership Team, we have decided to accept your GM Application. This is largely in-part to some, but not limited to, the below reasons:

Spent more time after returning

Past experience (You will need retraining though)


Welcome to the StarWarsRP Gamemaster Team! We're looking forward to getting you trained and having you on board! 

Please do not use any commands/permissions until you have been trained

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