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StarwarsRP Update [07/18/2022]

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Clientside Optimizations

Inspired by poor @Jake who gets a literal 10-25 frames on our server, I've done my best to increase this figure, particularly during events.

We'll see where everybody is at FPS-wise today.

Things addressed : AATs, NPCs, hit tracers, ear-grab speech animation




Sit Anywhere

This addon has been removed due to 30 fail-safe checks not being enough to evidently prevent the server from crashing

@acer seemed to also be in agreement not much would be lost from players not able to randomly just sit, so hopefully not much is lost




Voice Amplifier

Given an attempt to fix this wep once again!




Squad System

Added joint operation squad for all to join

Added rule exception for Jedi and Navy to join all squadrons


Note the halo of Squad members in debrief




Miscellaneous and Bugs

Precision Tool

Re-added precision tool for Gamemasters


Requisiton Armory NPC


No longer a floaty boi



Fusion Cutters added onto loadout


327th Talon Squad : Technician

Fixed name of Fort Datapad Swep


21st Nova Corps : Sergeant

added whitelisting capabilities for the Armroed and Tactician roles


501st Legion

Corrected issue with certain SWEPs blacking out your screen

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