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  1. Had a good time leading. All good things come to an end, I'll still play here and there and maybe join a different faction or what not but leading I guess isn't my thing. Not gonna tag people cause it's gonna be the over 100 people. Enjoyed it while it lasted . Flak will be the new DGEN.
  2. Fun playing witchu, gl in your future
  3. You know when your done brushing your teeth and you rinse your mouth after? Anyone else swallow it? Swallow gang 💪👊💯

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    2. AwesomeAidan0221


      Why did crypt agree to my last reply 👀

    3. Jared Cox

      Jared Cox

      Vega: “We are the best faction with the smartest and most intelligent minds on the server.”

      Coyote, the faction leader: “i swallow when i rinse my mouth 💪✊🏻💯

    4. LalaDeviluke


      swallow hehe 

  4. dont wanna jinx it but ive been hella good lately. I've dropped a friend group irl that was really toxic , got a new group and they honestly bring out the best of me (as cringe as that sounds). I have recently noticed that the dumb saying you hear from your parents or family "choose your friends wisely, hanging out with the wrong people will never end up well", this statement i brushed off as a kid but its so true. Make sure you guys are hanging out with the right people, it really shapes who you are as a person.
  5. One thing everyone needs to know, in the end you cant please everyone, no matter the decision. Hope you didn't resign because of those negatives, they should never get to you.
  6. The times I most enjoyed the server were probably when I was tali under tech, and was I was in seals under Jester. Those were both times I loved the server and enjoyed everything about it A good memory I had was when I massed and didn't get banned (around middle of 2016), Tech and Dillan somehow got me out of it lmaoo
  7. Kirss Vector CRB (Variant) Absolute beauty
  8. The player count on 2016 desert was always was 80-MAX and the base camping was WAY worse but no one really mass complained like right now. I dont understand why this has became such an issue to people, this has been around for ages and now all of a sudden everyone is going crazy (my guess is its because the past maps didnt have base camping that much so its new to alot of people), although i do have a one sided opinion since RU is 95% of the time not on the receiving end but i think this problem shouldnt be this blown out of proportion.
  9. why does not my aek wurk like that! +1
  10. +1 Very active and respectable member of the community, has a strong staff app and would fit in very comfortably with the staff team. GL
  11. sadly shit just hits all at once sometimes in life, we've all been there. Take your time and clear your brain, no need to feel obliged to get on the server.
  12. Can confirm is in vega.
  13. When you already have in your last video lmao
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