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StarwarsRP Update [04/02/2022]

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  • The Garnut




Bacta Grenade

Completely recoded for efficiency/optimization purposes


Bacta Injector

Slightly optimized, restructured code


Stun Weapons

Potentially fixed maybe not, we'll find out





Check Certs command added


Prints to chat a players' certificates via /checkcerts PlayerName





Coruscant Guard : Trooper

Removed DC17 and staff from loadout


Coruscant Guard : Envoy

Removed Redguard playermodel from selection

Removed DC15A and DC17

Added DC17 Ext and CG Shield DC17

Slots raised to 10


Coruscant Guard : Riot

Removed DC17 and CG Shield DC17

Added DP23 and Republic Shield DC15S

Slots raised to 10


Coruscant Guard : Sentry

Removed DC17 and Staff

Slots raised to 10


Coruscant Guard : Officer

Removed DC17 and DC15S

Added DC19, DC15S, and DC17C

Removed Shock Officer, Jek, Diamond and Riotofficer models from selection

Added Thire model to selection


Coruscant Investigative : Agent

Removed binoculars and DC17

Added DC17Ext and CG shield

Removed Rys Model from selection

Added ARC Model to selection


Coruscant Investigative : Detective

Removed DC17

Added DC17 Ext, DC19, CG Shield, Unarrest Staff, and Keycard access logger

Removed Rys model from selection


Coruscant Investigative : Leader

Removed DC17

Added staff, DC17 Ext, DC19, CG shield, Unarrest Stick, and Keycard access logger

Removed Rys and Diamond models from selection

Added Storm and Thire models to selection



*NEW* Coruscant Guard : Sergeant *NEW*



*NEW* Coruscant Guard : Red Guard *NEW*



*NEW* Coruscant Guard : Warden *NEW*



*NEW* Coruscant Guard : Executive Officer *NEW*



Delta Squad

Enabled 'U' Team Chat


Alpha Class

Enabled 'U' Team Chat


Republic Commando : Assailant

Slots raised from 2 to 4

Category cahnged 

[Redacted] keycard assigned




General Optimization

Server should run for clients at roughly a 10-20% FPS improvement


GM Commands

/SetEventHealth command added as to set the players' max health amount to not be reset by bacta grenades.. Do NOT use outside of event purposes.






Make Republic Commando : Advisor be able to whitelist all Republic Commando jobs.

Put Republic Commando : Assailant job under Republic Commando category, it is under Galactic Republic : Clone Command category currently.

Skip setting model on EOD duty for RC/ARC members

Make Delta Squad : Boss be able to whitelist for Republic Commando : Assailant, including the other Republic Commando jobs.

Remove jet packs from all Republic Commando jobs EXCEPT Republic Commando : Advisor

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