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  1. Anyone know of fun stuff to do in LA/San Diego?

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      Just drive down the coastline the mountains are beautiful and the ocean is a beautiful sight.

  2. Not sure why, but he has a tendency to write small posts defending himself. Same thing with the staff report grace made if you want to look at that. As for the appeal, I think the ban should stay. The video Warden provided makes it quite obvious the people you killed were not near the base -1
  3. Two desert eagles with a gold plate .50 AE. I got every other gun I want, just need a nice set of overkill pistols.
  4. Another fun fact: if you get on SWRP, and join 212th, you'll have a lot of fun tonight

  5. Forgot about that thread. No actual need for this post as this suggestion was already accepted, just needs to be implemented
  6. I like how this is structured to an extent. RC are specially trained and master a certain aspect. Individually they lack, however as a team they are great. I think giving everyone everything kind of goes against that. I think fixer having the Medkit is fine. Sev having the normal weapon and the sniper is good. Scorch having the Detpack, or Anti-Armor weapon would be good, along with the normal one. And Boss can have the normal weapon, with one other configuration. Mainly being if you add everything to them all, they become more like super soldiers, and I may be mistaken, but I don't think that's what we're trying to aim for with RC.
  7. Oh, I was mistaken. I thought you meant on players. In that case I’m fine with that part too. I can understand if you want few NPC’s, but maybe more HP. Or maybe because you don’t want(like you said) a CT killing them.
  8. Ok, partial +1. I do agree that a certain GM can be added with increased permissions. However I think they should be few. Spawning large ships I can understand that. Also /setjob can be useful since the only two people that can set jobs are phantom and bishop. However I’m not sure about adding goto and bring. I think we have enough staff now that are mod+ so they can just send the Person to you. Finally I’m on a tightrope with the hp setting. I understand the usefulness of it however, it can easily be abused. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only two people that can see the HP change, is the recipient and the one that set the HP. Once again if it’s handed out to trusted people, I can understand. It would help to have some of these, but others I don’t think we need at the moment.
  9. With this new warning point system, are current points getting wiped, or are they just ignored(they’re still present, but don’t count towards the new punishment)?
  10. This couldn't be more correct. I thank you Nutter for taking time out of your day to give us relatable content.
  11. Users have been banned, as for the guys in the battalions, I'm going to talk to them and see if it was for self-defense(probably still going to warn them), if not I will warn/ban them
  12. honestly though, i like the basis of this, probably gonna edit mine a bit..
  13. bro what? i already suggested this....
  14. +1, it's quite obvious that the restriction is really annoying, and needs to be adressed
  15. Easy +1, oatlife can be creative when it comes to events, and originality is important. He's also very active, and i think he would make a great GM
  16. mh mh mh. Spicy update garnet, Thanks for removing the chat thing that pops up over your head(good for SS's). Also love that we have usable Turbolasers.
  17. Ok, now this could be really cool. It would be awesome to have this in-game for certain RP situations that call for it. A nice addition, +1
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