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  1. I never really talked to Gamma outside of MRP, but during our times together in SSO, it was really fun. I never had any bad experiences with him, and it was really interesting to watch him rise up the ranks in multiple factions. I remember when we'd tell him to get a mic. He got one, eventually, but I wish I was there when he said his first words. I had fun playing with this guy, and I wish I was able to talk to him one last time. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1544155015 I'm not sure how many other screenshots and videos I have of Gamma, but I'll take the time tomorrow to sort through them. This is just the first one I found that didn't show him under a codename.
  2. I may seem dead, but I'm just here lurking around the forums every now and then. You were my first and only special forces faction leader, and the time that I've been in SSO was definitely one of the best experiences that I've had that year. Had I ignored @br0ken- and practiced for GRU tryouts instead, then I never would have been part of such an amazing faction. There was always something to do in game, and the operations that we did every now and then were always fun. Taiga v3 - Mid Siberia was arguably one of the best times for SSO since everyone was active, and we were always boppin'. I know I said I'd probably come back to SSO in the summer, but I've lost a lot of motivation to play GMOD in general. I may come to Rust every now and again when I get a new mouse just to catch up and whatnot. @Gamma I don't know when you got your mic, but I'll always remember you as that one mute SSO. Here's some vids from when I was still an active player. one of my personal favorites from when i was still a wee tiny operative when we kidnapped a DF and some marines/army
  3. In-Game Name: YeeYee Which RU/US Elite Class: RU Ghillie STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:90554521 What are your big plans this summer: There's been talks about going to Utah this summer, not confirmed yet. Try to get a job, do more exercise, rejoin SSO?
  4. Can’t do anything about this other than waiting the day since it was still an accidental mass. Next time watch the chat more closely and triple check to see if it was the right advert.
  5. That doesn’t look like bhopping to me tbh, just jumping to avoid getting shot. If he was bhopping, there’d be an increase in his speed. You’d also notice their player heads moving side to side if they were bhopping, but from what I can tell, their heads aren’t doing that.
  6. You can't shoot someone for shooting your teammate, and unless you were damaged, then you can't do anything about it other than reporting if it was RDM. AFAIK, only one guy actually damaged him, so the rest were RDM. He might not have known that, so it could've been accidental.
  7. In Game Name: Yeetmeister Semenov/Yaught Origin of name (Why you chose it): Yeetmeister was an inspiration from Olofmeister, Semenov was a funny russian name that I picked when I had to pick a last name for SSO, and Yaught is the past tense of Yeet How long you've been on GG (Put the date you joined if known): Started MRP around a year ago, but got into DRP for a few months, then came back to MRP Favorite faction you've been in: SSO before Siberia Favorite memory on the server:
  8. Js, br0ken has the win in my book. Got 27 kills with only the iron sights and without abusing zoom
  9. I mean, we already have /playtime and levels to show off how long a player's been with the community...
  10. Lmao, play a real game like minecraft hunger games nerd
  11. It's been a great 5 months with SSO. Unfortunately, mostly everyone that I've had fond memories with in SSO has left, I've become fairly inactive in the faction, and I've just gotten burnt out in general. I'm not necessarily going to be leaving GG, I'll pop in every now and then to see how it's going, and I'll hang around in SSO channel sometimes. I will most likely stay on 2GA depending on the numbers as I have no plans of joining another SOC faction for a while. Now the people who have made my experience in SSO great. @Mob @Homeless @Kirb @Seabear I believe in you guys. Keep doing a great work in SSO! @{GG} Windows @Hardey | GarnetGaming.net @Yazmo ☣ @Nexus Great officers when I was just starting out in SSO. Good luck in whatever you guys are doing. @GarnetGaming | Medinator Dunno what you do anymore, but you were a real meme within SSO. @Riskii F for my mans who can't get an FMG. @Catfisher DRP Staff main turned MRP SSO main. Now you've fallen off of GG without any trace :c keep in contact pls @Oatlife Another DRP Staff main turned MRP SSO main. Except you've join Seals. Hope you make it to DEVGRU if you plan on it. @Ghost I remember when you were a teeny-weeny 2GA joining my sims and asking to get trained for SSO. Now you're in DEVGRU. @Pencil A great operative and officer. Good luck in Seals, hope you make it to DEVGRU as well if you have plans to be in it. @Nightmare Glad to know you've come back to the server. Goodluck in US! @Gamma You used to be so horrible. Now you're incredibly skilled. Glad you've decided to rejoin SSO. @Tora1 My mans is Frogman leader now. Good job boio. @.br0ken My sand-eating comrade. You've been with me from the beginning of my DRP days to when you resigned from SSO. Keep in contact sandman. @Ethan Thank you for letting me join SSO. It was my first SOC, and the most time I've ever spent dedicated to a group of people. Despite what it may seem now, I know you'll find someone suitable to take over for you in SSO. Yes, long list, but I want people who I've had great times with in SSO to know that I appreciate them, even if they don't play on the server anymore.
  12. My name is: Yeetmeister My gender: Canadian My highest level of graduation: Asian-level education Pets: Pets that I own that interest me Hobbies: Interesting hobbies that interest me Other info (Do NOT put your credit card info!): Yeetmeister spelled backwards is retsiemteeY
  13. @.br0ken is this your fellow comrades in action?
  14. Understandable. Good luck with your classes.
  15. Ethan's Activity post and now this. What a double whammy. Good luck, though in whichever path you decide to walk.
  16. wait. it's not proven yet... see how he says "yes" without any capitalization or punctuation? it's kinda suspicious. perhaps he may also be slowly leeching all of our life forces whenever he kills us in game.
  17. -1 for this section alone. Smoking can cause lung cancer in our virtual characters, so they are definitely not harmless. Do you want your happy little virtual character to be a dead little virtual character? No. I say change the smoke grenades into fidget spinners. They're fast, efficient, and most of all, spinny.
  18. -1 Squads are limited to SOC facs for a reason. While it may be nice to see who’s on your team at all times, it will only cause more harm than good. The FPS will significantly drop due to the amount of halos, as well as the amount of LUA errors that might pop up due to a few base facs disconnecting without leaving the squad. Anyhow, I see no need for this as radio and team speak exist for a reason.
  19. I would say that this is a valid reason as to why there isn’t a huge group of people in 1 channel. Either everyone is going to talk over you and get cleared on the obj because no one heard your call, or thuey’re just talking about random stuff and everyone ends up unfocused.
  20. So when are you gonna let us hear you speak?
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