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Leaving Garnet for good

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Boys it was a good run but I feel my time has come  but thank you guys for the run had fun and will miss a lot of you garnet members

@Homast Cool ass dude  always fun to have around 

@Devil Amazing player and always had fun with me on squad

@Doof123 Best GA i had over the last 2 GA's but always fun to have him around in army 

@Bush Amazing person haven't spent a lot of time  but nice man and want to continue it on squad

@blooms sad to see you cheat but amazing friend i had fun playing world war z and squad with you as well

@petalDidn't know you a lot but your a cool girl don't care if your a simp or not still a cool girl

@HaleHad fun playing with you and keep up your work 

@ZachDeviluke Amazing  friend and a good staff member 

@KernelPanic-Popcorn Didn't get to know you a lot we spoke some times but was  an amazing person pushing through the ranks keep on 

@blumoon00 Will miss you  but keep on going and you are nice person to talk to and hangout

@Gythem Coolest Marine spent the last few months and got to know you when you went through the ranks of marines 

@Mikesplintzwithflint Didn't know you a lot but you are a good person and i want you to make it to a general spot keep it up

@AmericanJebus Had  fun playing with you on garnet but keep it up and keep pushing

@Nikolai Nicest person on SSO i;ve talked to  but you are a chill person

@Dexx Remember you when i was still a SGT you were a 2LT in MARSOCand helped me back then and I thank you

@SoapppppNicest person and I thank you for everything you do for Garnet  and the events you do  with the staff members

@AwesomeAidanDidn't really get to know you but I feel you are doing an amazing job of manager and honestly best GB out there I know that is badass

@CodyButts_TV It was a blast having you in my WOCS AND OCS and seeing you progress keep it up

@sueshishkue Coolest Person that has helped me and always played with at night but will miss you alot bud

But to everyone that I wanted to ping and there's more im not trying to make this any longer than it is but I wish everyone luck and hope that we could stay in touch


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