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  1. cool update but did u mean to disable circular props? another player just brought to my attention that a bunch of props under the builder menu arent able to be used anymore and its kinda ruining some dupes. Not sure if you meant to restrict those props or not some notable ones being "metal_tube" used by gun dealers, "window_curve360, circle4x4, circle2x2, window_angle360" among many others
  2. Every part of this update seems really cool, can’t wait
  3. Im actually really hoping this makes a big difference, whenever I would try and log onto the server before it would time out. It could totally be my PC since not many other people seemed to have this issue. It's not even that it would take a bunch of tries, it just wouldn't ever let me in. If this cuts down the download time i will definitely be on there
  4. I absolutely love the update so far and I'm excited to see what's to come. However, I do have one question. Does a players candy reset upon server restart?
  5. wasn't sure how you'd be able to follow up the Halloween event but damn this looks good. Im hyped
  6. ive been waiting for an event system for a while, so excited for the update. thanks Nutter!
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