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Rust Anarchy 1000x Update [03/23/2022]

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  • The Garnut


Server Performance

Optimized heavily for performance, our server should now be able to handle 200-300 users without lag 🙂



Loot Tables

Buffed loottables overall


Higher output for Rifle Bodies, Computers, Sewing Kits, Pipes, Roadsigns, Rockets, C4, and Cameras

Removed Tarp from all loot tables



Welcome Screen

Added a new, more intuitive welcome screen

This screen can be reopenned via /help, /info, or /panel




Anti Noob PVP

Nerfed damage from Rocket Types

Players will now receive 40% reduced damage from rocket PVPing, resulting in roughly 70 damage from a direct hit by a rocket



Decay Rate

Items within TC range will decay slower

Raised decay rate for structures outside of TC range by 50%




Added /wipe command

Hopefully more intuitive and straight to the point with bold text, seeing as everybody's still in confusion about our 1000x's wipe schedule


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