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  1. I also forgot to add; -Can sailors place their boats next to each other? Should there be a minimum gap between boats in order to avoid bigger connected bases? -Can your boat be on the water underneath the dock? -During the Christmas map, are you still allowed to place your boat dupe on the ice?
  2. As much as I like the idea, there are a few issues I see with this; -What would be the size limit of a ‘’yacht’’, I could def see this getting out of hands. -What’s considered a boat? There needs to be more specifications, someone could build a cube with floaties on the side and call it one. -Nerve gas -Tricky entrances exploiting the water physics
  3. @WohMiRIP Crossbow
  4. This is huge for new players! thx
  5. Vortex

    It is time

    Proggy and Cyber have always made it clear to change the job of your alts, if the mods just let it slide it’s their fault
  6. Vortex

    It is time

    Hey man you don’t seem to understand that garnet has always had alts and is still a top tier server regardless of how you try and twist it, the whole alts in spawn is dumb I’ve always changed my alts jobs and kept em out of spawn. You think by prohibiting alts it’s actually gonna change the way people are accustomed to play the server when in reality it’s not, never been and never will. It’s just always been like that players doing their thing I don’t see why after a decade of it being that way there would be need for a change.
  7. Vortex

    It is time

    Hey let’s just agree to disagree
  8. Vortex

    It is time

    Me and @Payphonehave personally bought an alt just for the purpose of trying to get to prestige 1 (no printers, no meth/crack/weed) basically anything outside of the usual printer basing strat. Needless to say it’s been several months and we are no where near our goal. Mind you we have ~8k hours on our mains combined. Lil bro I’ve been there done everything, It’s to the point I’ve been buying alts to start from scratch and I experiment with things Okay okay so basically upcharge 50% on what you initially paid and find a clueless player to scam, after that no wonder why people start to self supply. All I’m saying is there needs to be a rework done somewhere if it ever comes to restricting alts usage.
  9. Vortex

    It is time

    That’s not true lmao, start a fresh account and show us how quickly you can ‘’make millions’’
  10. Vortex

    It is time

    It’s funny you make it sound so simple but none of these jobs make actual good money or exp. The only substainable ways are farming printers / meth or crack (all of them require being in a base). The only other ‘’okay’’ option to level up outside of a base is the Level 1 delivery man job, I haven’t done the actual math but you’d have to do ~ 40 000+ deliveries to reach level 100. I work 40 hours a week and don’t necessarily want to use my couple hours of free time to do stuff that won’t help my progression. Where I’m at, progression only consists of making money for !unbox and the overpriced standard points NPC / exp for Prestige.
  11. Vortex

    It is time

    If anything it’s quite the opposite, Garnet Gaming is unique in the fact that they’re one of the few big servers that do allow alts.
  12. Vortex

    It is time

    Never looked that way, just people trying to farm a little money. Not everyone has time to grind 2 printers up until their first million. Alts being banned would not change the current state of the economy, an eco wipe would. I don’t think that’s a good idea… Uuhhh, I don’t even know how to respond to that Players who don’t spend money are at a disadvantage regardless of alts look at permas and VIP for example. Again, selling currency is already not allowed not sure what that has to do with alting. Sorry to burst your bubble but not everyone on here is a RP fiend. A lot of people including myself love to farm printers in a base with friends and have a great time doing so, with occasional roleplay here and there.
  13. We need the market back but this time make it level 50+ or even prestige 1+ to restrict its access so there’s less shitposts I remember it being chaotic before they removed it.
  14. I say wait for the housing market to crash. It should be around the end of 2025 when people start to renegotiate their fixed interest rates on property, a good portion of them won’t be able to deal with the high interest and will have to sell. That’s the best time to get into it imo. It might be wise for you to keep your money until then… GL!
  15. I still show up as trusted idk lool
  16. Nerve gas CAN be used on defense under the only condition that the raiding player(s) can ‘’see’’ you throw the nerve gas. I agree that it’s not very clear for most players..
  17. Same bruhh been a whole ass decade smh
  18. I’m lost for words, this is truly tragic. Good luck in your future endeavors Cyber!
  19. thx for your contribution 5k sits is crazy
  20. +1 perfect candidate
  21. Another issue that isn’t discussed enough is having an alt sit in a peak or simply alt defending in general, that’s basically like having an extra life. I feel like a failrp warn isn’t enough considering players would much rather take a single warn than lose all their printers. Raiding is already hard enough as it is.
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