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  1. so burger king vs mcdonald map on mrp or maybe not, anyway good looks for mrp tho
  2. do you still play

    1. AnthonyThwompus


      yeah i still get on sometimes. Who is this?

    2. tanhk


      tanhk himself

  3. can i become gm now

  4. I would like the credits to buy myself titan and buy wyatt a neostead
  5. go for it, i agree, dont warn me garnet
  6. us base like airfield from omega, but the base is like all broken down
  7. mine was a perfect example. put mine in consideration
  8. was fmg nerfed or am i just that bad
  9. a old broken down mcdonalds and burger king rivalry
  10. mrp has ruined me

  11. are my reserves back?

  12. my downfall has come

  13. bro is the lean admin
  14. my last name was TY FUBAR, I only came up with this name because I was feeling nice and changed my name to cover up who it was giving money away in darkrp
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