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  1. Lmk how to get on that ‘closed’ beta BECAUSE I WILL DO ANYTHING
  2. Welcome to the community if you ever want more of a sense of togetherness or to jus shoot tf outta shit check out our SWRP server there’s a ton of variety of tools and specialities to meet your rp needs
  3. Horse

    Gomker's GM Application

    -1 Despite, quads referring you there is 0 attempt to refine these events, to be honest with the typos I can barely understand the concepts behind them. This is not the purpose of this section and you literally skipped right over it by saying this. This should be one of the more and most detailed parts of your application and your answer is ‘I don’t have any for the server’. If you become a GM how can we expect you to have any unique ideas when you join. This is also one of the most general answers I’ve seen to this question. You need to specify what ‘fun for all’ means and how you will do that. Please take some serious time and re-make your application and I’ll consider +1’ing.
  4. Lmao, this is funny id +1 but this most likely wont get accepted jus because of the time itd take to create an addon like this and how low priority the suggestion is. But I recommend finding an addon for something like this if you want to raise the chances of it being in the server.
  5. Looks like Conway was right. https://imgur.com/a/N4lbBDx (Another AI Check). Also the only typos you have seem to be in the part that was considered human typed. You should've known having over 2000 hours AND BEING PREVIOUS STAFF that this is lazy and honestly disrespectful to other applicants who are putting their genuine effort into their apps. Huge -1 (Guess you werent so sneaky)
  6. While MRP gm’s are often criticized for their non-serious and PVP based events fetn stood out amongst that stereotype and as a H. GM developed the most experienced GM team for the server. I have seen a complete 360 in terms of his attitude on the server and his dedication to making an RP rich environment. He has been a great medic and engineer and became RANCOR probably quicker than 90% of the server. I can’t wait to be working side by side with Fetn to push out some amazing campaigns. +1
  7. Un-necessary mic spam is a rule just report them. If this doesnt take too much optimization and space on the server +1
  8. | 11A 2LT Horse has played for 4055:11:40. MRP hours
  9. -1 Game for high level players that already have millions of dollars combined so that they can win more money while keeping other low level players out. I’ve never really been a fan of clans (which were btw banned at one point) just because most of them promote toxicity and an unfair environment. All you have to do is include everyone in the tournament I don’t know why people who aren’t in a clan should be exempt from winning. This wouldn’t promote new players to join because they wouldn’t even be included. In response to the below information : This still only benefits high level players, unless you want to specify the exact events that newer players can participate it. Based off what I’ve seen the majority of the players aren’t really even in clans especially when we get upwards of 100+ people on. While I can see how this would be cool to see for longer members of the server this is basically just a staff-facilitated TDM where the winner (which is most likely going to be the team with the best [already bought] weapons) gets 100 Credits and over 100 Million dollars which even furthers the basing and raiding gap you talk about. In response to @Merk : If this is how the event is set up than +1 hes found a fair median between lower levels and higher levels TL:DR - Be more descriptive in how SPECIFICALLY this is going to benefit new players not just high levels Ideas - 1. Have a way for low level players to view and bet on the event 2. In the months leading up to the tournament advertise via perma propped text screens that newer players can team up and pay (a smaller fee obviously) to participate possibly starting at a lower bracket.
  10. Mane wdf- that logic is questionable, there's literally 100 million ways to 'boost player morale' I love the focus on high frame rate with low chances of some shit getting abused on the server. All this will do is add un-necessary performance impacting shit. We've had superadmins abuse powers in completely mind blowing ways after playing for years. -1
  11. BusterBigNut for admin! One of the best and most active mods I’ve seen on drp. Congrats everyone
  12. Honestly with all of GMOD dying and SCPrp having such a small player base compared to other categories I don’t think this will ever happen but yk tune it for MRP!!!
  13. Horse

    This is my old account and the shit on here is so fucking hilarious really shows you how shit has changed

    1. ajbedhead


      Lol, you caught yourself in a situation.

  14. After some discussion with Conway I’ve decided that it’d be best fit if I joined the GM team and will be editing my application in regards to formatting to fit that of a GM app. Edit : Application has been updated!
  15. Oooh drp gm’s are back?

  16. Its actually insane how long some people have been here

  17. In-game name: JENG 7S CPL 5986 Horse Age: (N/A Will disclose with staff members if necessary) SteamID: STEAM_0:1:177961535 Warns: 0 Timezone: Eastern Central Time Playtime?: | JENG 7S CPL 5986 Horse has played for 229:21:19. (Had more hours before it was wiped a while back) Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a microphone?: Yes Do you have the ability to record Garry's Mod videos?: Yes Referral(s): [What administrator recommended you to apply?] Past experiences as game master: Senior Game Master for GG MRP Junior Game Master: Rival Servers PVE US vs AFG Game Master: Serious RP PVE Northstar PMC Why should we choose you over other applicants? : I've literally grown up playing garnets servers, I have a very long and deep history within garnet gaming and I first started playing the server many years ago when on its very first SWRP server. Since than I have poured thousands of hours into the community, I love this server and the people I have met throughout my time here. When the MRP server shut down it allowed me to diversify my time between DRP and SWRP both of which have been so enjoyable to play. While I don't have the best rap sheet when it comes to staff experience my time here has allowed me to observe countless managers, mod's, and admins to see how they get the job done. I've been in hundreds of sits and have developed the ability to work with server based problems and develop a compromise that everyone can agree with. All I've ever wanted to do is help garnet's servers whatever way I can. Another positive of having me on the team is that I get on alot during late nights, when not a ton of staff or GM's are on to take care of situations that require their attention. When it comes to dedication and motivation to carrying out the tasks of a moderator I assure you that I will go above and beyond expectations inorder to provide the best experience for newer players. If you are reading this application and are doubting my abilities to perform regular staff duties due to my lack of experience or playtime I promise you that I am an extremely fast learner especially when it comes to rule enforcement and could give you a solution to any problem I'd encounter on the server. This is not only because of what I've seen on the server but I have unfortunately been in the shoes of a minge and a rule breaker many years ago. When it comes to intentional rule breaks I know what the player is thinking and I will know the exact way to deal with it given that my application is accepted. Reputation and Experience aren't my only defining factors and I have alot more to offer the staff team. Between my schedule which mostly just consists of school (9:30AM-3:30PM EST) and 2-3 work shifts a week I am able to get on whenever it is required and as previously said I will stay up late nights to make sure everyone issues have been dealt with before server pop declines for the night. The reason I'm applying for staff and not GM despite having more experience in that field is because I at some point want to be able to take on higher administrative and management duties I feel as if my time with the community would be incomplete if at some point I dont max out my 'potential' when it comes to helping the server out with the day-to-day. I'm a good listener, problem solver, and all I want for the server is to maintain the popularity and traction it has garnered. If my application is to be denied I will take the constructive criticism and improve my self in any way possible inorder to meet staff expectations. Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, Include details: Unfortunately, I have been the topic of a couple perma and community bans back in 2017-2020 (Mostly for toxicity) some false some not. I've made amends for these bans, came back and reached the highest rank possible on MRP and attempted to create RP rich environments while also working with faction leaders to provide the best experience possible for everyone. Have you made any previous applications, If so when?: Nope! How much time do you have to contribute to the role?: 8+ hours a week In your own words, what are the responsibilities of a Gamemaster?: Game masters are responsible for creating an RP rich environment and maintaining the servers standards of PVE and action based events. Not only are they the sole reason players find reason to continue playing on the server but they given meaning to each and every battalion and sub-battalion. Its a game masters job to use the tools that are at his disposal in-order to create a unique experience for their players. They must be able to spontaneously react to the situation the players in the event have created while also using creativity to maintain an engaging environment. When they arent hosting off-worlds they should be looking for ways to keep players engaged and on the server. Describe how you would contribute to RP as a part of the Gamemaster team: One of the best ways I and any GM can contribute to RP outside of hosting large-scale events is 'story-development' or 'character development' as fun as it is to put the Venator into hyperdrive, show up to a planet, wipe out all the CIS, and leave being able to create interesting and intricate scenarios with engaging event characters is how you keep people interested in your event. Personally, when there isn't an off-world being hosted I look forward to implementing situations around Anaxes that involve mysterious yet interesting event characters and scenarios that will keep the players interested in the next situation that has relevancy to what they just dealt with. Too many times I see a good situation with a good event character just get forgotten about right after we go back to Anaxes. I plan on developing campaigns and stories with legitimate lore that will keep everyone on their toes until the next event is hosted. Creating these characters not only adds a sense of realism to the server but it even allows players to relate to them. I believe campaigns are under-used and I will be trying my best to create the most engaging environment where EVERY player has a say in what happens. Events will be led by player decisions! Explain your single most creative idea for contributing to the RP environment of the server: If the server and each of its battalions were to be full I would host a large-scale operation on a huge map. This operation would put each battalions specialization to the test they would advance through the map accomplishing multiple objectives with SOB being behind enemy lines providing necessary intel and recon to advance further based on if they've accomplished their own objectives. This operation would be mostly reliant on actionable intel provided by SOB and the pre-briefing would be vague for the rest of the clones. Multiple GM's would be required to keep every battalion from advancing and each objective would be dependent on their leaders ability to direct the clones in accomplishing their objectives. Each battalion will also consecutively be using their clones certificates to accomplish these objectives with every sub-department of these certificates being used (Ex. For ENG Robotics, Mechanical, etc would be used). I rarely see these sub-departments being used and would be interesting to see how they put their experience to work a CIS heavy field. Please list and explain 5 unique event ideas of any scale: Operation : 'This isnt our Venator?!' Requirements : RP_Venator, 1 EC, 1 Jedi willing to go through a NPK, Available personnel with MED certificates Summary: The start of this event is meant to be misleading in the pre-operation briefing clones will be told that the 34th's sister battalion, the 78th's FOB communications have went out and no contact has been made with them for over a week. Their mission is to board the Venator before landing on the planet inorder to clear any possible CIS ships before providing support. However, when they board the Venator they find that the main hangar bay has already been opened, the engines have been shut off, and everyone onboard the ship has been killed by an infectious disease and the ship has been overthrown by clones with the Black-wing virus. SOB will be tasked with attempting to take back the bridge while engineers make an attempt to turn the ships defenses, hyperdrive, and engines back on. The bad shit doesn't stop there an enemy CIS ship has already detected that the ships defense systems and hyperdrive are off line and they use this opportunity to attempt to board the ship. The clones are now fighting on two fronts and must diversify their forces enough to defend MHB while also investigating the disease. Once SOB gets to the bridge they make a brief communication with naval and it reads '[Navy] We've reached the bridge there is some sort~~' and their communications than go out. With engineers being able to restore the ships power and defense systems they successfully defend the ship from the CIS. When all attempts to contact SOB fail ARC/ARF troops along with jedi make an attempt to breach the bridge where they are met with a horrifying mutilated looking sith who has captured the SOB personnel and threatens to use the blackwing virus on them if the clones dont give up someone who is force sensitive. They are forced to make the trade with the intent of killing him after SOB are secured. However, the monstrous sith is able to escape with the jedi through an escape pod. Once the communication system is restored and they make contact with the 78th they realize that the sith was jamming communications and there was no emergency. This event would lead to a rescue operation. [212th & 501st Only] Operation : Titanium Spear Requirements : AT-TE, EC's, Engineers Summary : Intel suggests that that CIS have been running drugs out of a local village that will be built somewhere on the Anaxes map. Because the drug runners don't pose an imminent threat only 212th & 501st are dispatched to wipe them out of the area and find out where they are getting the drugs from. Using an AT-TE the enemy CIS are quickly disposed off. However, one of the blasts from the AT-TE hits a tank full of the drugs and almost half of the two battalions are subject to hallucinations and are medevac'd back to Anaxes where MED personnel quarantine them and create a vaccine for the effects of the almost lethal drugs. During this CIS begin a base attack inorder to secure the drugs that were retrieved in the raid. This attack is heavy and they breach the main hangar bay all the way up to the first checkpoint the 34th takes heavy casualties in this attack but it is eventually repelled. More research is done on the drugs and with some files collected from the outpost they find the source of the drug-running and a new operation begins to wipe the base off the map. [41st, 327th, 104th Only] Operation : Eagles Eye Requirements : Speed Bikes, Respective battalion armor, EC's Summary : Intel has been obtained that suggests CIS have acquired ancient sith technology and are building weapons capable of destroying ships like the venator in seconds. A temporary outpost is set up on kashyyk. 501st and 212th are tasked with guarding the outposts will the other battalions conduct a Reconnaissance mission to look for any hints about the whereabouts of the technology. While they are performing recon the outposts is attacked but quickly defended. The recon teams are also attacked while making an attempt to find any intel they can. However, when they reach what they thought was the sight of the technology everything is destroyed or gone (it looks like someone left in a hurry) they stumble across a beat up tactical droid obtaining a minimal amount of information in regards to a resource depot. However, CIS were expecting them to find this droid and are ambushed by a fuck-ton of CIS. They barely make it back to the outpost and are forced to regroup at anaxes to plan out their next attack on the resource depot. This again will lead to another event where the technology is recovered and they encounter Count Dooku. [SOB Only] Operation : [Redacted] Requirements : All of RC and RANCOR must be on. Jedi Knight+ may accompany them. Summary : While I hate to spoil a little bit of this operation I think its a pretty cool idea. SOB are briefed urgently right as naval receives information regarding the operation. Sith have found a way to clone other force sensitive Sith as impossible as it seems it is an extremely urgent and dire situation. SOB are immediately dispatched to an enemy planet where the cloning is being done. They have three objectives 1. Clear the outpost of any enemy droids 2. Locate and secure cloning equipment along with its subjects 3. Destroy any intel regarding the cloning process including civilian witnesses. Im not gonna say too much but the mission ends up being a success SOB has to interrogate multiple people and fight off a sith. Any subjects are taken back to anaxes along with its equipment. A SGN+ in the medical field along with its Research & Development specialty personnel are assigned to investigate the process it ultimately leads to failure but the subjects force sensitivity is removed in the process and they are executed in SOB bunks (This operations got pretty brutal shit). Operation : Immigration Evacuation Requirements : LAAT's, Pilots, CG (Riot Personnel) Summary : With the increased CIS presence on the planet a mass amount of civilian's have showed up at the Anaxes demanding deportation to a local planet stating that the only reason the CIS have constantly showed up is because of the clones presence on the planet. With the civilians refusing to leave the CoCO has approved a mass migration plan. The 34th must positively identify all civilians and process them for boarding onto an LAAT- that will take them to the venator and furthermore a different planet. However, the CIS enjoy using civilians as cover for their operations and is making every attempt to stop this. The 34th must also defend the base from attack while also processing every civilian that shows up. CIS will make an attempt to blend in with civilians inorder to board the LAATS and take them out from the inside. One CIS successfully does this and send the ship straight back down into the base causing mass casualties. This operation gets pretty hectic and alot of factors come into play dependent on how quickly the 34th processes everyone but the mission is eventually a success. Did you read the staff rules?: Horse
  18. In response to this counter argument; I believe the actual challenge in retrieving your printers is raiding the base of the players that stole them, and not having to find out who stole them (Because imo that seems like it'd be nearly impossible if you werent following them back to their base). What this suggestion will do is increase player interaction especially within lower levels by increasing the rate in which people are being raided for stolen items rather than the player endlessly searching the map. It will also increase player retention because you have these prestige 3 players with base dupes stealing printers quick asf from lower levels and at that point they give up and leave because all the money they poured into the printer is gone. This is alot better than the NPC idea because it takes away from further player interaction and could defeat the purpose of the dealers. But, I feel like this feature would be most beneficial to newer players and it's likely that if they already put money into a printer or weapons to defend their base this would only make it harder for them to retrieve the printers and could even further the 'skill' gap between higher and lower level players. It is hard enough raiding the base of someone who is capable of even stealing printers, having to pay to find that base would be unnecessary. I believe that this is a great suggestion and I dont know why someone hadnt thought of this sooner. If someone on the server is capable of transporting printers to and from bases ontop of owning their own maxed out printers than it is likely that they have a pretty decked out base. When you put yourself in the shoes of someone who is new to the server with not a whole lot of access to weapons, if they are constantly raided or robbed its going to make the server extremely unenjoyable for them. I've personally seen players log right off after someone with maxed out HP and Armor matador's their base and dashes away with their printers because they know that its going to be impossible to get them back. I think this should be a togglable feature so it doesnt become an annoyance to those who are selling their printers or dont care. P.S I dont know why ppl keep going neutral, if your not -1'ing or +1'ing nothing is really being added to the post +1
  19. @AlexConway I thought neutrals weren’t allowed on applications anymore? Isn’t it literally pointless to post them

  20. +1 As someone who was around when Gildarts was a Superadmin on MRP, he's a great staff member when hes active lmao. Has experience in every sector of garnet besides SWRP and in turn is more than capable of handling the staff duties of moderators. Hopefully, if he stays with it he'll become a great manager .
  21. +1, Hoping his shelf doesn’t fall on him mid sit
  22. Honestly, a casino would be a great idea the movie theatre is never used ever and if we could turn that into a casino with blackjack and poker and other games like on SWRP than we could turn the movie theatre class into like a casino owner. It’s in a perfect place to where a ton of new players could easily access it and multiply there money. +1
  23. This has gotta be a jokkkkkkeeee whiskey. 2 paragraph minimum not two sentence. -1
  24. Ngl I would like to see what money can be used and spent on before we start messing with wage rates once everything’s laid out on the table I’ll +1 or -1 Also afg isn’t gonna be in the server and I think there’s gonna b more than one base faction so idk how that gonna affect this or if itd just be replaced with corresponding ranks for RU
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