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  1. Nah I didn't forget you, sweaty SWRP main. Fr tho bro I did forget a few people. I enjoyed the good old times, I'm hoping everything goes well too! Keep in touch bro
  2. facts ima take you up on that beer offer if I ever see ya lmao Oh great just excited then1
  3. One person I shoulda mentioned in the post TBH. Bro you really became one of my good friends too. I have no clue what's to come with our snap streaks
  4. I'll miss ya too Smity! Try to not get shot by half the server while im gone
  5. Thanks Rust! Ill try my best to enjoy it and ill make sure to never give up out there! Ill be sure to mention the great Garnet Gaming and hit Brig Gen RQ
  6. Thanks man! Long live Miracle Johnson! Haha Yeah those trainings pissed me off. Mao a SWRP bitch fr fr
  7. Haha you got the wrong person sadly! I never was in Vega. But thank you for wishing me bye! Cya chance! Thank you! Pleasure meeting you! Miss ya too Gabe! Try to get delta Colonel while I'm gone Thanks Proggy! I'll try my best. I'll fs stop back once I'm out of basic!
  8. Well the time for my Resignation has come. This MRP server has been apart of my life for the last 6 years. Granted I wasnt really apart of the community for the first 3 but we dont talk about that. I joined when I was 13, I was a fucking minge and got like 4 mass bans before I actually gave this server a shot. Then I went and Massed again after I got demoted from 1SG. I came back again and hit WO for the first time. Then I joined Rangers, Thats when I truly felt like I enjoyed my time in MRP. I spent a few months in rangers then returned to army. Then left for a year, came back and hit BG. My time as a BG under Conway truly helped me learn about how to be a leader, and I hope I used what I learned to help others. A few people under my WOCS and OCS class have went on to do great things for this server, some being high up staff and others reaching GA or COL ranks of Soc Factions. I went to GB for a few months, hit LTC. Then left back for Army then ended my MRP Career in Rangers, where it all pretty much started. My time as Gamemaster helped me bring events to the community, some of which were extremely fun, and others, major disasters. Im off to the next chapter though, after 6 long years on this server with its stupid ass people, im joining the Army IRL. I leave for Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri August 31st. Im a bit nervous but im excited for the future. But overall I will never forget my MRP experiences, all the good times and bad times. There's a few people I'd like to mention that have really changed my MRP experience over the years. @Harris - My first true MRP friend, you gave me a shot in Rangers and really kept me in MRP after 2019 when I thought I was done. We talked about any random shit and im glad your life is going well, hope to meet you soon. @ShinyAtlas - Inactive ass Colonel. But FR im grateful for our times in Green Beret and Rangers together. Me and you went up in GB together and I was your LTC for the longest time. I joined you in Rangers too after some time as an inactive Colonel in Army, and Youve given me some of the best server memories. @Lando - Same with you, spending both time in Rangers and GB together have been great. Stop being as inactive as Shitty though, I know you're better than that. I wish both of you the best in the future while im gone, stay in touch! @James_R_Tanner - (believe this is your main) Tanner! Bro ive known you since 2019 when I start focusing my time on the server! Our times in Army and Rangers together were awesome! you were probably one of the people I played the most Non-Garnet Related games with. You helped me alot in my decision in joining the army, and I hope to see ya soon when I get out of Basic. @S0UL - Your balls need to drop soon. Bro left for SWRP like a bitch, but I still enjoyed my time mentoring you in Green Beret. Get better at CS:GO dumbass @Smity - Oh Smity, Smity, Smity. I would like to say we became good friends, we talked a lot and usually worked together a lot in SOC factions too, I trained you in OCS under Conway, and I came back to help you in Army when you were GA and Enjoyed those times a lot. Towards the end things changed a bit, and a lot of people started hating you. I hope that ends soon, see ya Loser! @MrTooTooT - Got to know you alot more towards the end of my MRP tour. The first Miracle Johnson event was some of the funniest shit I've seen on this server in a long time. We worked together a bit in Army, and I hope to talk to ya soon! Keep grinding as GA man! @Kerry1 - (I hope this is the right Kerry Account) Bro! We have had so many times together in army its crazy. For some reason every time I was an army officer, you were too. Probably one of my favorite and funny people to work with. Keep getting weapons buffed, that MSBS shit is still funny to me today. Goodluck Man! @mao - (whatever the fuck your forums tag is) - Hands down the funniest dude ive met on MRP. too bad you left for SWRP like a bitch with S0ul. But I hope we can keep in touch once I get out! goodluck man! And thank you to everyone else along the way of my MRP journey. I truly wish I could mention everyone but No one wants to see that. MATTY OUT BITCHES
  9. +1 fresh to garnet, I've worked with him in rangers for a few weeks and he's always willing to help me and my inactive Colonel with events
  10. +1 from me. I am one of Seros Referrals and think she would make a great addition to the GM team. She just helped plan that awesome server wide event over the last few days and as a GM I think she can continue to bring that type of caliber events to the server
  11. Im a little confused by this rule. Like I think it should only apply for Afghan outside US base and US outside Afghan base. Where if anyone has weapons out they can kill the other people for being outside of there own base with a weapon out. Its confusing where Tali can just RDM you for being solely outside of your own base. ima -1 this cause I feel like the Tali part encourages too much RDM and US killing Afghan anywhere because they have a weapon out will also encourage RDMing. I think the ROE should just be limited to enforcing the other force having a weapon out outside your base
  12. Gonna miss you Theos. You coming up as an officer with me were good times. Enjoyed working with you and under you. Hope life treats you well, don't ditch all of us and try to stay in touch! P.S I stole your rank get over it
  13. +1 I think personally hes worked on his image a shit ton from previously. And he was denied and told to reapply and continue working on his image which he has. I think he would make a great addition to the GM team because hes always willing to help me with events
  14. +1 Known this man for a few months, can definitely make change with being a admin. PS (Matty is the Better BG)
  15. Alright. I appreciate you getting another source and looking at IDs and shit. I retract what I said
  16. +1 Look. I think there is a lack of evidence in the one clip shown. I can tell you from personal experience that I've done that same shit before. You all lined up and bro coulda just got lucky with the hit reg. Ima need to see some more proof to see if he really was hacking, but that one clip is not enough proof imo.
  17. In-game name: 11A MAJ Matty Age: 18 SteamID (https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:1:599947517 Warns: 1 For FailRP | Killed kidnaped friendly during a kidnap. (Edit) Just got a second Warn for Basecamp lol Timezone: EST Playtime? (Paste your /playtime [Name]): 361:59:42 + Another 600 or So on my Other Account (Theos gave me the okay to apply.) Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a microphone?: [YES/NO] YES Do you have the ability to record Garry's Mod videos?:[YES/NO] YES Referral(s): [What Gamemaster recommended you to apply?] 11A GA Horse Past experiences as a Game Master: [Optional] None Why should we choose you over other applicants? [minimum 2 paragraphs] You should choose me because I want to make some changes to RP events for Tali and 11B. Alot of the times there are not normally events to pass time for the enlisted, and Me as an officer its hard to want to get enlisted involved in something like patrol, or scouting and stuff like that. They want events that involve killing, not running around the map and taking notes of what they see. I would focus on making more events with NPCs that fire back, working on events that will keep the enlisted wanting to keep coming back to the server, and wanting to keep grinding to go to a bigger position on the server. Its what I wanted to do because when I was on the server, while Gamemasters were not an official Role back in the day, there were still a lot of officers hosting events that kept me entertained and its what I want to keep doing for Enlisted on the server. There is often Times when I ask game masters to help me get events set up, and Statiic would usually be the one who wanted to help me, and I just want to be able to set those up myself so that I can perform to that level of my former officers when I was still just an enlisted back in the day, and keep going forward to inspiring and helping the next generation of Garnet Gaming with events that keep them involved. I've been active in the community since 2018, been an officer under multiple GAs and as well as an officer for a SOC faction and a enlisted member in others. I was a Brig Gen under Conway so I know what is needed to be done to be a good leader to people, as well as what events they would like to see to keep them active on the server. I am mostly mature when it comes to the server, and a lot of people do respect me and the things I can do as an officer, that's also why Smity begged me to come off Reserves when I resigned from my LTC Position in GB lol. Under Conway I ran his WOCS and OCS classes, and they ran kind of successfully that when I left they went to shit. But to be a good leader, and someone who my past GAs could respect and trust, involved keeping enlisted involved on the server. Whether the events are PVP. PVE. Or simply RP based with no killing, the whole point of being a gamemaster is to create events so that people want to stay on the server and keep playing it because its where they can actually play true Military RP and actually get a more experience of the RP portion besides just killing Afghan during war. I want to be a gamemaster because of my experiences and how I want to shape the future of Garnet Gaming. Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, Include details Back in the day on garnet. Got banned for Mass RDM but went to forums and it got appealed. How much time do you have to contribute to the role?: About 4-5 Days a week, because of work some days I cant be on. And usually after 6-7pm est unless its a weekend in which I can be on earlier. In your own words, what are the responsibilities of a Gamemaster?: The gamemasters are responsible for creating fun events for the server and for factions on the server. They are needed to get the community involved and make the down time of the server a fun time with different planned events. Describe how you would contribute to RP as a part of the Gamemaster team: Me personally, I would create more Taliban/Army events to get enlisted more involved. Alot of the times when I see events, its the usuals like FFA Arenas, TDM Arenas, and occasionally the Enlisted involvement events. I Please list and explain 5 unique event ideas designed for only your side to take part in: [Be sure to include any additional context that may be necessary to your explanation] 1) Some things you could do are Passive RP events, which doesn't involve shooting, where we can get the US to investigate the crash sight of a helicopter or something like that, then extract intel, or use that where they need to escape with NPCs firing at them. 2) Maybe we could create some events involving Convoy where we need trucks to evacuate troops under fire from NPCs, and they succeed if they successfully evacuate the objective. 3) I would like to do some events where there is a bomb, and the US must eliminate NPCs as a person defuses the bomb and regains control of the sight where the bomb was planted. Better for lower Population, with squads of 5 or less. 4) More Interrogation events, where we must successfully kidnap and extract a hostage under NPC, then get information out of the hostage to gain intel to better US. 5) This one is simple and probably been done, but to help US get better at wars, we spawn NPCs on objectives and they must use breaching and clearing tactics to clear the OBJ and take control of it like they would during wartime. Please list and explain 3 unique global event idea designed for the entire server to take part in: [Be sure to include any additional context that may be necessary to your explanation] Its hard to figure out your own global events that have not been done. 1) One event that I dont think has been done is a hostage rescue with both sides included. Afghan can hold hostages, and the US must be responsible for pushing in and extracting the Hostage safely by eliminating Taliban, but that could of happened before. 2) Some other things we can do to earn people in game money are small competitions, where we create little challenges and give people rewards depending on how they complete it. 3)And we could do more joint operations for both factions where they are required to work together as a team like they would in war, to play for objectives that are not war objectives. Like a kind of the hill style event.
  18. +1 After the whole MARSOC fiasco. hes worked alot to improve everything. No toxicity has come from him in a while and hes showing great promise to be an outstanding officer in Army. I think he would make an outstanding Staff member
  19. +1 If Taliban Are allowed to have 10 Officer Slots. It should be the same for US too, we have much more officers and the class is almost always filled in High Pop hours of the day.
  20. +1 Working on his self imagine alot. Alot of bad shit with people in the past but hes working and improving. Wasnt a terrible gamemaster either
  21. +1 Dual factioning would help out some factions so much. Army and Tali dont have as many officers because alot of them are in SOC Factions. If people could dual faction they should only be allowed officer in one faction, but still be allowed to be in two factions.
  22. +1 for me. I always see him on and he wants to help as many people as possible. Never had any bad altercations with him too. He would make a great GM
  23. +1. It doesn't matter what gun you are using you almost always can't beat an AEK
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