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  1. +1 Good change to many snipers and we should try to limit faction weapons on elite classes
  2. + 1 not from the states always good to have people to represent mrp that isnt just from the Americas plus tali needs staff on their side has amazing activity and has been carrying tali
  3. +1 imagine tali takes you captive getting you high and you tell them everything, also this would make for good peace time events for us to raid a obj or a point of interest for these drugs and crack down on tali.
  4. +1 Listen you do not need to know everyone one on Tali side, help out when or if they need and you will get your rep up. I hate to see a good candidate like this feel like they do not have support from both sides just because he plays US side and in RP Tali and US have no connection other than being enemies. All in all good app good guy once you meet him, he will make you laugh and perfect fit for the team.
  5. +1 After spending some time talking to him he has some good suggestions and great ideas for how to benefit the server. This guy is super nice and just straight up fun and relaxing, he would benefit the team with is activity and idea. He will be a Major W in my books to have him alongside our team.
  6. In-game name: 75R 2LT Blinkowski / Tali RAC SGT Blinkowski Age: 22 SteamID: STEAM_0:44531477 Warns: 0 Timezone: PST Playtime?: 322+ Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a microphone?: Yes Do you have the ability to record Garry's Mod videos?: Yes Referrals: Wombo, Smity, Drippy, HuntingGuy, Ghostmane, Daredevil and Ritzu Past experiences as staff: I have had staff experiences on DarkRP servers, a ZombieRP and a BaseWar server years ago. I've staffed about five servers, and one of my most notable experiences as a staff member was a server where I was highly depended on not only by the rest of the staff team but by the owner himself to keep the server and staff team in check. It has been years since I last staffed, so this will be a new slate for me, and I’m looking forward to relearning. How do you plan on benefiting our server? When the server's pop is high, most of the time staff is afk, busy or not on. This would be a great fit for me in helping out with tryouts/training for anyone on the server and being capable to help others as well as myself. When tryouts are happening, officers hate having to wait a whole 30 mins of valuable peacetime just to have someone fail in sims or having to continue after war ends. Wanting to see the whole server grow, if its Base Faction or SOC for Tali/US, is my main goal. For the actual staffing side, as someone who has experience from years ago, to relearn will be fun and important to keep the server in a safe environment. I want to fully understand what goes on in keeping the server running and hear out people's concerns on the server to bring them up in staff meetings, etc. I am looking forward to making new friends within and outside of staff to create a bond with the community. I have, in the past, talked with a lot of active players about gameplay, and their thoughts and brought it up to both manager's. To be a part of the staff team and still do what I do as an officer and server member may show new players or players with concerns that their voice is being heard. Have you ever been banned or punished on GG MRP? No Have you made any previous applications?: No How much time do you have to contribute to the role?: I have several hours a day at a time to put towards growing the server and helping server members.
  7. - I think enough is said to be honest, great guy has good and crazy ideas but I have to say its still a lacking app try again my friend but put more effort into it
  8. +1 Very active player actually plays and cares about the community wants to help both sides and feel like he would be a good fit to help in the conquest of bring the server back to life, even if he trolls to make thing alittle more interesting
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