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  1. LFG. Goat mains rise up Massive W So sad prone may never work out
  2. Awesome stuff nutter! You’ve been in the grind lately, I’m sure we’ll be at 100 in no time
  3. Bortnik

    !donate suggestion

    It's a PvE server? How could it possibly be P2W? Personally think instead of buying levels/money, we just add the credit system back, you could buy 10k with 100 credits.
  4. Does this mean i get my gold dc-15 back
  5. +1, talked to him in TS a lot today, he is a fun guy, and knows how to act. He may not be the most active, but what matters more is what he does while he's active, and I believe he will be a great addition to the early staff team.
  6. I like how you made the events “silent” until they’re found, that definitely makes it more interesting, as well as the removal of OOC HUD items like enemy health-bars. Will definitely help with immersion. Good update.
  7. Bortnik

    [MRP] Skirmish

    Well I think comms was on v3, near the crashed blackhawk by fac, so that could be one, another one could maybe be the graveyard by old RU base, perhaps that's a stretch because it's literally just outside their base. Maybe both faction outposts. Honestly I'm not sure if there are sufficient tiny locations on v3 to support this type of gameplay, although I do like the concept, I don't know if its do-able, would definitely have to see the map again.
  8. Will donator classes be converted. I had prestige and ghillie, would I just get the Afghan equivalent or what?
  9. When there’s 721 replies and we’re only at
  10. Just a question, how many would you like to see on each class, like 2 smokes or more/less etc.
  11. I meant informal by your word choice, and grammatical errors. It’s more like a message to a friend, not an application. Regardless, you play MRP, so why can’t you write it on your pc?
  12. Countless grammatical errors, pretty informal application, and a lot of repetition of similar ideas in the 2 paragraphs. You’re also not 15, so you shouldn’t have even applied until you had perms or in the 3 months till your birthday. This is most likely an insta deny due to your age. Rework pretty much most of the application, then re-apply when you meet the age limit/get perms. During those 3 months do your best to show leadership and maturity in army. -1
  13. Mr ozzy, I know you said meal, but will a desert(s) count?
  14. I wouldn’t mind this, even though I don’t play much anymore since school started. But perhaps this will fix everyone complaining about models, not sure how well those ones are made but surely they’re better than some… also add a donator with the suicide bomb. +1
  15. yes, it was confirmed by fonza
  16. https://streamable.com/ej3hx0 I was in the spawn room though
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