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StarwarsRP Update [01/24/2023]

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501st Legion

This battalion is once again open with a commander appointed in order to host tryouts and provide some growth to the servers 🙂





New Player Quiz

An entity has been added to aid in players beginning to play off in our server, no longer will players need to be notified of the utilization of /quiz, but rather, in the recruit room there will be a desk at which players can utilize "E" in order to initiate a newbie quiz in order to be whitelisted for Rifleman






The ability to physgun all turrets has been enabled!

Corrected automated event NPC behaviors, where they would drop weapons (category: NPC Clearing/Protect)



A new class of event NPCs has been added to the server, one that for once is not humans or droids.

This adds up to a grand total of 53 additional event NPCs have been added, to provide GMs with lots of inspiration.







Class Changes

Republic Navy : Director

Access to Naval Team "U" Chat has been granted

Ability to accept all vehicle requisitions has been granted

Whitelist capacity has been lowered from 3 to 2

Level 5 Keycard has been added onto the class' loadout.


Republic Commando : Assailant

Hook has been added onto the class' loadout, replacing the Jetpack



104th Battalion : Commanding Officer

DC-17 Extended has been replaced with Dual DC-17 Extended


104th Battalion : Executive Officer

DC-15S has been replaced with a Jetpack


104th Dire Company : Specialist

Ping Launcher added onto loadout


104th Dire Company : Operator

DC-15A has been added onto loadout


104th Dire Company : Leader

Ping Launcher added onto loadout

Level 3 [Green] Keycard has been added onto the class' loadout.


104th Wolfpack : Succor

DC-15LE added onto loadout

Level 2 [Yellow] Keycard has been added onto the class' loadout.


104th Battalion: ARC&ARF

DC19LE has been replaced with DC-15LE




F4 Menu

Very minor changes

Special Operations Brigade & Pilot categories were given a unique icon to distinguish them from the regular clone categories


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