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Hedonistic Society's Staff Application


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  • DarkRP Administration Team

Gonna go ahead and give a big -1 here. Did a couple of ai checkers here and your paragraphs are 100% AI Generated. So this shows no effort on your part at all. Secondly I have no clue who you are but you have 157 hours maybe because of time difference? But due to the lack of effort in this application I would hate to know how much effort you would put into staffing. Sorry but gonna be a no from me.

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I don't remember ever interacting with you in game so I can't judge you there.

Your application concerns me though. I ran your paragraphs through 3 AI text checkers and all 3 said it was 100% AI generated. 

I also have to agree with Orion that this shows a complete lack of effort.

-1 for your application, +1 for ChatGPT.

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