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Unbox Trading/Market


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Description: Adding either a player on player trading system or adding the market back to unbox


Reasoning: I've had lots of players ask for this to return, and I would like to see it return as well. It could be as the market system or a player on player trade.
I have a few suggestions as a way to make it less mingable. One way would be to make it so that a certain level and above could use the trading function, another would be to make it only so the desirable weapons could be added into the trading/market system such as purple+, another way would be to add a price cap somewhere around the top price people already pay for weapons. If it is a player on player trading system money should be put into it so that you don't always have to do item for item.


Additional Information: NA

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  • DarkRP Administration Team


I like the suggestion, but if I'm honest, the part I find most interesting is the idea of having a secure trading system to protect both parties when trading high-value weapons. In the past, players have resorted to placing reports and having a staff member witness high-value transactions (I've seen a fair few). Even when both parties trust each other, they still worry about the weapon falling through the map or someone else raiding their base after dropping their M202 on the ground or whatever. I think just in general, a secure trading system is a great idea.

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  • DarkRP Management Team

Unfortunately, we have no intention to add unbox trading back to the server at this time. The Unbox trading system introduces too many issues with inventories and stability; Maybe eventually this could be fixed and implemented again, but for now we will be focusing on other additions.

Thank you for your time!

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