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  1. I never really talked to Gamma outside of MRP, but during our times together in SSO, it was really fun. I never had any bad experiences with him, and it was really interesting to watch him rise up the ranks in multiple factions. I remember when we'd tell him to get a mic. He got one, eventually, but I wish I was there when he said his first words. I had fun playing with this guy, and I wish I was able to talk to him one last time. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1544155015 I'm not sure how many other screenshots and videos I have of Gamma, but I'll take the time tomorrow to sort through them. This is just the first one I found that didn't show him under a codename.
  2. Perhaps a +50 emote for really good suggestions
  3. This is a thing now? K bois, we will remake Russia’s FOB in MC
  4. Hewwo! I'm here!

  5. Happy Canada Day my dudes

    1. Yamagata


      go drink milk from a bag dumby

    2. YeetMeister


      Lmao, where do you think I drink milk from? Carton?

  6. DarkRP Crashing [06/01/2018] You guys fixed that pretty fast. Thanks bizzy.
  7. I may not play MRP at all, but this looks dope. Looks like someone's been very... Bizzy
  8. Assert your dominance and yEEt on them haters

  9. Danke @toastie for showing me how to make a DANK ASS PFP

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