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  1. You used to RDM bait people on a constant basis fuck out of here XD
  2. @DillanNo one said you were toxic, just retarded. /s
  3. Idk half of the fucking people in this channel so I'ma just take one person. @GarnetGaming | Medinator Thank you for this wonderful video.
  4. So do you. gonna +1 this keep up the good work kid.
  5. While most of the comment is unnecessary I do agree that they have to actually go through with stuff that is discussed in the meeting, unlike before where everyone basically fucked off afterwards.
  6. You should be able to dispute this if you did pay the money and it did go through on your end. I'd contact your counselor about this issue and how to best resolve it if you can't think of a way to.
  7. Yes but for a weapon to be balanced it has to be compared to all weapons in a sandbox, and currently the MP5 does too much too well, if you read what I said about the weapon. However, I will explicitly state why it is over powered here. The MP5 does too much too well, it has no downside to using it VS other weapons in the sand box.
  8. So let's compare it to the other weapons in the game. SMGs. It outclasses every SMG in the game in all categories except for ammo capacity Which the P90 beats but is no longer being used. ARs. Less damage, but significantly higher fire rate, with similar range means faster kill time for MP5 which can kill someone in less than a second even without headshots. Shotguns. Shotguns will outdamage it at close range, but in all other scenarios it gets outclassed. Sniper Rifles/DMRs. The MP5 will do what all snipers do and so much more. The only time a sniper is a better choice of weapon is when it comes to extreme distances, which with the current movement speed is negligible. Summary. The MP5 has no downsides except for the fact that it can eat through ammo extremely quickly. It has faster kill times than ARs while maintaining an AR ammo capacity and a snipers range. Couple the high fire rate with little to no recoil or aim spread, and gameplay with the weapon is the same that can be accomplished on the desk top. Point and click, wait for the person to die. Repeat until all are dead. +1 @gg.x [Cody Drax] The same can be said about any weapon, however, this is not CSGO or R6 Siege where the gun has recoil, aim spread, or some other mechanic that must be mastered for the gun to be good. The weapon has negligible recoil and aim spread, so you are not punished for spraying and praying. If you give someone who first joins the server an MP5, they will be able to use it with no issues what so ever, unlike other weapons on the server which can punish you for misusing them.
  9. Bro said hiss...The animal in the picture is a mongoose, Mongoose kill snakes.
  10. It's Mitchel you illiterate fuck.
  11. Mb, misread it ig. Either way, I hope the next COL gives you what you want. Have a good day.
  12. There is a difference between criticism and outright hate. Our talk, constructive criticism. The PMs I get and stuff I am told by others is hate. Key difference. Also that report was just me getting pissed off due to the relentless basecamp by RU during that war, so I'ma take the blame on that. It's good to see you are aware of the criticism you face as an SA, and I hope that other's who bring up ideas won't be shot down with "You are very passionate about something you do not understand." Calling me a child is not even a good insult my dude.
  13. I tried to allow the guys below me to pretty much have reign over the faction, which sometimes worked and sometimes didn't. Thank you for the words of encouragement Duel, best of luck to you too. @Vibe Idc, I'm not going to be on the server for a long time.
  14. Ironically though, Zoro called you out. "Weren't you just talking about removing him?" As for a bottle of negativity, most of the people I have had interactions with on this server have been positive. As for my criticism's about you, I still stand by them. More people do not like you as SA than you think. But you were a good gen of Marsoc. I hope the server keeps improving under your leadership Phantom. Sincerely, Nomad. P.s. I was active enough, you just don't care to notice that I do more than just play wars.
  15. For my entire time on this server they have been, they just move from target to target as they get their way.
  16. As you can see, this is my final goodbye. I have had a wonderful time on this server, that unfortunately was ruined towards the end of my time here. I am resigning for three reasons. 1. I have lost interest in the sever as it is no longer fun, due to the people on it, and Garry's Mod in general. 2. My mental health. I can only take so much verbal abuse before I've reached my limit, and I have reached it thanks to some of the dedicated people of this community. 3. I have been here for almost a year, and in that time the people I once called friends either left or turned out to be assholes, and I no longer belong in any group here. Vandal will now be assuming active command of Delta Force. @Shephard McSwiggity Thank you for caring about this faction more than everyone else who lead it. You are a true friend and someone everybody on this community should inspire to be. You where there for Delta when the other commanders did nothing, or tried to change it into a husk of a faction. Thank you to those who have been actual friends to me on this server. To all my old friends in 75R. When I get to heaven, Saint Peter's gonna say "How'd you earn your livin' boy? How'd you earn your pay?" I'll reply with a whole lot of anger, "I made my living as an Airborne Ranger!" This is Former 75R 3BAT CW4 Mitchel, signing off.
  17. There are always going to be hateful people who no matter what you do, will attack you and belittle you just because you are you. You can give people the sun, and they will still complain. When the snakes start to sing, let them sing.
  18. Accepted and Locked. The video provided shows that you did fire at your feet, for Conway to have been killed at near 100 Hp the rocket would of damaged you. I will be getting on to warn you shortly. @Phantom @Gildarts | GarnetGaming please lock.
  19. You've done a good job with SSO and you are a respected community member. +1 add me to referrals.
  20. @Gildarts | GarnetGaming @Phantomidk if this is warnable, but i'm pretty sure this is shit posting.
  21. No reason for this post to exist unless vandal wishes to reopen it, in which case he can make a separate post.
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