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  1. aj bread head

  2. 69 rep? nice

  3. Titan Moment

    1. Titan1


      Honestly I agree!

  4. Titan

    He's always fightin'

    When he has homework he is writin'

    1. Titan1


      I hate homework

      All my homies hate homework


  5. Loving these updates, fixes, and content Excited to try Blind Guy, but most hyped about the performance boost. That's a pretty big optimization figure
  6. Wow this is a LOT of nuts stuff... Metrocop obviously GOATed but gold weapons and skins too? Crowbar? M9k frags? New CP classes? This sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Thanks for the update and looking forward to seeing it when it drops!
  7. 😎

    1. ajbedhead


      We need the gang back together 😎

  8. Wow this looks really cool! Super excited to load in and see all of the other details!
  9. Badge Gang rise up 💪

  10. blue name lookin kinda cute doe 😳

    1. GrosCave


      told you we had to keep this professional😳


  11. your profile picture is really cute 🥺

    1. bearboobs


      Simp + L Nerd + Ratio + Frank is better

    2. Nutter


      He's actually dreaming about world domination and murder.

    3. bearboobs


      i dont like the thought of that


  12. Will the update be out tomorrow?
  13. Is Xen Crystal one of the dynamic materials? If not I hope it can be added best dynamic material 2004-2021 no contest
  14. Amazing update! I assume the dynamic material is still on a per-life as well as all the others? Glad to see Knife Duel back! I'm also excited to see myself in the new colors
  15. Anyone cop some good shit during the Summer Sale? Fill me in I have ran out of things that look good to me but I know there's some gems out there...

    CSS is 2$ for anyone who doesn't know as well

    1. Shin_Tsukimi


      We happy few is a good game if your looking for an actual game to play

      Hunt down the freeman is 2$ tho.

    2. Shin_Tsukimi


      Uh just found out the entire hitman series is like 20 bucks rn, that'd be a good one too 

    3. ShankNinja


      Ooh thanks that is a good one!!

  16. (pictured: left, Dr. Drip Lord |right, grunt medic McPrivate) Yes but the Doctor has at least 1.5x the swag and appears to be more educated. The medic model is the civilian medic bot you spawn in sandbox when you are tryna make combine/zombie takeover scenarios but you need to make like 20 of them because they get obliterated so quickly, unless you give them all annabelles or something
  17. HOLY SHIT YES! Climb Swep hitman looks so dope, cannot wait to use it
  18. Appreciate the hard work by all! Glad unbox is back and we get to keep our stashes
  19. Will the unbox inventory be going away? It's not mentioned in the post, but last time Unbox went away the 1-week notice was to empty your inventory or it was all lost. Just wondering if that's the case for this as well.
  20. I noticed quite a bit of extra FPS and I noticed the render distance change (made me think my base disappeared as I floated to it) and I see a lot of people reporting FPS boosts as well, bravo Garnet
  21. This is true; skeleton doesn't have this issue.
  22. If no one else has this issue then yeah I probably gotta clean up addons
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