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  1. my addons dont break they just needs a break sometimes
  3. cuz i was allowed to noclip as a goat on mrp and spawn with all vending machine perks on darkrp
  4. Yea it's similar to the old duel system except now u can pick your own arena and you can have up to a 5v5. You can edit starting hp/armor, gravity, speed, etc.. + leaderboard
  5. Leaderboard files missing and arenas aren't set up L update wait till next restart to enjoy lol
  6. Im not even kidding i wanna see an anti croissant guard faction and duels and vapes disagree/negative react for 10 years of bad luck
  7. yall only get the duel system if yall ban all croissant guard members
  8. yea but can we get bizzyvapes by bizzy on swrp? you already have bizzys inventory system by bizzy and bizzy smokes by bizzy #VapesForTroopers
  9. 1 brit down 2 to go you're all going down im not racist
  10. yEa BuT WheN PaRTy EsP FIx?!?!?!
  11. Everyone having issues with duels that are 2v2+ The issue will be fixed next restart so just do 1v1s until then hehe unless u wanna lose ur wager
  12. Everyone having issues with duels that are 2v2+ The issue will be fixed next restart so just do 1v1s until then hehe unless u wanna lose ur wager oops wrong thread
  13. As a former professional cheater/cheat enthusiast myself this mf is cheating 100%
  14. Bizzy

    Perk Buff

    i was gonna remake the perk shop and have this be part of it but mr G doesn't want anymore models on his server oh no ;( ;( not a 3.8mb model of a vending machine ;(
  15. /rules, /donate, /updates ima add it to F1 and make a /motd command next update i forgot to
  16. respond to discord retard and yes
  17. holy crap im getting thanked too much my ego.... its growing more...... im unstoppable i am king i am the greatest on this server i shall not be disrespected
  18. current cinema is using an old version, next update ill fix the newest version that has the volume changer hopefully thx
  19. my name wasnt mentioned enough real talk shout out to @ShankNinja cuz if he wasnt on my ass in the suggestion thread about mayor income tax the mayor wouldnt have the heavy restrictions with the manual tax billing and it would be abused
  20. why stop at 30? why not 40? matter fact, why not 50? well since its gonna be 50 might as well round it to an hour if its gonna be an hour long we should probably just make it a year btw i support
  21. Bizzy

    PD Changes

    cuz yall killed pd but have no fear daddy bizzy is here
  22. Ok just to simplify the income tax (if it ends up getting added in) - Income tax has to be manually done by mayor - Mayor can only send a tax bill to ONE person every 5 minutes - A player can only receive a tax bill once an hour - A TAX BILL WILL NEVER BE OVER 10K (OR WHATEVER WE SET IT AT) AND IS 100% OPTIONAL (YOU CAN EVADE BUT FACE PD IF THEY RAID) - THE MAYOR DOESN'T GET TAX MONEY, IT'S DISTRIBUTED TO ALL PD (10-20% OF THE VAULT) In regards to pd being unraidable, maybe @Nutter and @Proggy can change the rules so that PD can only have 2 fading doors for entrance. Keep in mind, the tax bill is merely to keep the PD active and have a reason to raid bases. But remember, only one tax bill can be sent every 5 minutes and the odds of a big base evading it is small unless they want to have some action with the PD. If you're fine with this rate agree, if not rate disagree
  23. the 50k cap i added randomly now but everything else has always been there
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