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  1. I wasn't planning on making any serious response, so I won't repeat any of the points made considering many of them have been made before (mainly Don's post). However another issue I've seen in the last few days on the US especially is the lack of good/active war leadership. More often than not, I'll see debrief being called 3 minutes to war, sit in debrief in silence, then go to silo and nothing is said for the next 30 minutes until war ends. There are only a handful of people on US that I see giving active callouts in radio (Jack JJ and Bullet being the two most noticeable). Otherwise US is (literally) radio silent during war, no callouts, no coordination. So when Afghan SOC coordinates a little bit to snipe on the way to the objective, of course there is more value. So as a way to improve, take initiative and give more callouts in radio. Also, I don't believe a single soul on this thread is saying, "11B PVT Shitface can't counter basecamping? Skill issue." It's that the players that are supposed to be Tier 1/2 cannot counter it, even with resources at their disposal. Obviously, new players cannot counter it. Once again, a lack of good war leadership leads them to walk in a straight line, die, then they leave. So to minimize the losses, actually lead the new players into war, take a group to flank around or show them a way to get closer to the objective, be positive/fun, etc. Even if you lose, the 11B might have some fun that they tried and made some progress. Lastly, basecamping is not even the issue right now. In the few days I have been active on US, I have not seen consistent Afghan SOC players sitting outside US base (at least in render distance). New players and US SOC alike are being sniped on the way to the objective, where AFG SOC aren't even near US base. This is not basecamping, it's a much efficient way of sniping US, and arguably worse than basecamping. If you want to counter this, I mean this in the most generous of terms, learn their playstyle, and find a way to counter it. Also buffing cars would be helpful to counter basecamping, having it so people in cars do not take as much damage.
  2. This should probably be moved to General Discussion, since it's not exactly a content suggestion.
  3. I have mixed feelings on this suggestion, as there are some points that I can agree and disagree with, so I will go through each one, explaining my thought process. I think removing the staff vote transfers from the bias of the staff team to the bias of the faction leader. In the past, reserve rosters were full of people who did not earn their reserves, hence, they were being given like candy. Now unless I am wrong, I have not seen any cases of such a bias that someone's reserves were denied while having a considerable impact on the faction. However, I only fell back into the loop a few months ago, so if this is the case, you can inform me. Now, if reserves are held to a high standard and are subservient to active officers of same (or higher) rank, then this could avoid becoming an issue (to an extent). Simply remove those who act like hot shit on their reserves (aka me) or behave poorly. So for this section, it will be a fine change, if these standards are enforced by faction leaders, and by extension, the HR (staff) team. Fairly straightforward. Just allow handpicking, but stay monitored by management. If an entire faction is handpicked and tryouts are never held, then management steps in. So essentially what you said. This section is slightly more complex and not as simple as portrayed. As mentioned before, faction leaders have their own biases towards their own faction members, which is can be good because they know the strengths and weaknesses of their own officer base. However, this leads to faction leaders making poor decisions in picking the next leader for their faction, leading to the faction pop going down, and worst case scenario: the faction dying. Ideally, the faction leader should pick their own successor, but sometimes the successor is not qualified to inherit a leadership position. And especially when the server pop is starting to slowly increase in the past weeks, if a poor faction leader were to inherit a base faction (Tali specifically), then Tali will stay dead with no numbers. What's needed is a surefire leader to at least have good chances of keeping the faction healthy enough to give another leader a chance. The person in question should be able to prove (or at least give good reason) that they are a capable leader before they fully take charge of the faction. In the last 2-3 months, I have not seen management cuck a qualified person out of a leadership position. Of course, it has happened before where they skipped over a person that could've led fine, but I believe that is relatively rare. All that aside, once a trusted leader has control of a faction, they should be able to match that faction to their image however they want. If a new marshal wants Tali to become more RP-oriented, as long as they have numbers, not breaking rules, causing drama, etc. then it's fine. As for this solution, this will not help. As my example stated before, wiping Taliban officer core, for example, is only bound to keep it dead for at least another 3 months. This reactionary response will leave the server in a worse state for a longer time. Better to prevent the issue entirely or at the very least minimize the damage that can be done. In sum, this post does make a good point that Afghan should have more freedom to lead themselves, but I think it's too soon for complete governance like in earlier years.
  4. Hello! Have you ever been walking outside of your base for war and was killed by an Afghan immediately? Then congratulations! For you were just basecamped. Although it may seem frustrating, altering your playstyle may make basecamping a waste of time for the other side, and in this module, you will be taught how to avoid and counter the basecampers. Outline: Chapter One: Tips and Tricks in gameplay Chapter Two: How to handle basecamping Chapter Three: A visual Showing (US Base) Chapter Four: What if you do not have a sniper? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter One: Tips and Tricks in gameplay Introduction: Although it may not seem important, tweaking various habits in your gameplay can make it more difficult for you to be sniped while on your way to the objective. 1. First, do not run in a straight line to the objective. Most obviously, if you are predictable, it will be easier to snipe you, which also means basecamping. So while you are leaving base, strafe (run zig-zag) and/or run periodically to make your movement unpredictable, and harder to kill. 2. Secondly, listen carefully to the shots around you. If you hear gunshots, it means a fight is happening, if you are not in combat and you cannot account for the gunfire, that means it might be an Afghan. 3. Then, utilize callouts in your country’s radio or teamspeak channels. Although this may be done already, it is imperative that the positions of snipers are called out for other soldiers to account for. An informed soldier is an advantaged soldier. 4. Lastly, if you cannot achieve a fair fight against an opponent, then find another way to equalize the chances of yourself winning the engagement. For example, an enemy sniper has positioned himself on a hill and is headglitching, while you are in the open. The best course of action is to disengage and break line of sight as soon as possible and attempt to equalize the chances of winning the engagement. (In other words, if someone is headglitching, don’t try outsniping them, it generally does not work). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chapter Two: How to handle basecamping Introduction: Now that you have a sufficient grasp on a way to improve your game, we can address the topic: basecamping. If you die near your base and you are unaware of where you were shot from, try to think like this: 1. First, think of any possible locations you were shot from. Any possible headglitch spots, your blindspots (behind you), and make a decision. Either check out the area where the possible basecamper is and kill them, or avoid the area altogether and flank past it to the objective. 2. If you decide to return to the area and attempt to kill the basecamper, first, inform your team in radio or teamspeak, that an enemy is near your base and to look out. Then, attempt to take another route than the one previously, while making your way to the area the basecamper is in. 3. If there is nobody in the area, then you may push forward to the objective. If there is a basecamper, take them out. 4. If you decide to avoid the area, you can leave through the other gate in your base and move through the Embassy instead. Although this may be risky for the other side moving through, it’s better than dying in the same spot over and over again. 5. A third option that some may choose: which is to snipe the basecampers from your walls/towers. This method may work if the basecamper is within render distance of your base. Generally, this should be used as a last resort, but is still a valid option. 6.Another decision could be to spawn a car and use that car to flank around the basecampers using said car. It would make flanking faster, but is risky if another enemy sees the vehicle, as you can be killed inside the car. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter Three: A visual Showing (US Base) Introduction: Now that various options to counter basecamping are established, a visual representation of the map (Delta V1, I do not have V2) may help. As this is the US edition, the map will show the spots near US Base. 1. General Spots to look for basecampers (marked by red X’s) In this map, these 6 spots are the main spots surrounding US Base that can be used to basecamp. However, there may be spots outside of render distance that can be used. Very rarely, however, are all spots covered by Afghan Forces, so the US have room to flank, depending on the objective. 2. Shipment Only wars In shipment only wars, these three spots (generally) are utilized by Afghan Forces to basecamp US and prevent them from getting to objective. The Orange and Green X’s can be countered by leaving South gate and flanking the snipers. While the purple X can be countered by hugging the north wall (edge of the map) and killing them once they are in your LOS closer to shipment. Shown below are various routes to take if one does not work: The green is generally the safest and the red is the most dangerous (for reaching the objective). If you have a sniper (and a CQC weapon), then you have the option of following the red path to prevent Afghan Forces from pushing up to basecamp. 3. Silo Only Wars These are the spots (generally) that basecampers are, these spots can be countered by flanking and moving around. The green route can be achieved by jumping out of the tower in the southeast corner of the US Base. If the green and orange route do not work, then flank using the red route, which although is risky, can receive a good angle of basecampers from EMB and can even make it to Silo through that area. 3. Embassy Only Wars These spots are commonly used by Afghan Forces to basecamp. However, Embassy wars have the most variety in terms of flanking around these spots. The two green routes can be used to prevent Afghan Forces from basecamping the US base. The Embassy bridge has a red X on it, do not run on the EMB bridge to try to get to the Embassy, you are exposed to fire without cover, while the enemy does. If Afghan are in different spots than outlined above, then flank according to their spot. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter Four: What if you do not have a sniper? Introduction: Although many players have access to a sniper (donator or faction), some players do not. In this chapter, there will be an outline on possible decisions to make, to maximize the possibility of winning. 1. First, it’s imperative that you attempt to run from cover to cover and pick your fights. Generally, attempt to close the distance between you and your enemy (get into CQC fights). 2. If you are too far from a sniper, then flank around and catch them off guard. 3. If all else fails, then avoid the basecamper altogether, press U and call it out in US radio and continue to the objective. Conclusion: Congratulations, you now have the skills and tools to defend yourself against basecamping from the Afghan Forces. The next edition for the Afghan Forces will be written to create an environment where baecamping becomes a bad strategy during war.
  5. +1 I think this suggestion will give another activity for the server to do, which could be built upon in peacetime. I think something similar to this was mentioned last summer, where you'd harvest raw materials for the crafting system (like chopping down trees or mining metal), and either use the items (drugs, equipment, etc.) that were crafted or sell them. As far as I recall, something like that will be added sometime in the future, no timeline yet though. So if the drug system from DarkRP could be shifted over to MRP, it could add another layer with the crafting system. Or if another drug system wants to be incorporated with the current crafting system, it may be more dev work, but can create a unique MRP inventory/drug/crafting system. Also yes, I do.
  6. Who is this man?


  7. Honestly, if there is one thing in the world that can bring me to tears or make me melt, it's animals, cats especially. I hope your bundle of fur and fluffiness gets better. I'll contribute best I can. Just keep your head high Nutter. Also thought I'd point this out, I love that your cat also finds the toliet interesting, mine is the exact same.
  8. Albeit, this is nitpicky, but two paragraphs are needed here. Also, pertaining towards the event, Devil's Cry, that was hosted two days ago at the time of my post, the lore was thorough and clearly well thought, and I felt the passion and enjoyment you had from creating such lore and the event. However, there is one thing I have to point out. Both as a GM and a player on Afghan, that event could barely be considered "server wide", as Afghan was just told to go wait on an objective, die, go to another objective, die, then go on standby for 20-30 minutes before the event ended. The only thing that kept Afghan entertained was a church I spawned in and Tali doing simon says (this is not an exaggeration). For linear events to be server wide is honestly not fun for the one side which will have to lose. Linear events solely for US or Afghan are fine because chances are they are fighting AI. That is one major thing I wanted to point out before I give my stance on this application because events like the one hosted two days ago honestly made me frustrated. In the end, if you are going to host server wide events, have a campaign that can be altered based on the actions of the one side, rather than, "go there and lose for the sake of the plot." Overall though, I sense the passion and the genuine desire to contribute to RP, so I will +1 this application (since I'm also a referral). Good luck!
  9. Now to preface my response, I will now +1 this app for the reasons that Carlman has improved his reputation and behavior, which these signs of growth always speak louder than words, and that the GM team needs more members that are willing to do events and entertain the server. His reponse also satisfied me in the sense that he has the motivation to cater to the servers wants and desires, which is critical in entertaining people and retaining numbers. I'm curious as to your past as a gamemaster (not saying you're lying). What type of server was it and what type of events were held? No need to name the server. While this response is not wrong and expected of gamemasters, could you elaborate a bit more on this. What exactly would you contribute to RP? A mix of RP and combat? Linear events or events that change based on players actions? Things like this. (Ignore the two questions above).
  10. In-game name: Soldier Age:18 SteamID (https://steamid.io/):STEAM_0:1:167200476 Warns: zero active warns (1 warn from early 2020 for crouchjump) Timezone: CST Playtime? (Paste your /playtime [Name]): | TSFU SSGT Soldier has played for 2811:56:19. Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a microphone?: [YES/NO] Yes Do you have the ability to record Garry's Mod videos?:[YES/NO] Yes Referral(s): [What Gamemaster recommended you to apply?] None. Past experiences as a Game Master: [Optional] None. Why should we choose you over other applicants? [minimum 2 paragraphs] As a long-time member of the MRP community, I’ve seen events that have enthralled the server and made the server fun for those old and new. As this is my first time applying for GM, I believe that I can create novel ideas for events for the community as will be described in my events later. In the server, linear events that simply involve going into an objective, shooting AI, and leaving after a while can become dull (not meaning to diss). Personally, I think events that have consequences as a result of one side's action adds meaning to the events. The events that I can add will spice up the server because of the variety of events and activities given to players. Also, using my prior knowledge and experience of entry factions and newer players, I can host events that target the interests of these players. To briefly describe their interests, it is anything that allows them to shoot and have meaning. If they participate in an event by solely shooting AI, then they will become bored after a few events, but if shooting at AI, playing smart, and listening to orders have meaning, then they will be entertained. The crucial element to player retention is hooking them on the server and giving them a taste of what the server is like, which many veterans of MRP can confirm that initial interest was a heavy influence in them staying. Overall, the events I give will be a conduit to players enjoying MRP and the community. Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, Include details No (not that I recall) How much time do you have to contribute to the role?: roughly 3-4 hours a day In your own words, what are the responsibilities of a Gamemaster?: The responsibilities of a Gamemaster are to provide entertainment for the server through intriguing RP events. A key skill in a gamemaster is the ability to provide a variety of entertainment to different demographics of MRP, like older vets, newer SOC players, and newer players. Describe how you would contribute to RP as a part of the Gamemaster team: As a part of the Gamemaster team, I would contribute to RP by hosting events at least once a day when I am on the server. My events (which I’ll describe in more detail later) will incorporate both PvP, PvE, and real time decisions for the players to participate in. Generally, the roleplay I will create will avoid a linear timeline, but the events will varying from day to day. Please list and explain 5 unique event ideas designed for only your side to take part in: [Be sure to include any additional context that may be necessary to your explanation] Event Name: Civil War A traitorous battalion of the Taliban Army has broken off from the main forces and joined the Afghan National Army. They have laid siege to the Afghan base with its forces still inside with hopes of destroying the Afghan forces inside. The Afghan Forces within the base must fight off the attackers. -In this event, some Tali (in the traitorous battalion with the same models as AI) will be selected to infiltrate the Afghan base through tunnels or another entry into the Afghan base and open the gates for the AI to enter through. To avoid confusion, the players participating in the event will be informed ahead of time that other players will be hostile. -If the gates are successfully opened, then more AI will appear in the base near whichever gate was opened. All AI must be killed in the base and the gate closed before moving back to killing all the AI outside the base. -If the gates fail to open, then the siege will stop when all AI are killed. -Any Tali in the traitorous battalion that survived will undergo a trial. Event Name: Breach and Clear The tunnels near Afghan Base have been occupied by rioting civilians with weapons supplied by the US. The occupation of the tunnels have cut off Afghan precious materials and a route for troops to move through. So the High Command have sent in a detachment of Afghan Forces to clear out the rebellious civilians. -In this event, each player will have one life, so if they die, they cannot return unless “reinforcements” are called. Event Name: Operation C.L.O.G. (Covert Logistics Obstruction Grasp) The Afghan High Command receives intel from reconnaissance that there is a shipment of weapons being transported from the factory to the Embassy, where UN officials are waiting. To ensure that the UN does not receive the weapons shipment to be possibly used against them, the Afghan Forces prepare an Ambush in the Village/ on Boardwalk for the convoy. -In this event, explosives can be used. The truck can either be blown up or stolen by Afghan Forces. Stealing the truck and taking it back to the Afghan base will have a reward of $100,000 in total, and split evenly between each participant. Event Name: Spy The Afghani forces have been alerted to an informant for the US in Village. The informant has been giving the US information on Afghan Forces movements and patrol routes. The Taliban Army must find this informant and eliminate him. -Village will be filled with both AI civilians and actual players (preferably around 5-8), so it isn’t easy to find the informant. The player civilians can give up the spy, but if the spy is not found by Tali, then the players are given $10,000 each as a reward (in RP by the US military) -This event is open-ended, if the informant is killed or captured, then Afghan achieves their goal, but if the informant escapes, then Afghan loses this opportunity. Rewards can be given (depends on how the spy is found). -Also, the way in which the spy is found is up to the commanding officers. In other words, they can question anyone suspicious and find a way to smoke out the spy. Or they can kill everyone in the Village, killing the spy and all the villagers, but this can lead to trials and PK of officers and enlisted. Event Name: Armageddon A threat in comms was given to Afghan Forces that there was many missiles that were pointed towards Afghan base, ready to launch, and that if their demands were not met, they would bomb Afghan Base. After sending out patrols to find where the threats were coming from, Afghan Forces prepare to mount an attack against their facility at Cargo (location may vary). -In this event, there is a one-life basis, if you die, you cannot reenter the event, so players must be careful and work together. -If the area is cleared and the players hold the area for 2 minutes, then the missiles will not be launched. -If all players die before the missiles are disarmed, then yes, I will bomb Afghan base. Please list and explain 3 unique global event idea designed for the entire server to take part in: [Be sure to include any additional context that may be necessary to your explanation]: Event Name: Race against time… and the other side. Supreme Admiral General Aladeen (or whoever, idc) is in Afghanistan (or wherever Echo is) and he is guarded by his 5 elite guards, as well as many Afghan rebels who support his rule. The UN has placed a $100,000 bounty on his head, so both the US and Afghani are competing to kill him first, killing each other in the process. -In this event, Aladeen (or some other world leader/ war criminal) will be played by a player and his 5 elite guards will be as well (all have 1 life). He will be traveling around the map to avoid staying in one spot, but he can hide in one spot as well. -There will be AI scattered around the map and near objectives in squads (Afghan rebels) where Aladeen may be hiding. -The US and Afghan must look around the map. In order to avoid having the other side gain considerable wealth, US and Afghan may engage each other to claim the bounty. -If Afghan kills Aladeen, then they get the reward. If the US kills Aladeen, then they get the reward. If nobody kills Aladeen 30-40 minutes after the event starts, he escapes, and he and the elite guard receive the money (why? Idk or care). Then the event ends. -To avoid this simulating war, when a person on either side wants to leave the base to search, they must travel with at least one other person from that side. However, squads of 4 are needed for the first search wave when the event starts. Event Name: Helicopter Crash Evac President Kanye’s (or whoever) helicopter crashed after a malfunction in the helicopter’s controls near Factory (closer to Afghan base). Afghan Forces and the US waiting to receive them were alerted roughly at the same time about the crash. President Kanye survived the crash with only 2 secret services. US and Afghan forces must rush to the scene in order to save or kidnap the president respectively. Both sides are KOS to each other. -The president and the secret service will be players and must not leave the crash site until the US arrives. -If the US saves the president, then the event will end, and President Kanye will give a speech or something (idk). -If the Afghan Forces kidnap the president, then the US must get him back whether it’d be by negotiations or force. Event Name: THE RUSSIANS! What are they doing here? After an insult from the Afghani President, Russian Forces have invaded Afghanistan once again in full force and are laying siege to the Afghan base. The Afghani force sends a plea to the US if they will assist the Afghani in pushing back the Russians. After some reluctancy, the US sends in troops that look like Afghan Forces and send in air support to beat back the Russians. -In this event, I will spawn a lot of stuff so Afghans can't exactly win without the US help. For the US, it is a one-life event, if they die, they cannot return unless “reinforcements” are called. -Air support will basically be helicopters piloted by the US. -If all the US die, then the event ends and the Afghan leaders that led in the event are PKed for a week. -If all the Russian Forces are killed, then Afghan leaders receive $50,000. US players receive nothing, except entertainment and maybe gratitude.
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  12. Fuck. Now 2GA needs to find another meta. But overall a really cool update, I'm excited to use those handcuffs and see what interesting roleplay occurs from this, should definitely help make the server more interesting.
  13. Well I got a good reason to add them to 2GA soldier whitelists But overall really good update, Im saddened by the Mp153 nerf but the SKS buff is definitely needed and balances out the classes.
  14. If a vet mass RDMs, is that not a perma ban, or is that only an MRP thing?
  15. Cumgrats everyone. Hope to see the same hard work and dedication continue through October! (Because then the server will shut down )
  16. Moonlight Sonata fucking bops.

  17. Oh no Bozeeee. This post caused Naitsir to chargeback! You've angered him.
  18. +1 I feel like it would not only add another RP aspect to kidnappings, it would also prevent the kidnaped person from purposely delay by crouch/ alt walking entirely. The only problem would be people abusing the handcuffs, however, considering that only officers have the commander class, it would be up to the faction leader or executives the punishments for abusing handcuffs. Whether it'd be a demotions, strike, or a warn (by staff). One question is there any possible bugs from the handcuffs from DarkRP or PoliceRP? And would this be a major problem when the handcuffs are being used? I haven't played either servers so I'm not completely sure on this part.
  19. Not that my opinion is really needed here, however I was the RU officer that kidnapped the US soldier that Lip is referring to. I do believe that this was genuinely a misunderstanding because the PVTs were simply doing as they were told by a higher rank. The ensuing gunfight seemed like it was normal on the server so Lip shouldn't be fully blamed for this. I agree with this, as the new player shouldn't be banned for a first time offense like this, especially when there was no malicious intent.
  20. In-game Name: 2GA PVT SoldierboiFaction You're Applying For: 2GA Rank Achieved: Marshal (O-10)What did you do in the past to deserve reserves?: While I will admit I had my short comings while Marshal and GenPkn (after marshal), I believe that I truly tried my best to improve the faction and overall server health. While Marshal, I tried to improve the officer base and make it stronger than my predecessor (since we lacked officers) and for a time we did have a surplus in officers, however brief and I did lead by example. I did tryouts when there weren't any officers on or active, trained when RFRs were being burnt out/ wanted to play war, and just kept enlisted entertained by doing stupid shit like screaming into my mic. Also, as marshal I was steadily active, being on for around 3-5 hours a day, with small breaks for my mental health, dinner, and things similar to that. When I left the faction after being burnt out, I left it in a decent state while still being an LT, dual factioning with 2GA and PDSS. During that time, I went out of my way to help 2GA even when it wasn't my responsibility. Training, doing tryouts, and doing similar stuff that I would do as marshal, except for maybe an hour or so. Skipping around a month or so of time, I came back to 2GA with the full intent to be a general, and if need be, a marshal again. This time, I was more active than ever, being on around 4-7 hours per day for 2 weeks straight. This led 2GA to eventually get numbers again, which hasn't been seen in a while. Specifically, after a week of hard work, a page of enlisted during peak hours and steady numbers before (not sure about after peak hours). This continued until I got burnt out again and took an LOA, the rest is fairly well known on what transpired and if not I will not regurgitate it again. Leaving me to leave again. While leaving 2GA, I poured my heart into the faction and showed results with the skills I've gained and learned overtime. While not improving 2GA long term as I thought I would've, I did my best while I was in the faction and improved its numbers and player retention every time. What will you do moving forward to have a positive impact on the faction?: Moving forward, I will learn from the many mistakes I've made while leading 2GA and hope others know not to make the same ones. I can offer advice or input on decisions for 2GA or how to approach problems in the faction. For the school year, I will hop on every now and then to see how the server is doing and help in the little ways I can while making sure my real life isn't been screwed up. For example, I can hop on every other weekend or so and do a tryout, sims, or just talk with enlisted to keep them on the server. After school ends, I will possibly come back off my reserves. As I cannot see into the future, I can't say for certain if I will come back, but if I have as much free time as I did this year, then I will definitely come back and off my reserves to help 2GA in anyway I can. Adding onto the fact that I will not be as stressed as I was recently, I will have a cooled temper and generally will avoid causing drama or involving myself in it and can advise others to do the same. (I understand that with the drama surrounding me recently if this application is denied due to that, however I do believe that it is not in my normal character to be as aggressive or toxic as I was when handling that situation. Thank you for reading this.)
  21. While some suggestions like making the server less PTW is in my opinion, a decent one that could be implemented. I feel like almost any suggestion like that would not matter because of the problems with faction leadership, staff inactivity and incompetency, and nobody doing anything about it. I'll be addressing these points just made. Faction Leadership: To put it simply, factions in general across the server are simply not doing anything to help their faction most of the time by not getting on the server, whether SOC or base. This is mainly in base, but I've seen it manifest in SOC as well. For example, in rangers, they had a lot of players on that just joined around 2 or so weeks ago, most of which are decent players, and I have never seen many of them on since. There is just a lack of motivation for them to get on and I understand that but it just translates to them getting inactive and hurting their faction. I think @PraetorDon addressed the issues with base factions nicely so I wont regurgitate what he said. However, I will add that I notice that nobody, whether base or SOC want to actually work to help their faction, and it almost seems like they just want it done for them so they could do whatever. I'm going to recall this one time, when I worked my ass off for around 3-4 hours doing shit with 2GA, effectively getting a full page of 2GA on the server at once. And it's only when the page of PVTs was on that the officers got on too, and I got off for the night. I had little-to-no help from much of anyone getting on, and this just proves my point that officers in particular, dont go out of their way to improve their faction. Staff inactivity and incompetency: There are very little staff that are on and handle not only sits but general shit on the server. Most staff I see on are afk. A few days ago, there were 10 staff on, and nobody was active, they were all afk, some of which were fucking admins, which is sad that nobody was on to help the server. A little less than a week ago, there was a 2GA PVT massing, and it took a few minutes to get him banned, giving him a sizeable feed. I had to scream in TS to finally get someone on to ban him which is frustrating in on itself (keep in mind, this was around 8 PM CST). When I have to ask staff in TS or report someone literally getting a FEED, it shows me that staff dont even care about their own server enough to stay on it. In general, the staff team needs to start doing shit, rather than AFKing for that prestige. The lack of initiative: This is the worst part of the server. Everybody knows there's problems, and everybody knows THE problems, but the main problem I see is nobody is doing shit about it. The issues mentioned above are so easy to fix on an individual level, get on and motivate yourself, if you cant, then resign, whether this is staff or officer/ leader of a faction. One example for this is GB leadership. The faction is literally dead. And I'm not going to beat around the bush about it. The leader of GB is inactive and doesn't do anything to help the faction, and the results show as much. I've advocated to put another person in his place that's active and seems more qualified, but this still hasn't happened. Which shows that a simple fix isn't even being taken. This also ties into the lack of motivation for SOC players to get on and do something on the server as well, which kills player count too. In the end, before we add anything else on the server, we need to fix the problems mentioned before, since if we add things or switch maps, new/ old players might come, but these problems will more than likely drive them away. There is a simple fix for these problems. Actually feel motivated to get on the server and help it, that fueled me to help 2GA, but in the end, I got burnt out from doing shit on my own. If you're thinking how to get motivated, just think of the good days on MRP, and just think of that want to recreate it. And while in some places I was toxic in this post, I dont really care, these are problems I've seen that need to be addressed.
  22. Consensual RDM is still RDM!!11111!1!

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      No its just being cool😎

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