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  1. -1 ruins RP, it's cool to stealthily enter a shop before you rob it, and even though I know that most raids are not rp-oriented, this rule wouldn't do much and would be a bitch to enforce
  2. I do not understand how y'all listen to music with earbuds in ALL DAY, I would lose my fuking mind
  3. +1 you were a good staff member from what I saw
  4. Really bruh, all that for nothing

  5. Kane and lynch 2 Postal 2 Far cry 2 Far cry 5 Metal gear 5
  6. neutral EH, a cool concept but I feel like there is very little incentive to prevent people from robbing them
  7. Not the Depot! You were always doing some funny shit, respect.
  8. How many suggestions did this hoodlum make, you gotta EXPLAIN bruh
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