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  1. I'm not really sure when the last time you played on the server was, as I have not seen you on before, but I can assure you this is as far from true as it gets. I would wager that most players who are level 80-90 have RPGs and that might be being generous, and it doesn't really matter anyway when most of those players who have them are the most active. This is simply not true, and is one of those things that I've had some players tell me but never shown me. From everything that I have seen and from my own experiences, you can only really minimize the damage. Not like it really matters, if you're still taking damage through your props even if you minimized it. Most players cant out heal a consistent rocket being shot into their base's entrance. As I said in the first post, there's a reason why experienced players never base in anything but large buildings/medium-sized buildings. I will never agree with this sentiment that 'Raiders have no advantages.' Not only are building rules extremely restricting, but sniper peaks just got a massive nerf, and it's not like shotgun peaks are even remotely usable unless you make them from extremely far away, which kind of defeats the point. I don't think there's ever been a time where defending your base has been harder, assuming the builder is following the rules. And keep in mind that weapons like (RPGs) are the reason why raiding bases became so hard. Yes, sniper peaks did exist before RPGs were spammed at every base, but RPG spam only made people want to use sniper peaks more. Ironically, the very thing you are defending is the very reason why raiding became so much harder. And let's keep in mind every tool that raiders currently have to attack bases (Every form of Explosives, Deployable keypad crackers, Nerve Gas, Smoke grenades, and I'm sure I'm missing some) All of which can be used in creative ways to take down even some of the best-built bases. Raiders have so many tools to try and take bases that I will always say raiders have the advantage if it's more than one person. The very first part of my post: I'm more than happy with any of the proposed suggestions/solutions going through as I like them all, whether that be an RPG shield or a 40% splash damage nerf, but I really didn't agree with this reply.
  2. Funny story, that was OUR base that got RPG'ed that day. I remember you basing next to us lmao. No one ever seems to believe me when I tell them that I've seen RPGs hit through solid walls, but I have, in fact, seen it happen. Not really sure if it's a glitch, but at times I've had bases close to us get RPG'ed and somehow the splash damage hits us. But this has little to do with the topic at hand as im sure this is a bug. Anyways thanks for the free M79 you gave me that day
  3. Before I start with all my points, I want to make two things very clear when it comes to this post. First, this is not a rage post. I know and have defended against explosives throughout a good amount of my time on the server. I know how to avoid them and have. And second, the main goal of this post is to start a discussion, nothing more and nothing less. This is a problem that I feel hasn't been talked about enough in the community in general and I want to at the very least get people talking. As the title says, I think that explosives on Garnet have caused one of the most boring basing metas we have ever seen on this server and has killed any creativity when it comes to basing locations in general. Description: The problem The problem with explosives on Garnet has been the same for years: they do damage through props. This one property has caused so many issues for making bases and basing locations that I'm amazed this hasn't been looked at more. You unironically can't base in 60% of the buildings on the map because they are too small and thus can't be defended from RPG splash damage. Reasoning: Take this building for example. I would bet that even some of the best builders in the game couldn't make a building like this RPG-proof, at least not fully. Honestly, it was one thing when glass was able to stop Explosive Splash damage, but it's a whole other thing when there's absolutely nothing to stop that splash damage from hitting you in smaller buildings and even some more medium-sized buildings. When you really think about the logic of this, it all falls apart for me. Why in the world should anything on this server be able to kill people through their own props instantly? No matter how well built there base is? The amount of lower-level player bases that I've seen get nuked for daring to build in a location that's not a massive factory building is ridiculous. Every single day, I see it happen. Hell, most raiders' first thoughts when they see a base is to pull out a rocket to skip the actual raiding part. So what have the results of this been? Well, most people that know anything about building know that you basically can only base in extremely big buildings. So, this is half of the underground buildings and the industrial part of the map. With this being the case, it has created one of the most boring basing metas I've ever seen on this server. You HAVE to base in a massive building with some form of a sniper peak at the back so you don't get one-shotted by a random rocket from across the street. Every base is damn near the same. Half of the fun of this server for me is building in fun and unique locations, but now you can't even really do that. And that's why I feel RPGs have caused the death of any form of creativity on this server when it comes to bases. Recently, there was a change to the rules made about sniper peaks, and as someone who used to use these types of peaks, I can agree that this was an amazing change. But the problem for me is that things like that have to go both ways. From my eyes, the end goal of a change like this is to bring back an older style of defending bases with things like shotgun peaks. But the issue with that is RPGs hard counter almost any other form of peaks that aren't sniper peaks. This change, without a nerf/removal of RPGs, makes zero sense to me. It tips the scales even more into the hands of raiders. And that's with the already relatively big tool set that people have to raid. The solution This is one of those problems that has many solutions, and it really just depends on how you look at it. The first and easiest solution in my eyes is the outright removal of explosives from the game. I think RPGs have done more harm than good, but I also don't think this would be the best way of going about things. Another solution could be simply nerfing RPGs to not do splash damage through props. I know that when it comes to M9K, it's never as simple as just "nerfing" things, and I'm not even sure if that's a value that would be able to be manipulated, but it's worth bringing up. Another idea could be re-enabling glass to block explosive splash damage. I don't love the idea of this as it forces the player to really only build out of glass and use way more props than should be needed just to defend their base, but it's better than what we have right now. Which is nothing. No matter how I look at this, I always come to the same conclusion that RPGs/Explosives should never be able to hit people through props. It's so blatantly broken and overpowered in this server, and that's even more so when it feels like everyone has one. I'm not sure if back in the day getting explosives was harder, but as of right now, anyone with enough time and an okay printer farm who gets lucky can get an RPG. What's the point in even having a map like downtown if 60% of the buildings are unusable because of one weapon/weapon set?
  4. another manzs taken by school..... best of luck!
  5. Welcome to the club ants! also good luck in school and test en shit the sad have to do school and not games club
  6. the fact this was posted 1 minute between each other is to say interesting this is some of the funnest shit ive seen obvious -1 "I have short term memory loss and im dyslexic this isnt fair" I love how having short term memory lose would have nothing to do with this or the vids this has to be a shit post at this point.
  7. "Do not advertise your application on any platform." From how i understated it was meant don't talk about it in any way on any platform but this could be taken many ways . As of now im all for giving people second chances but with this ad and the grammar problems im going to have to give this a -1 but that is suitable to change at least from me
  8. Lynde, I never mentioned that in my staff application. I said it on the Minecraft server you play on. I do acknowledge that the ban reason wasn't stupid and I know I'm fortunate that I got unbanned." I really don't. And, if I do, I never kill someone that isn't in a call with me on discord, and I make sure they are okay with it. The last time I did this was about a month ago, and when you told me to stop, I stopped immediately. This was a while ago, around 3-4 months ago. I know that after my ban, I did not interrupt any sits on purpose. To this day, I still haven't done that after my ban. I have learned from mistakes and improved the way I behave. I don't want to end this off without saying, I appreciate your feedback. However, with all due respect, I feel you are judging me based off a time basis that isn't up to date with me now. And to be frank, ever since I took a break from Garnet, I have only talked to you about three times. I feel that our minimal interactions, since then, hasn't given you enough of an idea of what I'm like now. I know I wasn't the best person before, but like I said before, I improved my mistakes in order to become a better person. I'm not like how I was with Knoxx anymore. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I never said that. I'm guessing you're talking about the time where I talked about it on the Minecraft server. Like I said to Lynde, it was more along the lines of, "It was an impulse replay. I do acknowledge that the ban reason wasn't stupid and that I'm fortunate that I got unbanned." 1. Like I said above, they don't report me because we are all friends, in a discord call. 2. "But I have taken reports of you RDMing people on the street and saying "how much for the sit to be resolved" or you would just take the warning." Yes, I used to do this. However, this was very early on in my time on Garnet. I have very much changed from then, and have a completely different understanding on how the rules work. I want to end this by saying, I appreciate your feedback, but almost everything you said occurred pretty far back. I can tell you this now, I have changed since then. I'm not the same Erza you used to know. I have a very much better grip on the rules now... "As for my opinion. Your staff app. has some basic spelling mistakes but this will not apply to my overall opinion just something to look out for in the future. " Thanks for that feedback to i'm working on getting better with my grammar
  9. In-game name: Erzλλλ FUBAR Age: 13 SteamID (https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:1:462080396 Warns: : N/A Timezone: Central Daylight Time Playtime?: 1381:17:47. Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a microphone?: [YES/NO] YES Do you have the ability to record Garry's Mod videos?:[YES/NO] YES Referral(s): [What administrator recommended you to apply?] Theta, workers skeletron, Pikožrút, Sc0pe, GoG Gray, ajbedhead FUBAR, Capalot, Corbz Past experiences as staff: [Optional] N/A Why should we choose you over other applicants? [minimum 2 paragraphs] From the start of me joining this server I have liked helping people in any capacity. It's been something I have loved to do whether that is helping people or teaching people how to play the game. I want to try as hard as I can to help people enjoy and have a good time on this server while still telling them right from wrong. I also feel that I have a good playtime to where I know the rules and understand them very well. I also understand most of the duties of having to be staff and understand them to a good point but I still recognize that I have much to learn about the role. I also feel that I will be able to take lead and tell people when they are doing wrong. Another bonus to having me on the staff team is the fact that I'm very active around the noon/night times. Many times I have seen the population low on the server but people still breaking rules and making other players' experiences bad, this has even happened to me before, I want to be an admin that is on at late times to still make sure that the server is a safe and good environment for everyone even at late times. I also think I have a good personality for staff as I am normally laid back and understanding. I also have been training myself to have more patience as it's something I have been lacking but for the past 5 months my patience has been getting better and better to a point where I think it would be acceptable for staff. I also feel that I have a good passion for wanting to be staff to where I want to help people and make the server a much better place. I want to be able to contribute my time / energy into helping people more by staffing on garnet. I also know that my age might be a problem since it's right on the limit but hopefully that won't be a problem. Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, Include details (link to the ban appeal) I was banned for 999 years for advertising but it technically wasn't an ad aka not an ad for a different community / server Have you made any previous applications, If so when?: N/A How much time do you have to contribute to the role?: around 7 to 6 hours most days If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Garry's Mod? I play for a soccer team and am in the chess club I also like to work out time to time, other games I play r6, csgo, rust and minecraft. Did you read the staff rules?: Yes I did Erzλλλ FUBAR
  10. PD seems useless now i would even go so far as to say unplayable. people raid the pd no matter what type of laws you have as someone who plays pd a lot i can say people will raid pd no matter the laws you have the only place to really hide now is in the mayors office with is separated by 4 doors witch isn't that many the other problem is the vent in the back of the pd as you know you can clime up it and go into the mayors office completely bypassing any doors, the only other viable place to hide as mayor is in the storage room witch still isn't good all it takes is couple shots with a good gun to the head to kill you. Mayor was already a hard job but as it is now its impossible to play mayor you will be killed stupidly fast now no matter ur skill all it takes is a bunch of people storming the pd to kill you, also as it is now the only way to play mayor is to hide in some random building and wait for a hit man to kill you or to just run around and try not to get killed. This update was great but i think some more thought needs to go into how the mayor is handled just some constructive criticism -Erza ((i tested all that i said in game)) side note the the warden is also compliantly useless
  11. +1 have literally never had a bad experience with this dude he has almost all the traits to be staff too, and from what I remember this guy was a very good staff before the ban.
  12. Description: [description of what you are suggesting, one paragraph minimum] I am suggesting a form of background noise in most parts of the garnet map (except for the beach as it has its own ambiance), a type of ambiance this could be literally anything, additionally the ambiance could be turned off and on by the player. Reasoning: [how would this benefit our server?] Sometime when your basing alone the silence is kinda of annoying and i think having some type of city/city 17 ambiance would spice up the feel of the server make it feel more alive. And yes I know this isn't the most urgent or creative suggestion but its an idea I've had for a long time. I also think that many players would appreciate this change to. Additional Information: [Photos/Videos][/CODE] Hl2 city 17 Town Ambience (sorry for grammar issues i'm not great at English)
  13. I love this idea there really isnt more i can say on it, it would take some semi new programming but from what it looks like it looks viable from what proggy said so im going to give this a +1 (i know im kinda late to this one) I love this idea there really isnt more i can say on it, it would take some semi new programming but from what it looks like it looks viable from what proggy said so im going to give this a +1 (i know im kinda late to this one)
  14. This idea is pretty good not much more i could add +1
  15. +1 i like the idea please dont get me wrong BUT not all pd can be farming in the pd with printers some have to do there job and i feel this could take away from the pd doing there rp role i like the idea but there would have to be some rule about pd only being able to go in and out to get there printers and not sit there for 5 hours doing nothing at that point it might as well be a raiding class. I feel like the easy solution is A let pd put there printers in the bank or B up the amount you get when arresting people i was convinced as i can now see this working if you can give me a solution to this i WILL change my -1 to a +1
  16. Oh thanks for telling me (i was going to make a suggestion about it so thanks for saving my time)
  17. idk were to put this but the hats and accessories dont show up on the shark/pets pm just to let you know thanks for the update !
  18. man i just want to say you have to be a special type of evil to donate then charge back knowing the seller has to pay a fee. Like really i just cant imagine what would possess some one to do soming like that over soming so stupid. i never knew the ark story but MAN that is a whole new level of backstabbing. i dont know you well garnet but i hope you are dong alright even through all this crap.
  19. i love the idea of this thats why dis gets a +1
  20. In-game name: Erza Austin XMAS SteamID (https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:1:462080396 Staff members in-game name: Diego Zavier Staff members SteamID (https://garnetgaming.net/darkrp/bans) (/id (name): i cant get bec ban page is down Date & Time of incident: 3/15/2020 around 1am / 2am Timezone: Central Daylight Time Ban Reason: ADVERTISING How long were you banned for?: 999 years. Proof of Ban: ban page will not load https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/688538649817907238/689242184167325753/ban_proof.PNG ( link is the proof of ban What happened? (include any proof): berry was saying that some random Instagram account was his girlfriend so i posted in ooc without thinking "this is berry's gf then the link" Why should your ban be removed?: The "advertisement" wasn't an ad for a different server/community it wasn't even an ad at all it was a link to a random Instagram account. it also wasn't a purposeful advertisement as i never said "go follow this account" ext . I Also DID NOT DOX any one the Instagram account is NOT berry's girlfriend nor is it anyone's girlfriend on the server i also wasn't the one who got the link berry was the one that found the account and sent it in prox chat there for i did not dox anyone. It is just a compliantly random Instagram account that i did not dox, advertise. YES i should not have posted the link in chat i should have thought about it more. But i don't think that should have resulted in a ban. thanks for your time and if i don't get un-banned ill never forget you all thanks for the fun times bye
  21. There is not much more input I can put into this discussion the idea is great so+1
  22. Also not sure if this is being worked on like the prostitute.
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