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  1. It's very much a game server, you are correct. It is also someone's livelihood. For Garnet, paying the host for the game, web, and databases on bare metal servers have a reoccurring cost. For the host, they have to power and store those bare metal servers somewhere, a reoccurring cost. And so it continues. PayPal offers a way to cancel these reoccurring purchases. A way that is fairly easy without hassle. They process the payments, they provide a way to cancel them. YouTube(Google) is large enough to work/process payments directly with banks. They have teams of people dedicated to processing and canceling payments. While I don't like the concept of reoccurring monthly subscriptions as a whole, that's how it is. Once the big players start doing it, it trickles down.
  2. Yeah, I was coming off my meds so I blanked on this. Makes sense. YouTube Premium, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Grubhub+, Netflix, Old School Runescape are all just a few examples of reoccuring subscription-based revenue. In the professional sector there are many, many more.
  3. Yeesh. IONOS (1and1.com) doesn't support SSL autorenewal through Let's Encrypt (Certbot or otherwise). So at least that makes some sense, but damn.....I wouldn't be using IONOS if I was managing multiple sites that needed free SSL certs. IONOS is the registrar for the domain anyway...I don't know he's using their cloud hosting, or has a separate setup (lot of AWS redirects, but then factoring in the DDOS protection it's a crapshoot). So that's one good thing at least.
  4. It's not unethical, reoccurring revenue is an cross-industry standard. That being said, I believe the setting for the PayPal subscription is an option when setting up packages/credits, but it's been years since I've been in Prometheus. DNS is working in the sense the name does resolve, it's just not pointing to whatever it needs to or something is misconfigured. Also, at the time I type it, the Let's Encrypt SSL cert for store.garnetgaming.net has expired. Considering it's a three month Let's Encrypt cert, whatever function/service is supposed to automatically renew and apply it doesn't seem to be working, or again, is misconfigured.
  5. Memes become reality

  6. Description: As a MRP Veteran who hasn't played the server in months, I think now is a good a time as any to bring back RU. Yall already did a banwipe anyway, so might as well go all in. Benefit to Server: Change is good. -Kha'Zix Indeed.
  7. If you want a game with a built in browser. Battlebit is an option. I know you weren't interested before. Devs are looking for a few hosters who understand C# are willing to customize and build a community using the API in that regard. I'm paraphrasing because the full post is quite long. I don't know how good your C# is, we talked about it, I don't remember. Good thing about C# is the IDE's are so robust for it, the code can basically write itself if you have a general idea what you want. If you want an invite to that Discord (It's official), I can DM you one so you don't have to go searching through announcements for it. They are willing to help with moderation, so that should take some of the work off and work with you on the API/Programming Aspects. Just an idea. Market is not yet saturated. I'm too far out of the loop for Minecraft, but people would talk about it constantly in the VC's. I don't know what's popular anymore, the younger people likely do. Back in my day we'd get Operator by saying we worked for Planet Minecraft. Likely just web ads/word of mouth. Might be saturated though. Otherwise, I play Flight Simulators, if I play games at all.
  8. There are two sides to every coin. Shitpost: https://www.fiverr.com/categories/online-marketing/community-management/community-manager Serious: Hope everything works out. There aren't really any great solutions overall from a whole community perspective at the moment. I don't know Rust, but I've seen like 5ish Rust Managers come and go at this point with varying degrees of success. All I can say is diversify. I know you have no plans to do so, but that's what I recommend.
  9. What are the stats of the ak103 vs the scar light? Can you post a side by side comparison? Current GB models are pretty goofy.
  10. If this is cleared by Garnet, I will personally assist. Seems well thought out. +1
  11. I have pretty much accepted that MRP will never again be at the level it once was. The majority of players don't take any steps to make the server entertaining, instead expecting someone else to do it. I unfortunately put myself in the first part of the sentence, but not the second. Part of this is just pragmatic acceptance, other part is medication related. For those that actually do, few play along, or there are roadblocks. This is a mentality issue. Adjusting weapons is time consuming, potentially dev intensive, the trello is backlogged, and combat isn't the main issue of why people don't stay on the server. Guns used to be way more busted across the board, and yet we maintained a healthy pop. I've seen this argument made so many times now over the years. Player engagement keeps people on. Even if war is shitty, if you're cracking jokes, engaging with them, hell, even coordinating with base to cover them as SOC while they push up during war(as used to be the case), they will stay. I disagreed because this topic is about one faction's weapons, and not a massive weapon overhaul thread. Your suggestion for snipers essentially turns them into DMR's....so what purpose will DMR's have if we put your changes through? It's a whole different thread entirely. Red Group's loadouts are not on par with Rangers. For this reason, I agree with the changes in the original post. Edit: Things are now moving in an interesting direction. Stay tuned.
  12. This makes logical sense, and I will need to test. Somewhere is the back of my head sits a conversation about the donor guns being shadow nerfed. Consider the math retracted. I must be going nuts. It's probably just armshots
  13. Currently, mosin/orsis does 80 damage body shots. I have not kept track of every change made to guns by the executive team in the last two years, this is my observation from using the guns. 2x shots to the body to kill for 160. By adding the health, it will now take 2 shots to the body for the normal snipers as well. The extra damage doesn't matter, it'll still require 2 shots. This indirectly buffs the donor snipers as it's now the same number of shots to kill, and I can use them on these hp boosted classes. When balancing things, you have to look at all the variables and how they interact, not just one. One extra shot in cqc doesn't matter as much because of the ttk (time to kill) of the relevant guns being so low. One extra shot with single fire snipers definitely matters as I have time to reposition before the next shot is fired. With 4000 hours of playtime, as well as being old (more experience) my gamesense is going to be better than a new player. This goes for almost everyone with over 1000 hours (a good chunk of the server). Circling back to my point, the hp boosting helps veterans more than new players, which I believe is the opposite of what these changes are targeting. All of the above is wrong and should be ignored
  14. Agreed, to some extent. TTK is so low that honestly it's unlikely to make much difference if you get jumped. What would actually help them fight back is giving them a sniper. All that will happen is they'll either a)back up and go to obj with little health remaining or b)take another shot a few seconds later and die anyway. The people that it will benefit the most are veterans who have a donor sniper. Indirectly, implementing the hp changes would actually be a buff to the donor mosin/orsis, as it will now take two body shots for some of the hp buffed classes with the 125 damage snipers.
  15. I'm fine with flashes, smokes, and frags, these are tools. Tools can show skill expression. I have a bit more hesitation on static buffs. I am fine with some speed adjustments, but at a lower rate than what you suggested, maybe half. Balance around current speed buffs to donors. Despite what the store says, I believe in the past the speed buffs to donors were lowered. I don't like additional classes getting shields/armor/health, leave those for donors (I would rather have no health boosted classes period, but it is what it is.)
  16. For the record, I am unable to recreate the "getting launched into the air" bug, I will ask around about this. Found a clip though. https://streamable.com/cosw9y Car's not spawning are likely related to Issues #1 or #2, and forgetting they have a car on the map. I haven't experienced it, so hoping someone who has can chime in. Car's getting stuck, I have definitely seen on AFG side as recently as this weekend where two cars spawned too close to one another, the wheel of one car got stuck in the body of another, and a freakish abomination was made. Not the best image, but I can't seem to find my clips of the issue (new pc, this screenshot was taken after it had already occurred). I was able to recreate this with Shwade. There are four "slots" total for car spawns. If a player stands in the second car slot, and a car remains in the first slot, it will spawn it in slot 1, rather than slot 3 like I figured it would. Normal behavior spawns the car in slot 3 if there is a car in slot 2. See the video if I didn't explain it well enough. Have not yet performed the same test on US side. I'd be interested in a natural despawn timer where the car does not have to be destroyed. I am not 100% sure how I'd implement the checks for that though, maybe after X minutes where the owner hasn't interacted with it? I am not sure of the variables here. As far as the community goes, I've linked this post in the discord, so we will see what their opinion is.
  17. Expect this to be expanded on later, as I'm on mobile. Proggy mentioned for someone to post this during a late night TS call. There are several issues with the car plugin we switched to with the addition of purchasable vehicles. Issue #1: Proximity based return. I get what we were going for here, and on its own it's not a problem, though is still annoying when someone jumps in your car and drives away. What makes it problematic is what leads to my next point. Issue #2: Car's do not naturally despawn. I believe they should be after a certain period of time. Basically once you spawn a car in, if you want to spawn another one in without finding where it was taken, you have to rejoin the server. Minor annoyance in peacetime, considerable annoyance in war. I believe this is intended for destroyed vehicles, but it's rare that cars I spawn in get destroyed as they are only used during the initial push because of Issue #1. Issue #3: General Bugs I have heard via word of mouth that cars will fail to spawn in. I have seen personally cars getting stuck inside of each other, which is probably just related to this map's spawnpoints. Also, I believe the US NPC sends you flying into the air when you spawn cars in at a particular position, but I haven't seen this directly. Hopefully the community can chime in on this. Possible Fixes: I like the purchased cars, honestly, probably just dev time to resolve/modify the above. Allow returning the vehicle from anywhere is a start. If I knew how the "cooldown" for vehicles worked (the code) I could give further insight. Note, this is a rough draft. I will do formatting/expand on ideas when I'm at a PC.
  18. Training for me should be under 10 minutes as is. I dont agree with removing the DS/RAC role. It's not just a tool for new players to get trained, it's a factor in determining who will make a good officer, as well as from the new players POV, the first experience they get. Otherwise, they likely don't show up for DB, don't know where the obj is/how to get there, and leave.
  19. I don't have a problem with this. If anyone gets out of hand with it, it can be dealt with on a case by case like Jason mentioned. Just keep it somewhat civil.
  20. A core concept of ITIL 4 (I use this for project work!) is identifying what you already have, hence my comments below. Theoretically, our existing capture point system could be modified with separate peacetime objectives that only show up during the "peacetime phase". I do not know Lua, and I don't have access to the source code, but the algorithm would be: If variable "war timer" >= 3480 seconds OR <= 120 seconds, then disable capture points "peactimecaptureppints" else enable "peacetimecapturepoints". Essentially, if the war timer is greater than 58 minutes or less than two minutes, the points get disabled. No idea how this would function with the current UI though or if it's even possible. That's a Garnet/Lua expert question. XP is already given for capturing the obj, and money was tossed up as being added in the past.
  21. This was brought up in the community meeting, but I do not see it on the Trello, so I'm not sure what the status is. Going to keep this pretty simple. Remove the Prone Mod. It's fine when it works, but the problem is the "prone glitch" that occurs seemingly at random which makes combat incredibly frustrating for both veterans and new players alike. This glitch is when a user is not prone, but appears to be on an individuals screen, making them difficult to identify and kill. I honestly see it at least several times per war. I've combed through logs, done research, but haven't been able to find anything useful on this. I would rather have smooth gameplay than the ability to go prone, and I'm willing to bet a good number of players agree with me. Thanks for reading. Prone has been removed as of 2:30~ pm so this thread can be locked.
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