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  1. ACCEPTED After deliberation with the SWRP Administration Team, we have decided to accept your Staff Application. Welcome to the SWRP Staff Team! We're looking forward to getting you trained and having you on board! Please do not use any commands/permissions until you have been trained, contact myself for training!
  2. Denied Some of your reasoning for applying better fits the GM team, rather than the Staff team, and these are two very different roles on the server. Also, as players have mentioned above, there are some minor concerns regarding your attitude and behaviour, so in order to be a trusted Staff member by the player base I suggest spending some more time focusing on your in-game actions, to show you would deserve the added responsibility You may re-apply for Staff in 2 weeks (4th Sept.)
  3. Just a note to everyone, with the current situation of LVS to be added: Protodeka is already on the trello, added by Hoal CIS Bomber is also on the trello, this is an image of the bomber on the trello currently
  4. Posting evidence on behalf of @Bobert3
  5. Denied Currently there is not a big need for more Moderators on the server, and as well as this, you've mentioned your lack of confidence and we feel it'd be better for you to have some time to build up your confidence. You may re-apply for Staff again in 2 weeks
  6. Accepted You've conducted yourself well during your time on the server, and we're glad to have you on the Staff team Please do not use any Staff permissions until you have been trained by a S. Mod+
  7. This is my standard Staff application comment where I say there's no issues with you as a Staff member, but would always prefer you on the GM team rather than the Staff team
  8. NPC Accuracy can be adjusted by GMs, so with this I'll be reminding them to be aware of that
  9. Accepted A condition to this accepted application is that, due to the incidents during your time as Battalion GM, your use of GM tools will be monitored more strictly, and will have less chances afforded to you until the GM Supervisory Team deems it unnecessary. Once your rank is set in-game, do not use any GM powers until trained.
  10. Accepted You have great experience and would be a welcome addition to the team Do not use any GM powers once your rank is set, until you have been trained.
  11. +1 There's been issues in the past, but at the end of the day, with the server where it is, you could be a hugely beneficial addition. Even now, your period as Admiral is widely considered the best term of an Admiral on the server, and with your vast experience even beyond that, I feel it will be worthwhile to have you unbanned.
  12. Theos

    Python's GM app

    Accepted You've been showing activity and a keen interest in the server lately. Once your rank is set, do not use any GM powers until trained. @Proggy @Luxembourg pls lock & move
  13. Been a long while since I commented on anything MRP but this is a topic that's come up so frequently I feel my below comments could aid in any decision to be made. This was a policy for a long while, however it was inconsistently enforced and Staff weren't willing to not play war just to ensure people don't basecamp. Sometimes they did, sometimes it'd just be a respawn, but the toxicity/oneupmanship on the server meant this was inconsistent and drama always followed. This might make it harder for the less-skilled players to basecamp, but it's not likely to have a great effect and has negative repercussions on sniper use generally, unrelated to basecamping Would be interesting to try, but the issue with this sort of approach has always been distance/routes between bases and objectives, and where it's considered reasonable. You would need this zone to cover everywhere that rendered the base, whilst not making it encroach on what would be reasonable positions to defend objectives. Could be decided on, but it's one of those things that will also massively change depending on the map. Basecamping does need a solution, as it's one of the big killers of new player population. When I was Manager, and attempted to counter some of the basecamping issues (you will never solve all of them), I checked a few other servers for their basecamping rules. The most I could find that represented a basecamping rule on other servers was one along the lines of "only engage where the firefight is" or words to that effect, meaning only fight where there is the main fighting. A soft version of this was trialed on the server for a couple of weeks, and enforcement by faction leaders was hit and miss depending on the faction, leader, previous war. Another method tried when I was Manager was to set up 'zones' that went outside of the respective bases, and basecamping would be decided depending on if you killed an enemy whilst they were in their zone. This had a lot of objections from the traditional basecampers, and really again depends on the map in-use at the time, however did generally succeed in allowing players to get closer 'to the fight' than previous render rules. In my mind, basecamping rules should focus on where the 'defenders' are, rather than where the 'basecampers' are. The key thing is going to be, whatever is decided, it is going to have to be enforced. If it's decided as a faction issue, and faction leaders aren't pressing on it, then the Staff/Admin/Management team would have to crack down on factions. If it's decided a staff thing, Staff/Admin/Management will have to crack down on enforcement for everyone, which will mean some staff not playing all of a war if basecamping becomes an issue in a war.
  14. Accepted Your activity has been good, and you have shown a genuine interest in creating events. Please do not use any GM powers once your rank is set, until you have been trained. @Proggy @Luxembourg pls lock & move
  15. Accepted Your activity has been good, and you seem keen to contribute to the server Please do not use any GM powers once your rank is set until you have been trained. @Proggy @Luxembourg pls lock & move
  16. Denied Due to your recent return to the server, we would like to see you back for a longer period before returning to the Gamemaster Team. You may re-apply in 2 weeks, and hopefully by then you will have had the chance to show the current playerbase your dedication and potential as a GM. @Luxembourgplease lock and move
  17. Accepted Your application has good detail and thought, and you've been creating plenty of ideas in our Discord. Especially with the great activity you have shown this week, so we're looking forward to your contribution to the GM team and the server! Once your rank is set, please do not use any powers until trained. @Proggy Please Lock & Move
  18. I'm going to start off by saying the server doesn't particularly need any new 'Staff' members, and the priority right now from the Administrative side, is the Gamemaster Team. In regard to you applying, I would only echo concerns already raised. Whilst I know you don't show "mingey" behaviour in any attempt to cause trouble, you can just get carried away sometimes, and that obviously causes some doubts/reservations. Personally, I'd want to see firsthand you in a position of responsibility before I'd give you a +1 on a staff application, such as a leadership role on the server (I know you're DarkRP staff, but as I'm not a frequent player I don't know how you are there)
  19. Accepted You've clearly spent time on your current application, and have a good track record in the community as a Gamemaster. Welcome to the GM Team, and remember to not use any GM perms before being trained. @Proggy or @MarkyMark Please Lock & Move
  20. -1 Not a fan of this personally because I have concerns over its use. If a lore character is being put in a boss fight situation, which should be rare outside of lightsaber duels, they should have an in-Character escape in my opinion, and the EC should be under strict instruction the cues for when to make this escape. If it's a lightsaber duel then obviously it's much easier to have the lore character surrender. In these situations, full planning should solve any concerns. If an honourable lightsaber duel is required, set up the event so that is effectively forced on the players, because if a GM wants a specific narrative or result from an event they need to ensure that happens rather than leaving it to chance. I'm all for more lore character involvement in events, providing it makes sense, but I feel allowing lore characters to be set to godmode will take away from planning or experience. Once players see the health bar is refusing to go down any more, that will obviously take away from the experience. Or from a GMing perspective, if you know your boss won't die, it can cause lazy and unsatisfying ends to a lore character encounter because you can end up killing a moment you've created
  21. Theos

    Formation Rainbow

    This can be done more informally than creating an 'Order' for it, thought I agree there should be some order when it comes to going through hallways etc. If Ground Command/Navy stop the troops before a breach, give instructions as to the order they should proceed, then give the command to proceed, it should solve the issue and be a simpler method than your proposal. My issue with the rainbow formation is that there's many situations where you would need to alternate the battalion order depending on the mission at hand; if you are protecting a HVT then CG should be near the back, if you are approaching a possible hostage situation CG and 104th should be at the front, and there are other scenarios that would cause the order to be adjusted.
  22. This would be neat, also if doing this could you add a feature to maybe enlarge the saber icon in the craft menu, as the default size is a little small to truly see what some sabers would look like
  23. Jedi can outnumber clone batts, that's true, but generally because of the whitelists available and the spread of active Jedi, I'd say you rarely get more than 2 on any Jedi whitelist at one time, so I'm not really sure lowering the slots would do a whole lot in that regard
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