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  1. If you really think you want to do more just apply for staff. And most of the things that you mentioned are only given to Super Admins. So if anything that would be something done by garnet. Even in a very hypothetical scenario if was the SA of the server I wouldn't trust anyone besides myself and the owner to use those tools. The risk of crashing the server outweighs any point mentioned in this post. Basically, your suggestion is to give access to stuff and have no responsibility of staff duties. which is already a huge red flag.
  2. It doesn’t have to be written by any means. Unless it explicitly says you can crouch jump in RP. If anything it says in administration that you can’t jump at all in combat.
  3. I quoted the rule, that was used in an appeal while I was staff. Which has been in affect for awhile. If you’re saying Jim Trash was staff in August of 21’ during that appeal then idk. But that’s how crouch jumping warns have been enforced for the longest time. Idk when it was removed from writing but it got removed at some point.
  4. I was the person that made the call on this, The reason of why crouch jumping is only allowed for jumping over objects is because of this exact reason. Sure was the intent malicious, no. But did he break his hit box to get an advantage and get to speed around that corner, Yes. Even though the point of what you did in the clip wasn’t intended to break your hit box but that’s what happened. I agree that it needs more clarification, I’ve already touched on that with other people. Anyways technically there is not a direct rule regarding crouch jumping. But it is something that has been known for a very long time to be FailRP. Which what you did was very FailRP. I would like to also mention a post from 2 years ago. yes i was still staff then, Like I said the unwritten rule needs clarification. Even though it was written before but got removed at some point. A lot of things fall under failrp. That wouldn’t be written. But anyways "Intentional Crouch-Jump Spam and Crouch Spam= FailRP | Crouch-Jumping during war or a RP scenario is FailRP unless it is to get over an obstacle. Recording needed before warn" and in this instance of what you did it wasn’t over or onto an object.
  5. I'm going to lock this now. Became a shit show. I will have Hunting or someone high deal with the Dox situation.
  6. I have to ask. Is there any common sense here?
  7. There was no other Taliban There at all. I could see him in the bush at the start. The knowledge of it being the same person and only person there? The person that walked up a long time after. You can tell I see the Afghan Defender Model in the bush at the start of the clip and see him in the bush later. So idk what you're talking about
  8. In-game name: 75R STB Colonel Smity SteamID (https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:0:204070455 Staff members in-game name: Towelie Staff members SteamID (/id (name): STEAM_0:1:555365615 Date & Time of incident: 9:30 PM Timezone: EST Warn Reason: RDM What happened? (include any proof): ISI Agent Thorn Was Shooting from A bush on the corner of the base towards an Weapons Trader at the front of the base. https://streamable.com/jl0evm Why should your warn be removed?: The ROE states with a weapon out, Which means if that player shoots a weapons and is the only player there at that time means they had a weapon and can be killed. If they have proof of not having a weapon out at all then sure the warn stands. The argument of /rolling against a player that killed a friendly. But you can confirm the gun shots happening right infront of me in the clip and nobody else was there.
  9. I met this guy on CityRP when it was out for a Short While. Couldn't have been any nicer guy to me. Sad to see you go!
  10. Accepted We will see if its as simple to change a line of code for the respawn timer. Regarding the "Calling for Medic" Option, We will see how this would work and will be discussed with Garnet.
  11. Smity_


    Moving to denied.
  12. As much as I would like to -1 this app like I did last time, I think he deserves some sort of shot. At the end of the day he can put on a tight leash and removed from the gm team if he fucks up. So +1 from me.
  13. As much as I would like this to happen nothing would change besides Faction leaders giving all of their friends Reserves. It worked a long time ago because every faction had more new faces than it did now. The whole idea that I have now is to allow players still help the factions as thats what they were supposed to do instead of just using the whitelist for war and able to leave factions that you got bored off. Right now, its basically F U and work your ass off to Officer Again to do anything beneficial for that faction. See what I mean? And regarding the Pet Management Project, It's been an Issue with base Managements because they were lazy and basically did what they wanted with them. Autonomy is what this suggestion would be. Reserves would be Coded in that they would be removed after 1 year. Anytime before that would be based on the faction leader. Which allows the Faction leader Control over the reserves at some point. Also, This needs to be a discussion in Discord or somewhere else besides here. As thats what happened on the other Reserves post that eventually didn't help Ozzy change the reserves to how they wanted. So he did them how he wanted which basically removing them entirely instead of listening to the community. To @Shibe @shax999 @Katowice @ReynoldsCan you explain why you Disagreed?
  14. @NutterFor shits and giggles, A leaderboard of who has scored the highest on each arcade game? Just an ego boost
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