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  1. Praying on your downfall. JK the grind is real.
  2. Well, the Police force will be something thats actually needed now then.
  3. Buying Two 175 shield perks do nothing unless you lose your shield. At that point kill in Console. Also will regulate the economy a little bit.
  4. Is anyone gonna talk about @Proggy's new pfp? that shit is fire with the yoshi

    1. hysteria


      you have a spinning pogo stick

  5. He just didn't want the smoke anymore. JK, hopefully everything gets worked out!
  6. that moment where grace is older than me by 6 months, for us to harass each other in ooc if I ever get on DRP

  7. That moment when you can actually call garnet's update shit haahah get it cause he added they you can shit everywhere
  8. MRP SOC Classes in 4 hours ❤️


  10. PERFECTLY Stated. We would have so much fun on a new map.
  11. I agree! But still good job on those effects!
  12. Yes, As we currently don't have bunks for Army we have to make due using US TC as separate db. Then the proposed option for army bunks to be right next to USSOCOMs which would be nice but at the same time it would be good for them if they were separate. But it would ad a huge dynamic to raiding intel from the US Bases if they had to go under ground to get that intel. While I'm on the IDEA of being under ground, We can has a bunker just like delta to include the armory. Or even like RU's/Tali's side underground area with separate rooms and stuff. Hopefully this isn't to hard in implement in at a late date. Cause what the community wants right now is just something a little fresher. And just with a simple map change would help with that. Also to add on, If we are still going to have Aircraft we are going to have to add an helipad to both bases.
  13. I think I figured out a way to get this fixed as it worked in single player.
  15. Hopefully to See this coming to MRP in the future! Glad to see it coming to GarnetGaming Servers now! YES MORE MEDIC STUFF!
  16. I agree with some of the stuff in this. But Removing some of the stuff in this would be kinda over powering. But I agree with removing/making the doorways bigger.
  17. Thank you garnet for putting in that day night cycle!
  18. Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:204070455 Months active within the community:8 Months In what ways would I benefit the beta-testing session: See if there is any errors on walking around the map and also if there is any power positions on the map. Like headglitches or blind angles.
  19. Yes, Changes that are suggested should only be things that have to be changed. Otherwise already said on the doc. How it should be is he changes the map back to the old Omega then we play on that while hes making these changes.
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