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5 hours ago, proggy said:

This comment bothers me. What exactly have you done for DarkRP in the past 6-8 weeks other than duel @br0ken for about an hour. I have seen zero staff activity from you since the cheating report.

I really didn't want to take this public at all man. This thread was supposed to be helpful to me in order to express my opinions and get what I had wanted to say for a while off my chest. I thank the rest of you for properly responding, but Proggy seemed to have an issue with this particular statement. I privately had a conversation about why he felt this way, and instead of being treated with the same amount of respect I was giving him, he was quite toxic and wouldn't accept the fact that maybe he wasn't a hundred percent correct. 

To elaborate on what Proggy is saying above, I need to be very clear: while it is true that during the month of May, I haven't been active on DarkRP other than to duel some of my friends, during the month of April I was semi-active, working on things like a suggestions document, which was ultimately replaced by Proggy's suggestion document, a Gamemasters forum as well as proper formats and procedures for said forum, and other miscellaneous issues, such as Staff v. Staff complaints. While I was not the most active on the server, it is simply false and slanderous for Proggy to publicly state on a post like this that I have put in zero time since the cheating report. I tried to talk to him in discord for the past 30 minutes or so, and I got no where. Every time I would disprove a statement of his, he would change the discussion to something else, ultimately saying that my opinion mattered very little to him. 


I really did not want to go public, at all. I let Proggy know this multiple times. But after the sheer disrespect, toxicity, and negligence of any wrongdoing whatsoever in my DMs with him, I wanted to go public on this post and officially make a statement  that I was in fact active in the last 6-8 weeks, minus the month of May, and did contribute work towards the sever and staff team. I didn't contribute an enormous amount of work, so grand that it changed the entire server, but I also didn't put in 0 effort and waste my time as a manager. Thank you, and I genuinely feel bad about posting again on the same thread. 

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@eXg-Buddha This is some Yikes shit. I mean it was a private conversation that you post right after garnet agreed with him. Damn that pretty pety. 

I'm not stupid enough to think this is all of the conversation. It looks like you are just selecting the part that makes you look better. XD

Lost a whole lot of respect for you


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