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StarwarsRP Update [03/02/2023]

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41st Elite Corps

*NEW* 41st Elite Corps : Pilot *NEW*



212th Attack Battalion


I know this change seems VERY random, but scrolling through workshop I had come across a new pack of models that we did not utilize seeing as they've been removed from workshop. It looks as though the author reposted them, so I decided to take on the opportunity and make a complete switch 🙂

ALSO: this pack allows for the inclusion of a pilot class, as there is a pilot & ARF models available for it!


*NEW* 212th Battalion : Pilot *NEW*



*NEW* 212th Battalion : ARF *NEW*

Loadout: TBD





Inventory System


Ration Bar

This item will continually replenish your health to full, even throughout firefights at 3x its previous rate.

It can effectively be popped like a drug before running into combat

HOWEVER, its replenishment capacity has been restricted to 150 HP from 200 HP


Namana Juice

Coorrected Namana Juice being unconsumable



This food item is now SIGNIFICANTLY faster. Replenishing 40 health is now going to take half the amount of time it did in the past



This food item will now replenish 60 health in 20 seconds as opposed to 60 health in 1 minute


Hot Dog

This food item will now replenish 20 health instead of 25, however, the rate of replenishment is now 5 seconds instead of 13



This food item still offers an instantaneous 10 HP on usage, however, the additional 5 HP it healed in 15 seconds has been bumped up to an extra 10 HP in 5 seconds


Calamari Pizza

This food item will replenish 30 HP in 30 seconds (previously 1 minute)




Buttons & Lights

tools have been fixed




Added a scrollbar as requested by @Theos ..?




F4 Menu

Added CIS droid classes under the Event category


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