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StarwarsRP Update [08/23/2022]

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Republic Navy : Admiral

Granted access to whitelist for all 'Commanding Officer' roles




Sit Anywhere

The addon has made a return

With the server generally crashing once every 7-10 days, I think it is worth attempting to add this addon back now that we are in a far more stable state.

If crashing issues become more frequent following 8/22/2022, it will be removed again


I am hopeful seeing as the addon has been extensively updated since its removal, and will hopefully be in a better/more stable state as well!




Sit Rooms

Not to be confused with the Sit Anywhere Script

3 areas picked by Mark have been set as destinations for the administrative /sit command, in order to transport players who are in need of administrative assistance




Grapple Hook

Something a little better than what I can make (oops)

A new grapple hook has been added onto the server, one that I believe it was @Remake who has been heavily pushing for


This grapple hook works by shooting out a projectile which will grasp onto surfaces and will then pull you by holding left click, as opposed to forcing you to jump and pulling you towards the projectile's mark, as I did.

The grapple hook has been added onto all RC classes (Delta Squad) who were supposed to be given one a long time ago 😄




Coruscant Guard Taser

A new SWEP has been added to allow CGs to tase players

Seeing as it made more sense to me personally to add a new (external) dedicated taser swep, as opposed to adding support directly into our weapon base, I found one which I genuinely liked the functionality of, and figured it'd be a good solution for the server.


Tasing a player has a 100% success rate (no jammed rounds) and will tase them for 10 seconds, rendering them unable to speak or move.

From this point on, players may be cuffed/dragged and arrested.





Implemented onto Anaxes V2.5

Firstly, I apologize to all GMs who have been having to manually spawn in vehicles for events this past week, moving forward NPCs and pads have been set-up for the automation of vehicle spawning. Huge thank you to Mark for helping me determine the appropriate positions in which aircrafts can spawn, as well as NPC placements!


Auxiliary Pad



Cairo Pad



Varada Pad



Main Landing Pads 0-3 (otherwise known as 1-4 but more confusing) 






Lots of modifications to make this a great jetpack :^)

In reality, i'm fighting an uphill battle with something that's not exactly meant to be on a larger scale server, so I apologize. This portion of the update surprisingly took up most of my time and frustration until 4AM, without the greatest results.


Boosting [balanced]

When boosting in the air (holding Shift) your chances of misfires have been significantly reduced (95% less frequent) so you will not catch on fire as frequently, but hopefully you will still always clench your rear when flying


Descent/Dive [NEW]

Hold CTRL (crouch) while levitating in the air will cause your fuel supply to cut off and descent you to the ground.

Doing this can result in velocities similar to a fall, so be mindful of your crouching input!


Hovering Effect

Buffed significantly to allow you to nearly levitate in the air


Directional Movement

Although highly experimental, I have created directional movement when utilizing a jetpack, so you are no longer just moving up/down and gliding slightly.

Please bare in mind, your A/D keys do not work, but instead, you will move in the direction your cursor is aiming





Some adjustments here and there ey

Pilot Squadron : Recruit

Model changed to Orange because proggy asked


NEW Pilot Squadron : Specialist NEW



This class has been locked to strictly staff due to continued abuse





Corrected arresting all RCs

Thank you to MarkyMarkyMan (again) for helping me find and correct the bug

Removed Republic Commando : Assailant from the Navy's F4 section



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3 hours ago, BKayyy said:



Current Roles: SWRP T. Admin | RC-1207 MKMN Sev |  Ver'alor Zasarn Saura | Grandmaster Yoda

Former: 212th 2nd Airborne Company Lead P-147 SCBM 2ACL WO4 4259 Bruger

🙏 Cheers to Good Beginning's 🙏

we do love garnet!



no need to copy paste 🙂

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