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Kenny's STARWARSRP Ban Appeal

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In-game name: Kenny, I don't remember what RP name I used

SteamID (https://steamid.io/):STEAM_0:1:125408004

Staff members in-game name: 


Staff members SteamID (/id (name): STEAM_0:1:148656167

Date & Time of incident: April 28th,2023 and 19:43:10

Timezone: My Timezone? Standard Mountain Time

Ban Reason: RACIST

How long were you banned for?: 50 years

Proof of Ban: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q4q_VzLB2q0nleij6kFP2rdXQmN0WPDy/view?usp=sharing

What happened? (include any proof):

I honestly don't wanna justify my actions.. due to it being horribly wrong on what I did, where I said slurs I should not have. Although, this is basically the summary, when it came to joining the server for the first time I decided to be a dumbass since I got mad and basically started saying slurs in chat when I got arrested. Which was totally wrong thing to do, not much else, no need to go in further detail because thats literally all I did. Then shortly after I was banned pretty quickly with no sit, nothing, I was not talked to at all or at least muted/gagged and warned. I wish I had screenshots or videos on what I did, but that would be of no help since I am the instigator for my wrong doings and emotions.

Why should your ban be removed?:

I don't necessarily want my banned to be removed, just simply reduced to at least 2 months or even 3 months. Since I do think 50 years is a bit extreme end on the stick, I understand what I did was wrong but when it comes to not being banned properly and just straight out banned very quickly without anyone really talking to me. Such as only being banned straight away with no sit or jailed and gagged or whatever. I understand that my ban should not be removed, but necessarily given more of a reasonable period of time to think what I did was totally wrong. I understand my actions and consequences, and don't need to go much more else into detail. 

Sorry for all the trouble I caused, this will not happen again.

P.S I am not much a long typer just wanted to make it short and simple.
Sincerely, Kenny

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With the proof that was provided by @Theos, it's clear what you said was racism. 
Saying any sort of racist or homophobic remark towards anyone on the server will result in an immediate ban.

Please make sure to read our server rules.


Your ban will not be lifted.

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