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I'm super sad to see you go mate! 😢 You've been a true legend of the DarkRP server! For those who don't remember, FlameSoul was considered a permanent MVP because he was up there basically every month without fail! Your dedication was second-to-none, but despite being so successful, you're the most down-to-earth and genuine guy I've met 🙂 I have so many great memories, from just simply hanging out in DarkRP to when you used to make the most incredible CityRP bases for people to come and hang out at. It's safe to say, you won't be forgotten! I hope to keep in touch with you, I'll hit you up to play some games over the weekends. Appreciate everything man, and all the best going forwards into the future

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5 hours ago, StraightWhiteChristianMale said:

The only person I've seen that "grinds" staff, although I only remember seeing you frequently when you were just starting out, I will still miss you

The days of Flame Soul getting 1200 sits. 

Will miss you Flame even though we havent interacted a ton recently I still remember a year or so back when you were on the day to day staff grind!

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This is so nuts to think about. I remember playing DarkRP with you when you first started, and now you're a retired manager. Really makes me feel old as shit.


Good luck in your future endeavors.

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