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  1. Praying on your downfall. JK the grind is real.
  2. Well, the Police force will be something thats actually needed now then.
  3. Buying Two 175 shield perks do nothing unless you lose your shield. At that point kill in Console. Also will regulate the economy a little bit.
  4. Is anyone gonna talk about @Proggy's new pfp? that shit is fire with the yoshi

    1. hysteria


      you have a spinning pogo stick

  5. He just didn't want the smoke anymore. JK, hopefully everything gets worked out!
  6. how do you manage to put this in the wrong section sir


  7. that moment where grace is older than me by 6 months, for us to harass each other in ooc if I ever get on DRP

  8. That moment when you can actually call garnet's update shit haahah get it cause he added they you can shit everywhere
  9. MRP SOC Classes in 4 hours ❤️


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