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MARSOC/1MD Resignation - Trip

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For most that do not know or have been pm'ing me why I have resigned I have made this post to obviously inform you why. To start off, MARSOC was something that I came into immediately enjoying right off the bat. It was and still is a great and small exclusive faction that is filled with many great and interesting characters. Some people have come and gone and everyone that I rode with for the past months have withheld a special place within some of my priceless memories in-game. Overall it was the best experience I have had in-game leading marines and MARSOC by an outstanding general. Coming from a 2GA officer/leadership position i thought I had everything down and nailed, but Gotham without probably knowing it, made me into a better officer and character in-game. It was the best run in a faction so far for me, it was also the most fun, and the most learning experience I had. I enjoyed my time, and I have implemented what I have wanted to implement, and its time for me to move on, pass the torch and have a new mindset in position to keep things fresh. The combination of real life situations also came into play, which made this topic come sooner than later. I like what I have done with MARSOC and Marines and want to leave on a positive note. I thank you all for understanding, much love. (I will still be on just not as often.) 


@{GG}otham Thank you for understanding. Keep up the great work. ( low-key alcoholic (jk) karaoke singing bastard holy shit priceless memories man)

@{GG} CJ You're BrigGen, keep marines moving forward! ( you're garbage btw (; )

@{GG} Remake One of my first friends when I joined. Keep up the pace man! (idiot<3)

@Deag Remember those days when I would help you learn Factory so you could do better in sims, they are still up for grabs. Just kidding, You're in MARSOC now obviously, and Im gonna miss you a lot bro!

@Illexion Hope you're doing good man, you were really cool with me.

@gambler01dyer You were a funny character, I really enjoyed talking with you man.

@Bhewy You were a handful. Stop snapchating me. Kidding hmu dog. (actually toxic)

@Jasmin | Garnetgaming.net I remember being a JLT on 2GA and watching you yell at marines at front gate as my first encounter lol! Nothing has changed, your Capt. now keep up with the pace! (You're unique Jasmin keep it up.)

@Moans (idk your tag or if you even have a forums acc.) Gonna miss yelling at you on the top of my lungs. (MARSOC ABOUT FACE AND DISMISS PROPERLY.)

@TKTV Much love man, I remember watching you precap as a LCPL. 


- Trip

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