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  1. I got bucks and warriors in the nba finals. bucks win. Wildcard for winning the chip if not one of those teams is miami. I bet yall one of those 3 teams win. 

    1. tdizz


      Dame and Giannis gonna be dangerous 

  2. rip rust tbh

  3. Whoever was running rust 2020-2021 was doing a fine job!
  4. There's only one man capable of saving rust, and I know who he is.

  5. its 20 bucks for a game you'll spend 100 hours on in the first week without notice and something that can easily be achieved just by having in game money
  6. Pluto_

    Hoal - Staff app

    @HoalNot many people can get me to go out of my way to write one of these but I remember you being on pretty consistently and never got into any drama +1
  7. got on the other day just to buy this mf glad I didnt decide to hold the money!
  8. I deleted my social media so I would stop opening it 30 times a day but now I just open this instead 😕 

    1. Nutter


      This is quiet/slow enough to break that habit

    2. Pluto_


      @NutterAccurate. I knew once IG added infinite scrolling with the suggested posts I had to leave to avoid zombifying myself, also deleted my facebook because I'm not 49 yet.  

  9. +1 I would first start off by saying that playermodel suggestion changes are technically forbidden. As for my secondary statement, this is a necessary change for the betterment of the server as a whole.
  10. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL L bozo only remembered you cause I'm cleaning out my following list gone AND forgotten 

    1. ShankNinja
    2. IAreGunner


      very funny guy u are

  11. Is there a way to leave signatures always expanded?

  12. This mf really sat down and added taxes dog
  13. is that your dog in the picture

  14. Finally this troll shit gets removed 10/10
  15. Nobody on forums anymore did everyone die?

    1. IAreGunner
    2. hex_


      Sorry i took 40 benadryls and didn’t wake up for 6mo

  16. Why the forums seem so slow rn everybody outside?

    1. Aparhs2ndAcc


      us fl jits going out to the hurricane parties rn 

  17. Disappearing again not dead (Prolly)

  18. Damn, for these words to becoming out of shin you must've REALLY fucked up BAD
  19. so to recap: They former president of the opposing party has been raided by fbi, non political opponents run free, and the people that steal our money just bought 5,000,000 rounds ammo and hired 80,000 people

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. StraightWhiteChristianMale


      I don't like the governmebt

    3. Pluto_


      @Proggy I don't ever politicize things, and yes I know he was appointed by Donnie himself, just doesn't sit quite right with me all together that's all 🙂 

  20. AJ goes afk 6 months, officially quits for 2, then comes back and I guess starts a t-admin? damn sure did no trainings, did less sits than ghostie, a fucking vet who's been putting numbers up for MONTHS in a row, aj promo, ghostie no promo. Glad I quit staffing when I did, wouldn't want to be in this unjust roster and regime. I would say kingmash as well but I dont know him and cant speak for his work like I can ghostie No I blame nothing on PROGGY, so before anyone go behind my back, or just wants to start needless drama, no I DO NOT BLAME PROGGY
  21. DaB clan (may they rest in peace) mainly Hex and Proggy tbh always gotta give credit where it's due, ironfetus probly put me on the most in the staff game, yes I know he's a "controversial" person to some people idgaf he put me on and the same folks that hate him today were hella cool with em back in the day, yall changed not him
  22. Exactly what it needed good work PROGGY
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