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DarkRP Update [11/09/2022]

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Some QoL bug fixes


Bounty Hunter System

Modified DarkRP to immediately remove a player's bounty when they are arrested (experimental fix, we'll see if it works)

Disallowed Bounty Hunters with a bounty from suiciding to claim their own bounty 🤣

Corrected code for giving out bounty payout to Bounty Hunters (it wiped the bounty first, then gave you 0 money) oopsssssss



Police System

Police Officers can no longer be arrested
Police Officers can no longer make other Police Officers wanted


Fixed bug where Police Officers did not get a payout for confiscating printers




Corrected Prop and Tool logs for all staff members

Removed Lead Administrators & Senior Administrators from utilizing fspectate

Disabled the ability to poop while spectating as an administrator

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