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    Toddd unban

    In-game name: TodddSteamID (https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:0:149432783Staff members in-game name: IamGunner Staff members SteamID (https://garnetgaming.net/darkrp/bans) (/id (name): STEAM_0:1:93460670Date & Time of incident: 30/03/2024 02:56Timezone: BSTBan Reason: NITRPHow long were you banned for?: 4 daysProof of Ban: https://garnetgaming.net/darkrp/bans/?steamid=STEAM_0%3A0%3A149432783What happened? (include any proof): I was playing the game doing my everyday things when a person known as jaren was chasing me asking to stand still. I assumed he wanted to give me money so I said " I'm switching to hobo so you can give me money in a cool way " then he still chases me so I place a prop to block him then remove it thinking we were having fun! He still continues to chase when I switch jobs. Then I walk up to him and he makes a sit which is instantly taken by a staff member. FYI I had a sit as well before this. The sit happened and I was trying to get my point across in chat because I was being ignored then they said you're banned for NITRP and Gunner insulted me then banned me. I haven't played in quiet a while so I'm not that familiar with the rules having to make sits frequently to ask about them. I asked if there was a procedure for being muted and he just banned me for it which is incredibly inappropriate. Sincerely, Toddd
  2. To start off I believe that players should all be given a chance in what they want. For that reason I reviewed the application and it seems that he is seriously interested in the server. He seems like a genuine guy and he wants to help people for the best. +1 Baiter seems like the type of guy that would spend 1 hour with 1 guy solving 1 issue. He would be the guy that anyone can talk to about any problem with no tension. I wish you the best of luck mr.bait and hope you make it big ~Todd
  3. Are you the one selling Latina Titty Pics Nutter????
  4. GG man hope to see you in the future
  5. If you really get desperate you could try re-installing steam or reset your pc for safe measures
  6. the numbers are dwindilling and I can totally see how this high-school drama is real
  7. +1 actual reason to be police
  8. +1 so the same guy doesn't be mayor 100times setting taxes to max
  9. I think the xp part would allow the prostitute to have a use also could mean that people would just afk grind it but we'll see how it goes +1
  10. I think garnet got something from this but I think that it should go Verbal+long mute | ban+longer mute+Voicechat | Perma/LONG BAN + Perma mute
  11. +1 allows for more chaos how the server used to be.
  12. Toddd

    Drug addiction

    +1 this would be quiet funny
  13. +1 doesn't matter if it's not needed would be cool too if you sold them and got a health increase for a certain amount of time or some other buffs. This is all just to increase the interest in actualy Roleplaying in the server
  14. I would say -1 because I think there should be a definete answer towards how a peak should be made and what you should be able to see. ( You could also add a rule to how big a peak should be )
  15. -1 The bald cat commented
  16. +1 TadTad's activity and communication with other players make him the perfect choice to be a staff member. Most people may -1 just because they haven't interacted with him or talked to him before. but I believe that he should atleast have a chnace even if he has done some bad stuff in the past.
  17. Toddd

    Megabasing Rule edit

    Took 2minutes to respond means you don't get off your chair and giving new players guns just to massrdm and get banned gets the server nowhere
  18. Toddd

    Megabasing Rule edit

    -1 people would leave cause they see the base and say to themselves " this guy has too much tie on there hands and doesn't leave his base for 10hrs each day Too much money bye." leave. Everyone who +1's is just part of his "gang" so there just +1'ing it cause a friend did it
  19. -1 Takes the grind out of printing no need to change the printers at all right now
  20. +1 Would love to see a 75 pop without any alts
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