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I'm suggesting a command to be added to all CP classes including Warden and Mayor (For the reason of checking if someone was falsely jailed). CP Classes have needed this command for a while to be able to check if someone has a gun license or not, even if its just a small fake id GUI that at least confirms that they have one works wonders in the Police Department jobs, this allows almost near realistic PD Roleplay including Legal/Illegal gun stores and owners bringing a fun atmosphere when running Raiding/Criminal classes and Gun Dealers as well.


I think this would benefit the server in more way than just one, if a cop were to arrest someone with a gun license today we wouldn't be able to keep track of something like that it would just be on pure retention of remembering who exactly they bought the gun from or if they bought a license from PD, which makes no sense. If there's no Check License command, there should be no licenses in the first place. This should be a very very very easy fix and command to add.



Lil Reference picture ❤️

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