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  1. Hey Knuckles, If you are serious about becoming staff, I'd suggest rewriting the whole thing from scratch. First and foremost, please read the application rules as well as the format, that way you can avoid the "-1 you didn't read the rules" comment. Equally important, put time in the "Why should we choose you over other applicants" part of your application. This is beyond any doubt the most important part where you get to show off your particular set of skills, as well as your strengths related to staffing. Impress us, sell yourself to us. Finally, in the " If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Garry's Mod?" section, talk about yourself! We'd like to know more about you and what you do outside of Garry's mod. We want to know a little bit more about the person behind the screen. I hope this helps you out and I wish you good luck!
  2. DENIED No Just kidding. Thank you for all the hard work and time you've put into staffing on Garnet Gaming. I'll see you around on the server!
  3. DENIED The addon for robbing banks only allows for certain classes to rob the bank. We would have to add every current custom class to the robber whitelist, and retroactively add new custom classes to that list.As far as I know, it doesn't work as a blacklist of "which classes are NOT allowed to rob the bank", it's the other way around.This would be a lot of work for Nutter, when custom class owners can simply change to a normal class for a few minutes to rob the bank without issue.
  4. DENIED The server already has a tool to save other people's props - Advanced Duplicator 2 This works for saving your friend's cool builds/bases (upon them adding you to the "prop buddy" list of course).
  5. DENIED This was already implemented in another update.
  6. ACCEPTED Note that the limit will stay at "1" for each category. Although this was already implemented on the server by adding the masks to the "accessories" section instead of "hats"
  7. DENIED Overall negative community feedback. Also, I don't personally see a good reason to implement/enforce this in-game.
  8. ACCEPTED Massive positive feedback from the community. Stay tuned to the Updates sub-forum to be notified when this change goes live!
  9. ACCEPTED This event sounds awesome! Note that the access to this new command will most likely be added to Manager + Please note that accepted suggestions will not necessarily be implemented into the server, but rather forked over to the development team for a second opinion, at which point they are free to choose between implementation or not.
  10. ACCEPTED Massive positive feedback from the community. Stay tuned to the Updates sub-forum to be notified when this change goes live!
  11. Nice are we allowed to rdm people wearing the bunny and cat tail @Nutter? Jk jk. Fire update as usual. The new event system sounds really cool, can’t wait to see what kind of events we will be getting
  12. Congrats everyone! Especially to both of our MVPs of the month of November @Wendoly and @Chawhead(Wendoly sit count > chawhead sit count ) Both of you, good work! Also wanna felicitate @ajbedheadand @Merrick for climbing the ranks all the way up to Lead Admin. Congrats and thank you both for all the hard work and perseverance you put in. As for the rest of the team, keep up the good work! Also let's keep the activity up so we can climb #1 in the DarkRp server ranks! Wish yall a good month of November and a lot of sits!
  13. DENIED This was already dealt with but here's a response. Like many other appeals, the end result is and will stay the same. It's your account and so your responsibility to keep it safe. Also, Mass RDMing while being a high-rank staff definitely didn't give a good image of the staff team for players in-game, even if it wasn't you behind the keyboard. The demotion as well as the ban will be staying.
  14. Good luck with those studies. Balance is key
  15. haha poop update. We can now shit ourselves and eat our own feces, id say 100% worth. @Nutter you're having too much fun coding the poop features and I love it
  16. DENIED Ban Evasion is not a reversible ban, even IF it was by mistake. You also are ex-staff so you most likely knew this would happen... In the end, it's your account and your responsibility.
  17. Overall the application itself is not too bad. You seem to be mature, well known around the community and you got yourself a few referrals. Also, you got a decent playtime and it looks like you're very active on the server. Nonetheless, I would suggest 2 things to make this application even better (those are personal suggestions, it's not mandatory to follow them but it will make your application look better) 1- First of all I would suggest correcting the grammatical mistakes in your text. You can use free online correctors like Grammarly. Take about one minute to make it look fancy and flawless (or almost lol) 2- Adding more personal thoughts or experiences in the “why we should choose you” section will make you stand out. Talk to us about your strengths, weaknesses and experience that made you learn from those weaknesses. In other words, SELL YOURSELF to us. Those are the two points that stood out to me while reading your application. I'll stay neutral for now but I wish you good luck!
  18. the simple fact I can shit faster makes this update worth it
  19. Thanks for everything you’ve done for the community. Hope you get better soon my friend, take care of yourself. sadly your mental health isn’t gonna get better since you play league of legend. I’ll see you on the rift with @smileeface.
  20. @LILapplesauce Please follow this format to facilitate Garnet's problem-solving process.
  21. @snoopi Hey! Sorry you have to deal with this annoying CC problem, I know it can be a little enraging to see all those credits just disappear for nothing to happen. Donations can be a little glitchy/delayed sometimes, but reading that you tried with 2 different CC's, it does seem like a recurring issue. Nonetheless, I'm sure there is an explanation and of course a solution to your problem. Now, there's only one page of Donation Support tickets, so hopefully, it won't be too long until Garnet responds to your post and helps you get everything sorted out. He's a busy man, but he gets things done, so don't worry your ticket won't be lost in the void that is GG Forums. In the meantime, If you could provide all of the information regarding Timothy's steam profile/forum and his CC (same as you did with the date of purchase, transaction ID, etc..), in other words, anything related to the other CC transaction. I'm sure that would help out Garnet a lot and make it quicker for him to resolve your issue. I'm not in charge of the donation tickets or anything, but if you have questions regarding this, you can PM me on the forum and I'll be glad to help you out. Enjoy your evening!
  22. ACCEPTED After having reviewed the clips and checking with the staff member that dealt with this sit in-game, I came to the final decision of accepting this appeal. Nosh will be banned for 1 day for FailRP & Ltap. Sorry for the inconvenience and the wait on this player report. @KnownAsNosh if you do have evidence of ever seeing the printers or anything giving you the right to place a warrant you can pm me on forum or discord and I'll make sure to remove your ban.
  23. Heyyy, @Jasom. If you want to have a chance to defend your point and get unbanned, I would strongly suggest following this format: https://garnetgaming.net/forums/index.php?/topic/10334-format-ban-appeal/ This will ensure your ban appeal will not be overlooked and denied instantly. You can either make a new post or edit this one and put the information you already gave us in the section "what happened". I wish you a good evening.
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