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StarwarsRP Update [01/27/2023]

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Inventory System

A sizeable UI rework was made, there will now be 10 items per row of inventory space (previously 8 ) and 4 extra inventory slots have been added making the inventory 25% larger.

The size of the inventory itself is now much more compact (73% of the original size) and has been optimized heavily for framerate




Existing players please NOTE

On players connecting I must run alot of weird networking in order to adjust everybody's inventory sizes to accommodate the new standard, please give changes 24-48 hours to take effect (1/28/2023) before screaming at me that things are broken.

When the change is finalized, your inventory should look like this:



Additionally, usability has been improved in a multitude of ways, too many to list, but i'm sure alot of you would've appreciate the changes. Some of those include UIs staying around even when no longer usable, IE: when you drop items and clear them from your inventory, but the "DROP" button is still on your screen. One more example would be accidentally right clicking an empty slot 


Finally, Crafting UI has been "REMASTERED" as it was previously just chopping right through text, with a MASSIVE craft button overlaying the entire thing


Or as a wise @Juno perfectly summed it up





Jedi Kyber Crystals

Additional Kybers have been added to the server

Those will serve as THE most rare crystals to be collected and have been tossed onto their very own loot table rarity class










UI rework inspired by the recent MRP gasmask and parachuting update






Additionally, when on duty for any of the following roles, the following will further be highlighted





Medical Duty Wardrobe

A more efficient and RP-oriented replacement for "/medicalduty"


In med bay, you will be able to find a "Medical Duty" wardrobe, this wardrobe may be interacted with by pressing E


In the event that your job does not carry an official medical duty model or I missed something, you will get the following message as a followup:


Other than that, it's the same old, and your medical duty model will be your permanent model until a respawn occurs





41st Elite Corps

List of models has been entirely re-hauled, requested by @Jake and @Luxembourg


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3 hours ago, Shizzle said:

Update fly as hell (per usual) quick question, will /medicalduty still work because I can’t get in medbay lol

No, medical duty is entirely disabled in favor of that wardrobe. I can place it directly outside med-bay

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