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  1. +1 good event ideas, mature and trusted guy
  2. New sounds sound like a awesome addition thank you
  3. -1 short paragraphs but has some good points, I'd like to see you be more mature and more active within the community because i don't think i've ever talked to you before
  4. -1 My main concern is i dont know you at all but your paragraph is good and you have past experience which is good id say give yourself more time to be apart of the community and you would get my plus 1
  5. -1 you have good intentions and bring up great points but I dont know you at all and the paragraph is somewhat sort
  6. +1 previous staff a chill dude and works well with alot of people
  7. +1 dont know you too much but I've heard good things from you
  8. +1 paragraphs are kinda short but he is a active guy and does alot of work for army so i bet he can do alot of work for staff aswell.
  9. +1 literally the goat and has good experience
  10. would join the discord with him and have the biggest beef hes my number one opp
  11. doesnt everyone rage when you kill them This one is out of pocket especially in a sit when you really shouldn't be upset...
  12. -1 for this reason you are toxic and have made sits in spite of people
  13. -1 You can't even follow simple rules of making a application your grammar is awful and you have like 5 denied applications.
  14. -1 good application but you are fairly still new and i think you should give yourself more time but i do see you as mature and ive heard great things about you
  15. -1 You didn't put your hours, steamid or use 2 paragraphs in your application.
  16. Gabeisthat

    RP Factions

    +1 it can add more opportunities for roleplay and it doesnt have the risk of lagging the server.
  17. +1 amazing ideas and shows good effort and maturity
  18. Beautiful update thank you very much!
  19. -1 Application is good and i know you are a good army officer but i rarely see you on the server and activity has always been a issue with me because i rarely see you.
  20. -1 in MRP you have been removed from army as a officer because of immaturity, being innapropiate and behaving down right weird to the point it made me uncomfortable , Plus you broke rules like VDMing me on purpose. You show no dedication to your application with not even using a paragraph with many spelling errors.
  21. +1 really friendly and shows dedication.
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